How to buy 1st phone.

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Hello Steemit Family.
I am back again with the new interesting topic.
I hope you like this.
The happiness of our 1st mobile is awesome. I know all of you feel this feeling once in a life. This feeling was awesome. We fight with our parents to buy a good phone because our friends have a new mobile and we show her/him we also have a good mobile.
That time we don't know about the specification of the mobile the one thing we know we buy a good phone because we show our mobile in between the friends.
In simply we want to become a stud in a school or college. You know at that time we remember those time we seriously laugh at ourself. Why we do that type of thing because our maturity level is low.
But those moments were awesome. I remember my 1st phone was Micromax canvas Hd. Once I touch my 1st phone the feeling was crazy. I think 2 to 4 days I treat my phone just like my child.
My Dad says why you buy an expensive phone. You spend 14000 for a single phone. If you agree I give you a bike. But I am crazy about my 1st phone. I don't agreed with my father and I buy my phone. The feeling was crazy.
I know all of you have some awesome story with your 1st phone. If you have some story then you share with the comment box.


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Congrats..I know how you feel..I bought my first phone and lost it within days haha..

Haha..have a look at my blog..I am sure you will like it...

yaa i see you blog and its look interesting and the best part is But then after some days I started getting so many messages in was like the whole cycle was repeating itself's not that I don't want to reply...I usually reply to's not like I don't like talking on discord..I do like it but please understand my problem as well...before you criticise me do put yourself in my will understand I don't have an's just that I am trying to juggle a lot of things at once...
you know everyone faces this problem. everyone can't be happy it is not an attitude problem it was a time proble and don't take serious everyone.............all we have a personal life and respect her/him personal life instead of complaining.
I hope @blog-fiction or Alice Garcia you understand what I say.

Thank you so much...I really understand what you are trying to say...
You went through my whole post so I am very happy :)

Wow that must have been an amazing experience

IF you have experience than share it

Yes I have a short story about my phone which was spice and I brought from home shop 18. I had a fight with my bro to bring this phone. I just started to weep and too much noice over there. Finally he agreed to bring phone for me. I was so happy even it was not having more feature but my happiness was on the top .hahaha how I was silly.

Its great info. I rarely gets upvotes. I hope this is going to work. And I have upvoted and resteemed this post.
I hope I get return in my this posts:

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