Steemit Reputation ???

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there r many peoples who r keep asking about steemit reputation.

Most of the people thinks that higher the reputation higher will be the revenue generation from the posts and every one trying to increase there reputation without even getting the purpose of reputation being assigned with steemit user's id

Today i will try to ans. some of qus. so that u can get an idea about Steemit Reputation and also some tricks to increase ur reputation

How can i know what my reputation is ??

Anyone can see there reputation after there userid like xyz(ab) here (ab) is user's reputation


In image u can see it..... Mine is 41 in image but its been increased to 47 after taking snapshots

What is the purpose of Reputation ??

  1. Reputation tells about How loyal u r for the steemit community

  2. How valuable u r.... Higher the reputation higher will be the value for steemit

  3. It also save user with higher reputation being flagged from users with lower reputation

Does it help to grow my earning ??

No it doesn't means that higher the reputation then higher the earnings will be...

U see that reputation only represents the loyality and trustworthiness of users but it never help to grow ur earnings

What is min. max. and default Reputation ??
Min. reputation is - 25

Default is 25

Max. is 81 ( @haejin )

Note:- No. can be diff. so correct me if i m wrong somewhere

How can i increase my Reputation ??

So this is the qus. being asked by most of the users that what can i do to increase my reputation ...

There r actually there way to do this .....

  1. Just do the hard work.... Write quality contents... Follow other user as much as u can... And let them follow u back

  2. Use some post promoting techniques like :-

Minnow Booster

suggested by @moderndayhippie

  1. Using bid bots.

That's very interesting stuff here

U can go to this link and bid for upvotes...
But keep in mind that if u wants to increase ur reputation u should have to bid for the bots with greater reputation then urs.

Some bots that i used and result that i get r :-

So guys gives ur valuable comments so that i can improve in future and topics that u wants me to discuss here

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You are doing a great job by promoting a good blog over steemit..

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Great work bro.. these type of blogs are very informative for new users like me actually i do also think that more repo will allow me to earn more.. .


The two works simultaneously. A good reward pool comes along with an increasing reputation. The more you earn, the more your reputation increases.


oh ok thanks for telling me this..

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@anilkadian081 Looks like good Content.
Thanks, man for this knowledge about Reputation and how we can build our reputation...

Thanks bro am referring your pictures to get bots which will help me a lot.

Nice information. I was so confuse about reputation but many things are pretty clear. Thank you so much . I have no idea other function of steemit can you explain pls. Even I don't know what and how many type features are there. So pls explore all features of steemit to understand better .


Thnx.... And i will do it when ever it will be possible

very nice !! i have learned many things by this post.... @anilkadian081 i appriciate ur hardwork...

Thanks for sharing this information..I hope people will be benefited from your post and they won't do copy and paste ...and use shortcut to earn on be successful in steemit you would have to be loyal and honest..

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Good article. The highest reputation I have seen so far is @haejin 80 reputation


Thnx..... I did updated it in blog


Hey. Have you heard of byte ball


Yes i did....

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@tipu baaaad!!!!. Lol . Am amazed on your result. Will be gald of you let us know the method you used in rating. I TOTALLY DISAGREE with you @anilkadian081

Come again.


It's was that i did transfer some sbd and didn't get any upvote or even comment from tipu....

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how do we get upvotes

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I have to agree with the experiences you made :)

Nice article, keep doing.

Very helpful. Hope you make such useful blogs in future too.

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I have also used some of these ways to increase my rank , what else could be done ?


Bro try @tipu it also gives good result ....


Plz try @promotedpost it will give great boost..

Well bro to inform because we didn't know which is bad and which is great

@ anilkadian081 bro really are you win my heart, best information and i love your article.

You have shared some of the bots that I wasn't aware about. Good post

Everyone cares about reputation now after the byteball airdrop which gives you free coins based on your rep

Reputation dosen't really have any effect on anything

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if we are using lesser reputation bot than what will happen??


Our reputation will not increase.....

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Thanks for sharing good bots information

your article is really useful for us :) good job buddy