Travelling The Sonian Forest (Belguim)

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The Sonian Forest toward the southeast of Brussels is a huge zone of flawless nature overwhelmed by beech and oak trees. It is a heaven for open air exercises, and a genuinely necessary relaxation zone where subjects of the swarmed city can unwind and recapture breath. The backwoods conceals various attractions worth finding, including a portion of the most seasoned archeological stays of Belgium.


To the northwest, the woodland extends into the city as the Ter Kameren Park, quite a bit of which is as of now of counterfeit nature. The most evident fascination is simply the woodland obviously, with numerous ideal areas to find. As of late, the Sonian Forest turned into a piece of the European Rewilding Network, which takes a stab at all the more wild nature and wild creatures in Europe.


The affirmation of the Sonian Forest to the European Rewilding Network is a pleasant acknowledgment and puts the woodland on the global guide afresh. They were unearthed and molded in a quarry at Wéris in the Belgian area Luxemburg. Recorded on the littler menhirs are the names of the 11 foresters, and their town of beginning.



This forest is really beautiful

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Seems like a nice and a refreshing place to be at. Nice post..
Regards: Daniel

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