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I know that Sepultura has NO ONE in the band that was there at the start. This is something for the lawyers to talk about. But for now I want to talk about an album that defined me as a high-school student and whatever else surrounding this band in their current or past state doesn't really matter to me

It was 1992. I didn't know S**T about metal, but a pal of mine introduced me to this album and I can't say for sure that it was the way this album worked or the way that our particular friendship paradigm happened to work at the time, but I have loved it ever since.

I sill love not just this album, but generally speaking, all the music like it to this day, more than 20 years later. I sincerely think that I will love this music for the rest of my life.

There was no internet, we only go music by being handed it by another person, and I actually go to see Sepultura play in a small club near Washington DC when i was 17 years old. You don't need to appreciate them to appreciate the gravity of this situation. The only reason that I knew they were playing was because someone else told me, I got into a van and rode to Brandywine, Maryland and got to see my heros from Brazil playing there in front of a lackluster crowd.


All of these guys are no longer in the band that was at least in part, responsible for me liking this kind of music. Igor and Max are both gone (bonus points for knowing them) and Paulo Jr. hung about for a while but he is also outta here. The band name still exists and they are still pretty good, but the passion in the music that brought this to the world back when well, there was no digital means of doing that was a special part of the early 90's.

I nearly got arrested at a Metallica concert for playing Sepultura music while waiting in a freezing cold line. I put out a boombox while all of use were freezing our asses off and i don't know if it was because it was not Metallica, or because it was some noise ordinance violation, but this was the ALBUM I WAS PLAYING and i am proud of it.

This video is pretty awful by today's standards but it was all we had in the early 90's. I can still see myself sitting in my desk talking to the few pals i had at the time that liked this.

No matter how you feel about his sort of music, this song and this album has directed me as a human as far as music is concerned for 30 years or so and I honestly believe i will be a fan of not just this but all music like it, forevermore.


You made me go back to my youthful years! I wore black t-shirts, metal straps and played loud music in the room. It was my way of shouting my discontent to the world, but also of saying what I wanted. Music has always been my immediate and preferred way to travel. May music always save us, @gooddream.

if you are being truthful about this then i think we could be a great friends :)

During many years in my adolescence, I listened to many songs of this band, as well as Nirvana, Guns N 'Roses, Green Day, Alice in Chains, among others. I can not tell you that it was my favorite music, because in fact, it was not, nor is it. but he enjoyed many of his songs, especially the band Guns N 'Roses. Today, unfortunately, there are no bands that refer to an era, as identified in the 90s. Greetings

i agree with you about today's music not really having an identity. at least that is what i think you were saying :)

One of the first really heavy songs I learned rhythm guitar from was Dead Embryonic Cells, thanks to all those guitar tablature magazines I had back in the early 90s.

But I could never progress from there. I got stuck with just being a rhythm guitarist. Maybe someday I'll get me a cheap Ibanez or Schecter and try to learn how to shred.

Have you heard of Ubisoft's Rocksmith game? It seems like a good way to learn lead.

nope never heard of that game... perhaps i will check it out. I'm impressed that your learned DEC or really anything that Max could play (except Orgazmatron, which wasn't even their song anyway :P)

Having tablature and a good friend to show me how helped a lot. Plus, thrash rhythm guitar is pretty repetitive. Once you get all the riffs down, it's just a matter of repeating them.

I don't think I enjoy the music, but I like the art work. ;)

Music seems to be little bit old kind of art. Truely speaking it is good but it didnt sounds lime so much fabulous. Overall good for your sharing.

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Brazil is always giving a good artist. I do not heard it yet but i will listen. Truthfully i also speak. but people say, the truth is bitter to everyone.