Do you know what is the secret of Steemit Success ?

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Today I am discuss about the secret of steemit success because it is very important to discuss this too. yes, the way a woman has a hand behind the success of every man, of course any somebody of the behind the Steemit success in the same way. Due to my view, all the people who have a name here, all these people are behind of steemit success. All these people is the hero behind all the scenes, who are never mentioned.

@broncnutz is a very big fan of denver broncos in NFL. their post is very unique in steemit platform. he has never posted on any one topic. he is very good person. whenever broncos loses the match broncnutz becomes very depressing. editing the video is very well know to them. there is specialist about it.

@gooddream are very fond of films. reviewing movies if anyone has to learn then learn from gooddream. i think there will be very few movies which they have not seen. they analyze both old and new movies, they have specialty

@pinkspectre if you have to learn how to make a cake or chocolate then learn from them. they are mastered here. if you have not seen the world, you can see the world through their pictures. they have also big hand behind the steemit success.

@robertandrew old is gold thats my line. never forget their contribution. he also has never posted on any one topic. all post is unique in different different topic. their family is very cute, they have two children. just complete his 1 year in steemit platform. i have great hopes from his post.

@r2cornell one another great old man, they have mastered photography. they love to take a picture of tree, plant, flower. he has just made record getting the most comments. this is big deal in itself. working at this age also has become inspirational for the youth.

@chbartist his post makes records of long- term post writing everyday. looking at his post, it seems like he has inherited the post writing . if a person is troubled by his life, then coming to their post of him will probably benefit from this.

@haejin one of the most reputation in the steemit platform. i forgot to add their name, it's our fault. they have mastered financial analysis. if anyone learns their financial analysis then they will never lose in trading in life.

And last
@nathanmars i saw them in a post, how to fill glass with one and one drops, you can learn from them with great comfort. i salute them. how to take everyone together, nobody knows better than them. i'll be coming soon in the Dtube family.

I Request to you steemit Owner, in steemit platform you should be given an annually Reward to people, which is good in post. i have just put my point, give or not give up is your hand.


Thank you for the mention in your post. I take an exception to being old. LOL! age is in the mind I and I see myself most of the time half my age. I am as physically active as I was then.

I like giving people a hard time about age. Mainly because if I do not look in the mirror I am still a young man. I had relatives back in the 1800's that lived into their 90's. My goal is breaking the 100 year mark.

I do appreciate your mention my name and enjoyed your write-up.


Your thinking is right way @r2cornell, i appreciate your words and thanks for comment in my post. its my pleasant. NAMASTE.

Very true. If you do not look at his pic, he post blogs, comments etc as the young. I checked his blog posts and i can say that he is truly exceptional . #Young at heart way to live in this world.
** we live life forward and understand it backwards ** so much fun for you @r2cornell at life to have this opportunity! I believe i can say Namaste with you.

Namaste, and really r2cornell is great man

We appreciate the mention in your post, and as always we appreciate your belief in steemit and the camaraderie of the platform that you embody and support.

Thank you so much @pinkspectre For comment in my post its my pleasure

Do you know what is the secret of Steemit Success ?

Bid bots and whale friend that upvote only you.

@chbartist have that high reputation just because bid bots.

Do you know that haejin was (maybe still is) one of most hated steemian. There was big flag war between haejin & ranchorelaxo & some haejin's fans and most of community.

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Thank you for coming to our post @fbslo. I do not know about this actually what happened ?

Haejin was getting 99% of all rewards from one whale ranchorelaxo with 1.5M SP. Haejin got almost 1% of all reward pool, because he/she posted 10 posts per day. Than berniesanders and fulltimegeek started flagging and other steemians also joined them. War was huge, with many account destroyed to negative reputation and tens of thousand worth of Steem was removed from payouts.

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