Mene Box Travels through Paris Part 4

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My Mene Box is traveling through Paris!

Read part 1-3:

After spending some time visiting the famous sites in Paris like the Notre-Dame, Mene Lisa, and the Eiffiel Tower, my Mene box was read to take it easy and sample the everyday Paris life.

Like hanging out with baguettes:


And some of this stuff:


After living the Parisian lifestyle all week, my Mene box was ready for healthy living:


And some relaxation on this gold table:


My Mene box didnt appreciate the message we were trying to send and soon started revenge-eating this French cheese:


We caught it just in time and put the Mene Box on a time out. See it here staring forlornly at this cafe:


Time to get this box some exercise!


What will this Mene box do next in Paris?

We will all find out together!

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I think that this Menē Box needs some good wine @goldmatters! I've never been jealous of a box, but it looks like a great time!


That box is having a GREAT time!