Megabot's Weekly Curation Post || 28th March 2018. || A bid-bot that helps you grow.

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Hello Humans

This is the second post of @Megabot's weekly curation post. So before going on to which posts were selected, for those who don't know what it is, @Megabot has been upgraded with a weekly curation from @rougebot account to all the bidders who use our services. Every week 10 bidders from the bids that were made are selected and given a 100% upvote from the @rougebot account. For more details about this, you can read here

So beginning with our this week's curation post that was selected are as below:

1.Agree My Body For You by @ferryfansuri.

2.How to Make Post To Be Trending Post by @acehero.

3.How To Steemit For New Users Tips N Ideas by @sshappydayz.

4.World in Music by @goktug0814.

5.filigree drawing by @kevmcc.

6.How do you represent your happiness? by @proelite.

7.My Hero Cardiopath by @antenordamazio.

8.Be careful - a lot of coffee and without food - it's not good! by @leonid96.

9.Learn how to set up a DHCP server on the Cisco router and switch by @wicca.

10.Poetry #2: A type of a Girl by @vinzie1.

So these were the posts and it is a wrap for this week, all these posts received 100% upvotes from the @rougebot account.


Post Rules For @Megabot's Weekly Curation Post:

  • Should be original content.
  • No Dmania, SteepShot or just a single video with no explaination at all is accepted.
  • No plagiarism or other things like that in post.
  • No single image post accepted.
  • Rest all other things are valid.

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