Celebrate Easter with SteemitBoard - Are you ready for your next surprise?

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Easter is coming and SteemitBoard has prepared a funny experience for you.

You may already noticed that there were some changes on your Board of Honor.

A few words about Easter Bells

Church bells are silent as a sign of mourning for one or more days before Easter in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. This has led to an Easter tradition that says the bells fly out of their steeples to go to Rome (explaining their silence), and return on Easter morning bringing both colored eggs and hollow chocolate shaped like eggs or rabbits.

In both The Netherlands and Dutch-speaking Belgium many of more modern traditions exist alongside the Easter Bell story. The bells ("de Paasklokken") leave for Rome on Holy Saturday, called "Stille Zaterdag" (literally "Silent Saturday") in Dutch. In the northern and eastern parts of the Netherlands (Twente and Achterhoek), Easter Fires (in Dutch: Paasvuur) are lit on Easter Day at sunset.

In French-speaking Belgium and France the same story of Easter Bells (« les cloches de Pâques ») bringing eggs from Rome is told, but church bells are silent beginning Maundy Thursday, the first day of the Paschal Triduum.

source: wikipedia

What did the bells bring back?

Looking at your board, you can see that the bells have sown eggs everywhere. What will these little eggs become ?

To get the answer to this question, you will have to wait a little longer. And once again, we won’t reveal anything now to keep the surprise … but you might get some clues starting March 31 at 00:00 UTC time!

We invite you to check your board on SteemitBoard every coming days!

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@steemitboard wish you fun and an Happy Easter!

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sorry it change now.

Welcome to steemit @steemboard

Steemitboard has touched so many people when they first joined, it is the only project that I know of that makes people feel so welcome and excited to be here as a new user as they earn their first reward.

This is one of the reasons I vote for @arcange for one of the steem witnesses. I have a great appreciation for the work he does.


You're so right, I just found out about my first badge and I love the idea of working towards stuff!

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Cool!! Secret features on a long holiday :)

Honestly even while being a Dutchy I had no idea on where the egg story came from, so thank you for enlightening me in this one hahaha.

Shit that most likely I wont be having any @steemitboard notification awards any time soon haha. Havent had them in a while!

Nice one! Btw. in Austria, the Easter Bell Story exists as well.


Nice to hear about it. We should update the wikipedia pages ;)

Lol, although I’m Belgian, and I know the story about the clocks coming back from Rome, I actually didn't know ‘Stille Zaterdag’ was called like that because church bells are silent on that day...

I also didn't know this tradition was limited to The Netherlands, France And Belgium. I can’t even imagine there would be no chocolate or easter egg hunts :0)

Great idea to use this tradition to create more buzz about the SteemItboard initiative ..

Actually @steemitboard, I do know what the bells have bought me. What do I do now?

Happy Easter. @SteemitBoard

If thats a 100 SP giveaway for each who upvoted/comments this post. Im sure this would be such a fun! HAHAHA!

Curious Hmm.

Plz vote me


My upvote wasn't even worth a penny... :-(

Happy Easter

[email protected] wow.nice your post and very very importent your project, i like it your projet,,,Thank you

Good job

Thanks you my frend

Pleace vote 100℅

thanks for the post. I'll be waiting for new announcements

Nice features for steemit community🙋.Happy Easter 😇


Welcome to steemit @steemboard


Super cool ! :)


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Thanks for sharing post

Very cool, thank you!

Always make us happy. Your post give us a smile when we reading this post

Oh can't wait to see what this is.

I noticed it today! I love it!!

I love surprises ... ;-)

Greetings, thanks for the post

A puzzle? I'm so bad at solving them, yet I always feel compelled to try!


Curious 🤔

A wonderfully fun thing to do, and I love the bit of history. Thanks for doing this for everyone. :)

Happy Eater.images.png

I appreciate your work and @arcange
@Steemitboard is a great project, and people love to be here. thank you

Still, I didn't get it.
Gonna read more.

WOW!!! Nice,

Happy Ester!

You are very talent of having talent in steemit

Thanks for the awesome board. I like how informative the achievements are!

Las Campanas son una idea excelente y gracias por ayudar a los demas integrantes de la comunidad Steemit. Thanks you

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The pagan Goddess Eostre, awaits your announcement with the joy of spring! 😇