Celebrate Easter with SteemitBoard - Are you ready for your next surprise?

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Welcome to steemit @steemboard

Steemitboard has touched so many people when they first joined, it is the only project that I know of that makes people feel so welcome and excited to be here as a new user as they earn their first reward.

This is one of the reasons I vote for @arcange for one of the steem witnesses. I have a great appreciation for the work he does.

You're so right, I just found out about my first badge and I love the idea of working towards stuff!

Cool!! Secret features on a long holiday :)

Honestly even while being a Dutchy I had no idea on where the egg story came from, so thank you for enlightening me in this one hahaha.

Shit that most likely I wont be having any @steemitboard notification awards any time soon haha. Havent had them in a while!

Nice one! Btw. in Austria, the Easter Bell Story exists as well.

Lol, although I’m Belgian, and I know the story about the clocks coming back from Rome, I actually didn't know ‘Stille Zaterdag’ was called like that because church bells are silent on that day...

I also didn't know this tradition was limited to The Netherlands, France And Belgium. I can’t even imagine there would be no chocolate or easter egg hunts :0)

Great idea to use this tradition to create more buzz about the SteemItboard initiative ..

Actually @steemitboard, I do know what the bells have bought me. What do I do now?

If thats a 100 SP giveaway for each who upvoted/comments this post. Im sure this would be such a fun! HAHAHA!

Curious Hmm.

My upvote wasn't even worth a penny... :-(

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