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#MarketFriday was initiated by the lovely @dswigle Thanks to her, we get to see the different markets from all over the world.

Hubby was just starting to feel better from pnemonia when I dragged him to Shoe Carnival. I wanted winter boots and I needed new work shoes. Don't worry though, it was Dr. approved because he needed to be up and walking around more at that point. :)

Shoe Carnival is a huge shoe store, they have really good sales and they have shoes for any occasion you can think of.

sc 1.png

sc departments.png

We started off in the boot section. I can tell you they have far too many to choose from. Hubby would love for me to get the knee high boots but that is more boot than I prefer to wear. I threatened to buy the leopard prints, although Hubby already knew they were not my thing either. There is no fooling a man who knows you well.

sc boots.png

This boot is more my style. They would have been mine too but they didn't have them in my size 10 Wide Flintstone feet so I had to move forward and leave them behind.

sc boots 2.png

We checked out the shoes on sale and I even tried to get Hubby to buy a new pair of work shoes. He's pickier than I am though and he couldn't find any that he liked.

sc sale.png

sc more areas.png

We moved on to the sports section so I could find work shoes. I had to look at a million pairs. Hubby even suggested that I get more than one but I was having a hard enough time zoning in on one pair.

sc sports shoes.png

I finally decided on these. I love Skechers because they are comfortable and they last. I walk around work all of the time and I have never had a pair last me less than a year. Of course, I usually buy the non slide work shoe they make but I wanted something with a bit of color this time so I went with their sports shoe.

I'm not disappointed either because they are really comfortable and fit like a dream.

sc my work shoes.png

We got checked out and headed home so Hubby could rest.

sc done.png

I'm off to work soon but I look forward to seeing all of your #MarketFriday posts this evening!! :D

Photographs owned by @debralee and were taken with my iPhone SE

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Hi Debra, Paul @old-guy-photos made me aware that I had muted you. Many many appologies, I can assure that wasn't in anyway intentional; I'm just stupid and clicked the mute button instead of the follow one when I first visited your profile. My fault entirely; just another day in the life of me getting to grips with this new Steemit system it would seem lol :)

Here in the UK, finding a decent place to buy shoes can be a bit of a strain. Not so much in the cities and bigger towns, but certainly where I'm based. I usually buy online but whenever I'm getting decent formal shoes then I always need to see them up close before I buy them :)

I'm so sorry for the mix up and you're not stupid. :) I should not have ASSumed anything, (I'm always saying it makes an ass out of you & then I did it. lol)

I normally wouldn't have said anything, even to @old-guy-photos, but I had told him I'd support you and I didn't want him to think I had lied. He's such a nice guy and he has helped me heaps on here, asking nothing for himself in return. Anyhow, I am just glad most of all that I had not offended you. :)

I'm not sure I could get by with buying shoes without trying them on. Actually I don't think I am brave enough. My size varies a bit depending on the brand.

No problem Debra, all is well that end's well, as they say :) Paul's a great guy for sure!

I must admit, I'm lucky in that regard as the sizes I buy tend to be fairly uniform. Shirts on the otherhand? Online purchases can be a minefield! As each country has their own sizes so I have to remember to convert them to UK sizes; this is essential if you buy shirts from asia :O

Ive never got that thing to work! I think it is trained to only work for @c0ff33a LOL

It appears to be broken right now, stopped dead about a week ago.

WOW! Its like magic! How do you do that so fast?!?!

@deadgrlsuppastar introduced me to Gina Bot on Discord - when you set it up it notifies you about comments, mentions etc. You can add users to monitor their activity as well - not that I'm a stalker or anything 😉 https://discord.gg/h32M9W

And Gina just told me you mentioned me in a comment!!! Lol.. originalworks is going thru an upgrade so it will be offline until it is finished

Ok thanks. I only tried it one time ages ago and it never came so I quit it LOL

If I notice it come back I'll try to remember to let everyone know..

Oh thanks for the info. I dont use them coz of the days I host it would be maddening LOL. Hey I need more stalkers!!! Wonder where you get them at?! lol.

I told @OriginalWorks that I didn't think it loved me anymore the other day. lol

I tried !originalworks once but it never came either? lol O well that's bots for you?

Bingo! how weird is this? I just bought a pair of Skechers for the house elf and myself when we were in Dubai. They are so comfortable to wear and they even say that they are the most comfortable shoes in the world.
I believe them because I have worn them all day and they are great.

Hey! maybe we should be asking them for some money for promoting their shoes lol?

Honestly they are good though. :) tip!

You know what they say, great minds think alike. :D

I agree, they should pay us for promoting their shoes. lol

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Various kinds shoe here different color with different model

Yes, this store has a lot of shoes.

Oh, I am so late to the party!

I loved, loved, loved going shoe shopping with you! You picked a real snazzy color and I have to say that when I find a shoe that fits like that and feels so good, I buy two and then rotate them every other day. Healthier for your feet and you won't be looking for another pair for a long time!

Just saying.

The entire place was pretty amazing and I cannot believe how big everything is out there!

You had me at size 10 hello?? I honestly thought you were probably about 5 foot 4 and teeny little feet. How could I be so wrong! I only have like a 51/2 or 6 and have problems finding them also. :)

Thanks again for such a cool time and always tagging along!

Upped and Steemed Tip!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I though you might like this store. If I ever do another Market Friday on this place, I will try to show the ladies fancy footwear.

I am thinking about going back soon for a 2nd color. I need to make Hubby get a new pair too because he needs them. Picky man went out today while I was at work and came home empty handed.

I'm 5'6" but I still have these Flintstone feet. Ha!

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Thank you!!

Good choice you got there...

Another great #MarketFriday post here @debralee. Look at all those shoes! Indeed a huge store. And I can relate to the word picky. 😅 A wonderful weekend to you and your hubby.

Thanks! I hope you have a great weekend too.I work today but I am off tomorrow. :D

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