Let's Join On Minds. Together We Can Drive Traffic To SteemIt & Earn Minds Tokens

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Do you have a 'Minds' account? Let's connect and help each other grow, both on SteemIt and on Minds!

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What Is Minds?

Minds is open source and decentralized social networking platform where users are rewarded with Minds tokens for contributions to the community. The Minds token is a social networking utility built upon the Ethereum ERC-20 standard.

In short, Minds is another social platform where you get paid for your contributions and your engagement in the community.

It's true, Minds is only one of many new platforms where you get paid in crypto (You'll find a short list below), but so far I find it fairly easy-to-use and straightforward, although I haven't figured it out completely yet.


Why Would You Join Minds?

The answer to that question is pretty simple.
In the first place, you can earn free crypto by using the site, which is good enough as it is, of course.
But there's more...

it's an excellent place to promote SteemIt as a platform ánd drive more traffic to your own SteemIt articles.

Since you can simply share a link to your article, you don't need to worry about being punished for posting duplicate content.

Below, you see an example of a post I made on Minds, using just the link to my SteemIt post:


Everybody who clicks the image or link is redirected to my article on SteemIt.

And the best part is, it took me about 1 minute to create the post.


Time Consuming?

I'm not going to lie to you. It is true that the more time you spend on Minds, the more you will earn. But so far I have limited my visits to 5 to 10 minutes a day, mainly because I'm simply reposting links to my SteemIt articles.

So yu can make it as time consuming as you really want. It all depends on how much you want to earn. I simply see it as a way to get more eyes on my SteemIt posts and maybe recruite new SteemIt members.


We Can Help Each Other

I know a lot of you already have an account on Minds. It's just not always easy to find you.

That's why I started the group 'SteemIt Friends'.


The idea behind the group is that we can find each other in the long list of Minds members, and give each other a follow, maybe like each other's articles and so help each other earn tokens.

Here's How To Join The Group:

If you don't have a Minds account yet, you can create one HERE. If you need help with setting up your profile and your wallet, this video will walk you through it.

Once you've created your Minds account, follow the steps below:

Log into your minds account, simply click here to join the group and post your SteemIt and Minds profile link in the group for everyone else to follow.

Now, connected to the group is another group where you can post your best SteemIt articles for the other 'SteemIt Friends' to see and like. To receive an invitation to that group you need to take the following steps:

  1. FOLLOW ME at https://www.minds.com/simplymikeonminds

  2. Join the 'SteemIt Friends' group.

Leave both your Minds username and a link to your SteemIt profile in that group and I'll send you an invitation.

Of course, to get the best results, you need to post links to your SteemIt posts all around Minds.


More Incentivized Networks To Join

These days, there are loads of social networks who reward you for your actions.

I can't list them all, or this post would be way too long. You can find an extended list in this post by @stellabelle:
A List of Steemit Competitors

Below, I'll just give you a list of the ones I'm a member of. I'm not very active on most, but use them every once in a while - when I have a little time to spare - to promote my SteemIt articles.

Feel free to follow me on these networks too. Leave a message with your SteemIt profile link, and there is a good chance that I'll follow you back.

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This is lovely, i am on in this and signing up now.
Upvote kryptonia id blogjeremiah

I’m already there... offgridlife

Posted using Partiko iOS


I've subscribed to you. If you leave your steemit rofile link in the SteemIt friends group and subscribe to me I can send you an invitation to the Best SteemIt posts group

Hey great idea re finding each other there. I have an account but dont use it. Do you copy and paste your Steem post straight with mark up? Is there a way to preview before posting?


It's more Facebook-style: you add your title and link, and in most cases a link preview is automatically generated. Just like on FB you post a link toyour steemit article.


Oh too easy!!

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Hey, I found your post on “Steemians" post promotion. Just wanted to say great work on this and will follow your work. Could I ask for you to check out my work and follow me?


If you write a genuine, meaningful, interesting comment in which it is obvious that you read the post, you shouldn't have to ask for people to follow you.
Asking those questions... that's just not the way things work around here.

Thanks for sharing this is new for will definitely join and follow group to get some support.

Posted using Partiko Android

I struggle to keep up with Steemit so have resisted joining naother site, but you make a good point about using minds ot promote steemit, maybe I should think about doing that also


Now this week I'll be a bit more active on Minds, because of this post, but normally I just drop my link on my wall and/or in a group and leave again. Same thing I do with Facebook and Twitter


I will try to remember and make time to check it out tomorrow

I've been on Minds for a couple of weeks and I've recently started to share my steemit posts on there, exactly as you do and suggest....
I've just subscibed to your profile and joined your group !!! 👌


Thanks. I noticed and subscribed to you.
I am still figuring out the invite-thing. I don't know if the invitations were sent or not.
But that will have to wait till tomorrow... everything is so much easier on a laptop during the day than on a phone at 3 am in the morning, lol


Thank you @simplymike !!! 😃
Yes, I noticed the invite in my Minds notifications and joined the group, looking forward to support each other on there.... 👌


They are quite a few now...might give it a shot

I will check this out later tonight. Thanks for the info.

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Thanks for the heads up! I'll be joining and getting things rolling tomorrow or Mon. as it is getting late here. See you on Minds!

Just going to drop a comment here so I remember to check into this on Monday.
I can never focus on weekends way too much going on. 🙃

So Mindfully we can pull more minds on steemit through mind network ...a great way to increase steemit traffic. Thanks for sharing and detailing about mind @simpmymike 👍

Posted using Partiko Android

I've been on minds for a year or so; let's join up there then


Join the group I mention in the post, @wales, so we can all follow each other


I friended you on minds and left a message on one of your posts


Cool! I'll go over there once I finished my replies here.

Nothing is small, earn as little as you can when you have the chance to do so, am going to singn up. Kryptonia @mrlopez

I will create a minds account. Thank you.


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I joined Minds, but I haven't done anything on it yet. Social media, in general, is a timesuck. But I do like the incentivized nature of the new breed. Maybe I'll actually put Minds to use one of these days.


It can't hurt to earn a token here and there. You never know what might happen :0)


That is very true.

well done

Minds is pretty nifty. Been there for a while but don't use it much.
Joined up on that group though as with the same tag @daytondoes.


I'll hop on there once I finished my replies here...

Interesting!... I will try it. Thanks for the information!
My kryptonia ID: Tupamalo.


Thanks for your comment. And I'll probably meet you there, then :0)

I can remember you are the one that refer me to the site I don't know how operate in that site @bodymanual


I'm still trying to find my way around too, but from what I've seen it resembles how Facebook works.
And it can't be more difficult to learn the ropes than it was here on SteemIt, lol

While the info is great and another site might be ok to join I find that I must reduce the time I am on the computer and will not be joining any new sites at this time. Kryptonia @richard78624


I can understand that. I have more than my hands full with SteemIt, to be honest, but i can not say 'no' to extra promotion opportunities :0)

Seems a very nice site to use in promoting ones post. Am gonna give it a try. @fisherman


We'll be meeting there, then :0)

Interesante información! Gracias por compartir. Saludos!
Kryptonia ID @isauris

upvoted, my krypto id is @jamescrusader