'Minnow Maker Initiative' - It Worked Again, Thanks To The Powerful SteemIt Community

in mapsters •  2 months ago

Thanks to a commmunity effort, we were able to turn a big redfish into a minnow again. Another proof that we can achieve anything, if we work together!


SteemIt Community

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the SteemIt community is not to be underestimated.
If you go ask around, you'll find loads of people that feel exactly like me: we came to SteemIt for the money, but we stayed for the community.

You read complaints about the community every day: how most big users do nothing to support the community, let alone the little fish.

Well, we didn't wait for the big fish. For the last couple of months, many smaller accounts have gathered and were able to create a strong sense of community.

All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.

Alexandre Dumas


Make A Minnow

A week ago, @hitmeasap published this post:
Let's Bring People To 500 SP! | Community Effort At Its Best!

The basic idea was that we could boost users with an SP level of 450-490 and turn them into minnows, bringing them to 500SP.

If everyone would chip in a little, this wouldn't be a heavy load for anyone.

Last week, we were able to boost three people at once and we spent all week looking for a new candidate. You can read all about it in @hitmeasap's post Why Is It So Hard To Give Away Money? | Pushing People To 500 SP!


We Did It

In that exact same post, a new candidate was brought forward. @kaerpediem was sitting at 451SP.
That means we needed the community to collect 49 Steem. It was a challenge and a risk, because the initiative is still only a week old. Would we be able to find enough people to chip in and make @kaerpediem a minnow?

We did! The post by @hitmeasap is only 17 hours old at the moment, and the community has already given enough Steem to bring @kaerpediem over the 500SP mark.

That's An Awesome Achievement!
Thanks To Everyone Who Donated

If you ever doubt the power of the SteemIt community again, then think of this post.

We can achieve anything, if we work together!


Looking For More Candidates

We're looking for a new candidate to give a boost to next week. And you can be rewarded for finding one. Read all about it in this post.

We want this to be successful, but we'll never be able to do it by ourselves. We need your support. That is why @erodedthoughts will give up to 6 people the chance to get a free Steem Monsters card. You give us a name and you get a card. However, the users you recommend must meet the requirements. - So make sure to recommend the best of the best!



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Yaaaaay!!! We did it!!!

Bring the next one! :D

Wow...just 17 hours? I love you guys. Am officially throwing my name into the hat when I clock 450SP. I thought I didn't need it, but I'll be crazy not to

My VP is too low


You currently are giving blocktrades money for something you can do for free:

2 days ago Receive 3.990 STEEM POWER from blocktrades
2 days ago Transfer 4.000 STEEM to blocktrades

While that little fee seems like nothing, why give it to them when all you need to do it go to your wallet, click the little down arrow next to STEEM and select "Power Up".

This will speed up your growth and get you to Minnow Faster.


I really did not know this. Thanks a lot


oh I'm full of information...some of it's even useful at times...lol


Lol. Just so you'd know: I'm a girl :0)
And this is actually an initiative from @hitmeasap.

Feel free to drop your name once you've reached 450sp


Lol I meant to say I love you guys, as in everyone of you involved. I know you're a girl...lol


Oh I missed that one. I will try to pay closer attention in future. I am scanning the @pifc community for potential candidates.
I think this fits in well with @minnowbuilder and the pifc members would put their new found minnow status to very good use.
No matter what it is exciting to see so many new minnow being made.


Super Awesome 😊
Thank you @tryskele


You are very welcome!!

I was on around a 150 a few weeks ago but I sent over 400 steem from the exchange which bumped me up to a minnow, so I'm not a minnow any longer


You're not a redfish any longer. Congratulations on being a minnow!

You got voted by @votefun thanks to simplymike. To support development, check out @rishi556. Hosted on the @cryptowithincin discord.

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One can be surprised by the many dark, ugly and scary things going on all over this place from time to time. It is also fairly easy to feel lost, stagnate or to feel demotivated or discouraged...

But this is what we can achieve, as long as we support each other. It took us 17 hours to push @kaerpediem, and this makes it 4 out of 4 so far. - How awesome is that?!

  • Thanks For All The Support!

To be honest, I can hardly believe it. One out of many signs of how strong the community here is...

Yayayayayaya! Go #steemitbloggers!!!!!

Thank you again @simplymike
And you have answered that burning question I've had since I got to know you
Is this a man or a woman? hahaha

Thank you to everybody who made this happen ❤️


Hahaha! I realize I'm not making it easy for people by choosing a username like @simplymike and talking about my girlfriend. Now I realize a more female username would have taken away a lot of the confusion, but I already started over once (my first username used to be mike314-0005, whiwh was way to difficult. I even mistyped it mysel all the time, lol).
My.profile pic does give away that I'm a girl, though. It's a shame they are displayed so small, lol.


but I do like @simplymike
it's easy to remember ... and spell haha
that's what confused me, the name and then the profile pic...all sorted out now
Thank you and have a great weekend 😊

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What an amazing initiative @simplymike. Well done!

Found your post on #steemitbloggers.


Thanks, @reonlouw. But it's actually @hitmeasap's initiative. I'm just a sidekick, lol

This is an ingenious idea! I followed @hitmeasap so I can help out in the future. Thanks for bringing awareness to this initiative! ✌️


That's great to hear that you want to help out too, @mikeycolon. We can never have enough people who want to build a great community.

This is fantastic. We really need more people to move up in vests to make Steem a bit more egalitarian.

Proud member of #steemitbloggers @steemitbloggers

That’s great news. I never even heard this way going on ! I would of contributed my 5 cent. Congrats to @kaerpediem. A good egg by all concerns


Heya @blanchy, so far 11 recipients
Thank you so much 😊