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Join this contest and get paid to learn more about the SteemIt platform


Another Round

Now I’m all back on my feet after being hacked earlier this week, I thought it would be a good idea to play another round of ‘What Have You Learned On SteemIt Today?

While you are playing, I’ll have a little time to go out and do some more research on certain things I learned during the hack, so I can provide you with detailed guides on how to secure your account and what to do when anything goes wrong.

Learning More Every Day

If you have been following me a little longer, you probably know I’ve run this contest before.
You can check out the previous edition here.

Since SteemIt is a never-ending learning experience, I encourage people to make it their goal to learn at least one new thing about the platform or about blogging every day.

By pushing yourself to learn new things all the time, you’ll be able to grow your account at a steady pace.

Your reputation score can never be too high or too low to learn new things, which means this contest is open for everyone.

Here’s a little insight I shared in the previous challenge post, of which I still think it’s a universal truth:

In all honesty: on SteemIt, you're either learning or quitting, there is no in between.

grow learn explore.jpg

The Goal

This contest is meant to be an encouragement to keep learning, but it’s also an exercise in leaving good comments.

To be eligible to win a prize, you’ll need to answer 3 questions. These questions are asked in such a way that an answer to all three of them builds a good, insightful comment.
  • What?
  • How?
  • Why?

You can use this build-up to improve your commenting on posts in general.

(You’ll find the exact questions below.)

The third goal of this contest is to create a sort of knowledge base.

With every contestant being at a different point in his or her journey on SteemIt, I expect to get a variety of answers. I do encourage you to go through the answers of other contestants to find out what they have learned. This will give you an idea of things you might want to take a look at. You can even ask them for more information if you want to.

As with everything here on SteemIt, interaction is the key to success!

The Challenge


The rules of the challenge haven’t changed...

Below, you 'll find 3 questions you will need to answer by posting a comment below.

  • You need to answer all 3 questions to be eligible to win.
  • You can send in only 1 entry.
  • You can send in your entry the entire week - up until the post-payout period closes.
  • Take your time to write the answers in the comment section. After all, this is also an exercise in posting quality comments. Try to make your comment stand out, but remember to answer all 3 questions.
    (If you need some advice on posting comments in general, I suggest you take a look at this article by fellow member @keciah.

Upvoting and resteeming is not mandatory, but would be very much appreciated. Resteeming will increase views and the knowledge base, upvoting will increase the prize pool.


From the previous edition, I learned that giving every contestant with a valid answer an upvote is draining my voting power too much.

For upvotes of other people’s entries, I’m counting on your participation. It will be beneficial for everyone if you would go through all other entries and upvote (and or comment on) the ones you think are valuable.

For the main prizes, I’m going to let faith decide: I will use the Comment Picker tool to select 2 winners among all valid entries.

The winners will each receive:

  • 1/2 of the SBD that is paid out to me at the end of the payout period

  • a @steembasicincome membership

A membership of @steembasicincome will basically give you 1 share in the initiative, which will give you a small upvote on all your posts. The more shares you get, the more this upvote will be worth. You can read more about the @Steembasicincome initiative here

The Questions You Need To Answer

source (1).gif

Below, you’ll find the 3 questions you need to answer to make a valid comment and to be eligible to win a prize:

1 - What did you learn about SteemIt today?

2 - Why did you think that was important to learn?

3 - What was your approach? What did you do to learn this?

I think those questions are pretty clear, and if you are here on SteemIt to make progress, they won’t be hard to answer.

Ready? Set! Go!

Now it’s up to you. Share with us the most valuable lesson about SteemIt today, and read and reward other people’s comments to find out what else there is to learn.

I’m handing you a chance to get paid for learning - be sure to grab it!

Want to earn more free SBD?

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Follow @newbiegames or check #newbiegames


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Today I learned how to write good writing in steemit.

This is very important in my opinion, because the writing is good & true will facilitate the steemian in reading my post. Like how to write for our post in the middle position, how to quote from the internet. If our ordinance is neat & orderly it will attract the steemian to read my writing and maybe give upvote, resteem or comment for me. Maybe this is very easy for seniors, but not for me who is still a beginner in steemit.

I learned this from reading on the internet. I see how the senior writing in their posts, then I try to search the internet and read from various sources on the internet. And then i try to apply it in my post.

Very well done @nisaphysio!
Writing good blog posts is indeed both about thhe content ant the layout.
A post with good content that looks nice is going to attract more readers.

The best way to learn is to see how others are doing in, and then to try to apply it yourself,

You’ve submitted a valid entry!
Keep learning, keep steeming ;0)

Thank you for your support @simplymike

I will try it step by step, writing a good post and attractive for all of steemians

Tita Juls very much agrees with @nisaphysio about the writing 'formulas' so that when your blog or comment is posted it will look neat and well-thought of.

Happy writing to us! :)

Hi @simplymike! Thank you for creating this opportunity, I’m definitely participating! As you know from my dorky questions on Discord, I’m learning so much everyday! I’ll share my most recent, but I’ll add now, that I learned A LOT, from your hack experience. I’m sorry it happened. I think we all came out more secure after learning which login key to use! Jeez! That really bothers me to see people using so much energy and time to steal from others! Jerks. 🤨
Anyhow... onto the real contest!

  1. Today I learned how to get notifications for Steemit! I’ve been flying blind for over a month!
  2. To be engaged here on Steemit, it’s crucial to see when you have a reply or a new follower! I don’t usually do notifications on my phone. I can’t stand my devices constantly calling to me... “look at meeeee!” I chose the Steemify app. and so far so good. I’ve heard of ginabot too. Maybe someone here has an opinion to share on these?
  3. I learned this by asking! I’ve found a great community of people here to help me. For my first month here, I was completely clueless! I knew only one person on Steemit, @bryanjames. I was shy to comment for a bit. One day, I came across #newbieresteemday and I was moved to participate! @davemccoy made it very simple, and @beeyou and @amariespeaks were incredibly friendly! It melted the ice and made me feel more free to engage others. @truce has been awesome too! I adopted him as my friend right away. He’s playful, knowledgeable and shares the love with newbies!

There’s so much more to learn... I’m loving the challenge! Even Jeff is joining me on his bat phone to learn more about blockchain, crypto and Steemit! It’s a team effort. 😄


Glad to have you on #newbieresteemday. Before I found these guys, I wasn’t really involved in the community (I’m not such a community-minded person), but at one point I connected with some of the members and it made SteemIt a lot more fun.
The mutual support, the laughs, the feeling that people care has been so valuable to me. There were times that I wanted to quit SteemIt, but then some of the members, like @davemccoy, @beeyou, @amariespeaks and others were always there with their motivating words :0)
When I got hacked, I discovered I considered the #newbieresteemday initiative as ‘home’ ...

I’m using both Steemify and Gina - I only recently found out about Gina since up until a few days ago I didn’t really use Discord except for dropping my links in the different channels. Steemify allows me to get a notification when certain people post - that’s a feature I really like.

I liked the fact that you were straight-forward enough to ask a lot of questions. That’s a great way to learn new things. I’ve started to follow your example. I’ve been asking a lot of questions today and discovered that was an easier way to gather information than to spend hours searching for an answer. So thanks for showing me :0)

I’m glad Jeff is having his own SteemIt experience, ‘cos I’m like his number one fan at the moment

You have posted a valid entry, thanks

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Today I learned how to make my posts more interesting and how to reach out and make my audience enjoy my writings as how I enjoy it, for me I think that is very important as your audience is the most important thing in the steemit platform, as their upvotes ads comments really do make one shine on steemit.

I did it by reading a heck lot of posts from users who have wide audiences,
Who's posts are really being tuned in by others and reading from the audiences view to see and learn from how they write, how they interact and how they make their posts reader friendly,and how they spark the interest of others.
Everyday is the chance to soak up knowledge and insight through different things and views, its important to keep taking them in to make you more diligent and to make you understand things more, knowledge helps one progress on all aspects of life that's why it is essential to keep learning.

I agree that what you post ln SteemIt should be enjoyable, both to yourself and your readers. The more engaging your articles are, the more people will comment, upvote and follow you.

It’s a really good approach to go out and see how others do it. There’s no better way to success than to follow the footsteps of those who were before you.

Very good. You’ve posted a valid entry!
Keep learning, keep steeming ;0)

Thank you!!

As Tita Juls slowly makes her way around the Steemit Community, she takes time in reading her fellow users posts and replying to them. In reading posts, she learned that Steemit is a platform that lets people be who they are and encourage individuality. In replying to the posts, one must be respectful and genuine, and taking time to reply shows that you did read what fellow steemians had to share.

‘At first I was afraid, I was petrified’ was the song going through her mind.

However, it was important for Tita Juls to learn about overcoming her (sometimes imagined) fears and ‘putting yourself out there’ by going ahead and being the weird kid (at heart) that she is.

‘How do I sound genuine? Would they think I was a robot? Captcha!’ She thought, but then decided to be herself, even if writing or posting in the third person.

This is the future, and the future is about learning from one another. Tita Juls will always be learning and, as an Ozzie Major said during a speech, ‘If we don’t embrace change, we will become irrelevant.’

You’re absolutely right (forgive me for not writing in the third person - lol): on SteemIt, you have a chance to be yourself.

We’re all ‘weird kids’ here, for all that matters. We wouldn’t be on SteemIt if we weren’t ;0)

In the beginning, I too was a bit afraid to write and make connections to other people. At first, I brought all insecurities and doubts I have in the ‘real world’ with me. But after a while I discovered there was nothing to be afraid of. Although I’m not such a ‘community-minded’ person, I fell in love with the SteemIt community. The guys and gals of the #newbieresteemday initiative played a big part in that. They were/are always there, helping me, supporting me...
They taught me that ‘being yourself’ is more than good enough here on the platform. Over the months, I got more involved, I learned how to speak my mind, I opened up...

In real life, I’m rather shy. There’s no way in the world I would go over to someone I didn’t know and give him a warm welcome hug 😊 On SteemIt I learned how important that is.

I really like the sentence you ended with: ‘If we don’t embrace change, we will become irrelevant’. Gotta hang that up somewhere in my house... ;0)

Thanks for joining @titajuls, you’ve posted a valid entry

P.s.: writing in the third person is actually not such a bad idea: in every comment you make, you mention your username a couple of times, which makes I already remember it - lol. Smart move!

I was thinking... you might run into people who’ll think you’re a bot. Fortunately, you’ve got your charming personality to proof them wrong

Thanks @simplymike for the affirmation, you are kind-hearted. And please allow me to shift for a moment to the first person 😊

Indeed I agree some people might think I could be a robot (imagine that!), so it really is a crazy plus creative effort on my part to appear and sound geniune - virtually, no less! However I do enjoy it, and you can be sure I'll be trying more games and new things as I go along.

Keep 'em coming! Tita Juls will be around! :)

Nice to know you’ll be around :0)
Like I said before: you manage to make your comments stand out, which is a good thing. I have a hunch you’ll do very well on SteemIt! ;0)

Nice to know you’ll be around :0)
Like I said before: you manage to make your comments stand out, which is a good thing. I have a hunch you’ll do very well on SteemIt! ;0)

•What did you learn about Steemit today?
After reading @nairadaddy post which he titled STEEM & FRIENDSHIPS: The "Hidden" Factor For Success On This Social Media. I was reminded that steemit is also a social media, therefore interactions and relationships are important for growth within this platform.

Building relationships and friendships are important in this platform.

we need each other to survive

•Why did you think that was important to learn?
It was important to learn that friendships are needed on this platform because it will be important for me to begin to make connections with other Steemians if I really want to be a part of this community.

Relationships are an important part of life, I should therefore keep the relationships I already have within the platform as well as make new ones so as to remain relevant.

•What was your approach? What did you do to learn this?
After learning this, I decided to check up on some of the contacts I made within my first few days on steemit whining haven't texted in a while. I wished them a wonderful week ahead.
I think I'll be building more relationships on this platform through various means.

Very important lesson you learned there. SteemIt is indeed not just a blogging platform , it is a social media platform, and interaction with others is part of the road to success (both on SteemIt and personally)

There’s no way you can learn as much on your own, as you can by interacting with other people.

The most important factor on SteemIt is the community. For me personally, the community has helped me to reach beyond what I thought my limits were, and lifted me up to heights I never thought I would be able to reach.

SteemIt: you come for the money, you stay for the community :0)

Thanks for joining, you’ve posted a valid entry

Today I learnt that meeting Steemians in real life can really change your perspective about Steemit and what it offers.

I have been reading a few posts from people who feel like they have spent a lot of time and effort but not getting the results/rewards that they are looking for. I also feel like becoming less engaged as the number of followers increase and you spend more time on Steemit and Discord. But the real value of Steemit is creating opportunities and value for communities that come together on this platform to help each other and that has to take place in the real world.

The only way to learn this is of course to organize time to meet Steemians in person, and to reflect on the experience (not necessarily write a post about it but I did). There is so much more you can learn and share by meeting people in person compared to blogging and chatting on Discord and I wish I did this sooner! My approach is to look for opportunities to meet people 1 on 1 rather than waiting for meetups to be organized because it is easier to organize things with smaller numbers of people.

Interesting approach, @plushzilla.
Did you actually have a meetup with someone already?
I can imagine that a real-life 1 to 1 conversation can be a good thing, both concerning motivation and knowledge.
How I wish there was a whale who could explain to me how the reward pool exactly works, while sitting next to me - lol. It would probably speed up my process of understanding. :0)

I see a lot of people that are meeting each other, mostly during organized meetups - but like you I would prefer to have just 2 or 3 people come together. But I hear it is even organized in schools... that’s how far the SteemIt platform reaches into society.

Since I have met only a small handful of Belgians so far - to whom I’m not really ‘close’ - I think I’ll have to go on without real life interaction. Not that I care, I’m not a very big fan of meeting new people - lol

Thanks for joining, you’ve posted a valid entry

Absolutely, but I didn't write the typical post where I go through all the details of the meeting, rather I reflected on what it meant to do something like this instead of just staying online:

It's interesting that the larger Steemit meetups occur in what we call the 'developing' nations that have a more community-minded view than the mature economies that are too obsessed with materialism and consumerism (and selfies).

Of course, there are people that I admire very much on Steemit that I might never get to meet (Steemfest might be the best opportunity) so I talk to them on Discord or leave a comment on their blog, but it always makes you wonder what they are like in real life :)

True. We’re all brought up as individuals and lack team-spirit and sense of community.
Gonna read your post instantly :0)

Today I learned about Smart Media Tokens (SMTs). I was chatting with @rycharde as he was helping me untangle a bit of confusion I was experiencing, and we ended up talking about the current steem volatility and he mentioned that

once SMTs start to work then STEEM will rise again, whatever happens to Steemit itself

That led me to do some quick research. I fond this post: Announcing Smart Media Tokens, and from there I went to the white paper. I learned that we are on the brink of some really powerful potential for any website to create its own tokens to incentivize desired behavior. This will be a big step forward for the steem blockchain, and should boost the value of steem regardless of what actually becomes of steemit. I think this will also potentially bring a lot more people to blockchain for reasons other than buying cryptocurrencies.

I think this was important to begin learning about because there are lot of different businesses that will be able to build on the platform. I am a member of @runningproject, and we are a small but active community, and there may be some cool ways we can use SMTs in that group.

I described my approach in the first part of my comment, but to reiterate, based on a conversation, I found SMT intro post, and followed the link on that post to the website and white paper. I haven't finished the white paper yet but will soon.

I will upvote this post in a couple of days when my power is back up! But resteeming now.

Thanks for resteeming!
SMT are indeed going to have a big impact on the platform and the Steem cryptocurrency, since they will open the doors to an almost unlimited number of possibilities.

Thanks for joining the contest, you’ve posted a valid entry

This post was resteemed and upvoted by @anupbose and @apukb and for Upvote and Resteem to 1403+and 880+ Send 0.100 SBD or STEEM with URL in Memo thanks to @simplymike

i did learn today that i need to make good Content to start earning here on Steemit and the Other Plattforms , so i have to read awesome Postings and get Inspiration from it , so i decided to check out your posting and i guess i will get something from reading it :D soo seeya my friend and Have Fun ! For ALL Steemians , Following me will Get You Daily Upvotes From me , so Seeya and Have Fun , Stay Tuned For More UpVotes By : @clickbaster

Can you explain a bit more why it is important to create good content to make money here on SteemIt?


Here's my "note to self":

I learned last night not to write posts while drunk. NEVER DO THAT! And I have no idea where I sent it!



Hey @jaichai

Can’t you look it up in in your post or comment history and edit the post? I’ve done that a couple of times back in my Facebook-days, and always deleted the post in the morning, feeling totally ashamed.

I’m sorry, but for your answer to be a valid entry, I need aclear answer to question 2 and 3 too

I am not entering. Just simply commenting. Sorry I did not specify.



It would be a good entry, though, and a valuable lesson for everyone 😉



But I'm good - for now.



Maybe next time!


What did you learn about SteemIt today?

Today I have learnt about Smart Steem and the benefits of using this service to improve your Steemit journey.

Why did you think that was important to learn?

Great service that allows you to sell your votes, which is really useful if you're not using your Steemit account every day and not voting everyday, allowing you to stop wasting your votes. Buy votes if you want to boost your posts but it does so in a way that isn't excessively spammy and obvious like other bots. Also allows you to Delegate SP - although this seems to be mainly for the whales to use.

What was your approach? What did you do to learn this?

I came across Smart Steem a couple weeks ago but didn't learn about it too much, but I've come across some more posts and info about this service and have found it very interesting. I've watched other's reviews and looked at @smartsteem site to learn all about their services that I will be utilising in the future. For more information go their website smartsteem.com - also just a heads up that this is a referral link that I will get a small commission from if you use my link.

Thanks for your entry.
Let me start by teaching you another thing that is rather important on SteemIt (since it has got me flagged twice when I just started): when you are using an affiliate link, like your link to smartsteem.com, you should let people know it is an affiliate link (for an example, see my link to ‘Airdrop: Farmville for crypto’ in the footer of my post). It’s polite to let them know that you’ll be benefiting when they sign up through the link you’re posting. Some people here on SteemIt are really extreme about it, I’ve noticed. So if you use an affiliate link in your posts or comments, you should add a disclaimer to it. (Better be safe than sorry ;0) - I know you’ll probably get away with it 90% of the time, but since I got flagged twice for doing it, I tend to warn people about it)

Okay, now that’s out of the way:
Smartsteem indeed is a very useful service. Personally, I love the vote-selling feature. Just make sure you edit your settings so that they won’t drain your VP too much (you can set a minimum VP - If your VP is below that minimum, they stop selling your votes, so your VP won’t be drained)

You have posted a valid entry, thanks!

Thank you for pointing that out and for giving me a chance still. Another thing that I’ve learnt today on Steemit . Of course It makes complete sense when you explain it to me so thank you! I guess I didn’t think it through too well but I really appreciate the advice. I’ve since edited my post to include that information.

Glad you’re such an easy learner 😉 Keep that up and you’re going to grow on SteemIt pretty fast!!

Of course I am upvoting and resteeming @simplymike! Again thank you for your faithful determination to help and make a difference here!

If I am able to, I will make a submission ...

Thanks for your support,@kismet2018. Really appreciated!

1 - What did you learn about SteemIt today?

I learnt about the smartcash bot.

2 - Why did you think that was important to learn?
I run another account for an orchestra (@musicapoetica) and the 7 day reward limit on posts is really a huge disincentive for us to post our performances, both audio and video. The amount of planning and rehearsal that goes into a concert is quite large, and the rewards are small in comparison especially for a new account.

Smartcash tipping offers the potential for a way to be rewarded past the post payout time limit.

3 - What was your approach? What did you do to learn this?

All we have done is to make the point on our posts that we accept smartcash tips. We will see if this is a viable solution. They appear to have a growing and vocal community to learn from.

I learnt about this when I tripped on this post in my feed, https://steemit.com/smartcash/@hannahlicious/get-tipped-in-crypto-or-smartcash-tipbot-for-steemit-twitter-discord-and-reddit.

There are always unexpected ideas that show up there!

And how did you find out about the Smartcash bot, @bengy? (‘What did you do to learn this?)

I forgot to add it to the post, but there’s another reason why I’m putting up this contest, and your entry is a perfect example. I want to learn more myself 🙃
I hadn’t heard of the Smartcash bot. I have seen Smartcash posts pass by, but never informed myself.
So that’s what I’m going to do now: read up on it. Thanks for teaching me!

(For your answer to be a valid entry, I need you to still answer the question I started this comment with )

Sorry, misunderstood the question! I have edited the reply.

Here is the link that caught me:


Pick up a quick 15 SMART and from there start learning more!

Thanks for the tip. 👍

And now you have posted a valid entry

Today,I learnt about the people who createe steemit and the reason why it was created. Their names are Ned scott and Dan larimer. And the reason behind creating this wonderful platform was to raise more than 4000 entrepreneurs over the world within 5 years.
learning this is very important because,now I know thr real reason why steemit was created; not mainly for the money made,but to develop oneself,help others and become a successful entrepreneur. Now,My mindset has changed about steemit and more effort will be made to help achieve these founders dreams.
I got to learn this information in our steemit meetup that was held in my school.,it was thrown to the house as a question,and the winner was given 7sbd.

Thanks for joining, @annamighty.
Sounds like the meetup was an enriching experience.

Glad you dropped by to play.

You've posted a valid entry!

Thank you😁yes it was

Resteemed your article. This article was resteemed because you are part of the New Steemians project. You can learn more about it here: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@gaman/new-steemians-project-launch . If your post has more upvotes, your post will appear in the trending page. To get more upvotes, you can bid for @steembidbot vote. please check it out here: https://steembottracker.com/

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If you would like to delegate to the Minnow Support Project you can do so by clicking on the following links: 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

With the conciliation of participants

You’ll need to add some extra info if you want to join the contest ;0)

This is very-very beautiful friends simplymike, it's amazing, amazing really amazing, hope you keep work, and healthy and success always

Thanks for sharing with us friend.

Keep it up!

You can check my article about Daily celestialchallenge Monday-Darkness,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sirknight and give me your feedback!

You can find the article here Daily celestialchallenge Monday-Darkness,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sirknight

Awesome! Thanks for supporting the Steem network!
Unfortunately, I have nothing to tell about today :)

There's an entire week left to participate... ;0)

Today I learned that the effort to save the reward pool is getting some traction. My two favorite communities are doing well. I’ve learned sbd is worth less than steem right now, but the market is looking towards an uptrend. Ive learned that sitting in a hospital in anticipation of my second child is basically overwhelming my ablility to do anything. Hard to research today but much love. Great post, your hyperlinks are super handy!

Hey @dizzjay
Congratulations on having your 2nd child! I hope everything has gone well.

I already have a membership but resteemed for you and upvoted good luck to the winner.

Thanks. :0)
The more shares you have, the bigger your upvote is. You can never have too many @steembasicincome shares...

1 - What did you learn about SteemIt today?

I learned that you can see what "fish" you are by using busy.org.

2 - Why did you think that was important to learn?

I'm in a small group of new Steemit users and someone mentioned it there. I was curious about these names (minnows, plankton, whales, etc.) so asked more.

3 - What was your approach? What did you do to learn this?

We were discussing our ranking/rep scores. Someone said that So and So was a whale on Steemit, and I asked how he knew that. He said on busy.org that info is provided. I don't use busy so this was news to me. I found it interesting though not all that helpful actually. I guess I'm just not that interested in titles, but it was good to know.

It might indeed not be a giant step in your SteemIt ‘evolution’, but it can come in handy when you know the terminology. (In SteemIt terms ‘plankton’ is also referred to as ‘red fish’)
Just the other day I got a question from someone who had been reading my blog and was wondering what on earth I meant by using the word ‘minnows’ all the time...

You have posted a valid entry :0)

Yes, it is good to know the lingo here! I was under the mistaken impression that minnows were the lowest men, er fish, on the totem pole so learning that planktons are was eye opening!

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @resteemr!
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Check what @resteemr can do for you. Introduction of resteemr.

  1. Today I learned how to make a more engaging comment.
  2. It is important to make comments people will want to read. If they like reading your comments, they will seek out your posts and follow you.
  3. I had been reading posts about making comments and then I did the most important thing. I talked to my sister! I consider her an excellent editor and she had several good ways to improve my comments. The first was to use "light" words instead of the heavier words I tend to favor. So I hope my comments, and my posts, will become more enjoyable to read as time goes on.

Next to writing engaging posts, it is indeed also important to write engaging comments.

I actually went to take a look at your previous comments and was pleasantly surprised you were an organic farmer. :0)

I can understand why you got the tip to use ‘light’ words ;0)
But you’re doing an excellent job, if I consider your comment on this post. - Your comment got me to check out your posts, and you’ve got yourself a new follower, so it works :0)

Thanks for joining the contest. You’ve posted a valid entry

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