FUN TIME WITH @GEE1: My #Mancrushmonday qualities

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Take a little twist to the norm. Mancrushmonday is all about Showing love to the men in your life.


Today I want to celebrate some traits in some people in steemit.


Integrity means being honest and having a strong moral principles. It's not something you find in every man out there.

So I want to celebrate the following men who have outstanding integrity. They have proven that they have integrity and are capable of trust.

In standing ovation, I celebrate


surfyogi thumbnail lilly.jpg

He is my number one fan. I can remember how excited I was when he said those words to me...

He has helped connect me to so many amazing people on the steem blockchain. I can't thank you enough the brain behind @wafrica. You are amazing!!!


C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_images(2).jpg

For he's a jolly good fellow and so says all of us!!! He is a true supporter.


Perfect gentleman!!!
He believe there's a GOODthing in everyone.



Perfect personality!!!
You are the best of your kind.
You are one person who sticks closer than a brother.
Thanks for all you have been.

Today's #Mancrush is definitely

a day of S and T!!!

Who gets this catch? The first to comment correctly what I meant in the above highlighted text gets a token of 0.2SBD 💃 💃 💃


Let's Get the full package on steemit... Let's have some healthy fun💃💃💃💃 Tell us your story.

Remember to Resteem and add the original link to this post in your #mancrushmonday post so that other people can participate. You sure do not want to enjoy this alone.

Everyday of my life, I yearn to make people happy. I want to be the reason someone in another continent smiles. I want to be the reason someone in another country, village, city is able to pay their tuition or that of their child/children.

I hope soon enough the worth of my upvote on people's post will be enough for them to buy a meal. I hope that someday, the worth of my upvote will be enough to fund projects.

I want to make people feel so much love. I am already doing that, I hope that soon enough I will be able to reach more people.

Thank you for reading and participating.

I am @gee1, I am the Steemit Evangelist.


Hahahaha that means a day of S for @surfyogi, @surpassinggoogle, @samstickzz and T for @tojukaka @gee1. I know I got it 💃💃💃

Definitely on point!!!

Congratulations sis!!!
You have been rewarded 0.2SBD for being the first to solve the riddle.

Yaaay thanks dearie @gee1

Lol..yeah @thelovejunkie
S for @surfyogi @surpassinggoogle @samstickzz and T for Tojukaka

Well, these are great men who have affected me in many ways directly and indirectly...Terry is my very good friend.
I join the ovation!

@preciousimo, you said Terry @surpassinggoogle is your very good friend. To me his my very best male friend on steemit since I discovered him.

He lights ups my world 😁😁.
He made me see the talent in my untalented.

Yes, he's such an amazing "human".

And he sings incredibly @un-talented

I disagree with this o... lol.

My dear friend do sings excellent more than most girls, that's if his not nervous.

Yeah right!!!
They deserve the ovation

They deserve all the accolades please👏

Celebrities who's names begins with the letter S and T.


They are the great celebrities I listed above!!!

Am a living witness to that I must say.

Wow.... This one is a bumper package....
More like men crush Monday.. Lol..

And yeah, they are all great men.. Who wouldnt crush on them sef?

Mine coming up inna bit

So true , finding men of integrity could be difficult but they sure exist and this guys deserves some accolades, cos they have paid their dues. thanks for this @gee1. kindly visit this post and show some support;

Thanks. an upvote ,and resteem will do alot.

And btw, I love them all. Your choice of words in describing them is just top notch, I couldn't agree less. Way to go dearies @Ss and T.

Thanks hun 💯💯💯

Amazing able bodied men. Nice

S - @surfyogi @surpassinggoogle @samstickzz and T for Tojukaka
Really great people. You just know how to select the best words to suit them each.

However, G an T would really save the world. They got such amazing heart for people. If you get what I'm saying 😁

Lol 😂 😂 😂
I bet I don't get what you are saying

@gee1 and @tojukaka = G and T oooo

It's still not clear to me

Four in one!. Three S and one special T.. hehehehe. Good one.

Busy called again today? Sorry hun...God is your strength. Stay strong and rest please. More money anytime busy calls.

Here is mine dear.

Yeah I was busy. Thanks dearie.

Anytime sweetie. Rest sometimes, please.

Still hoping that one day, I'll be in crush list.. 😇😇

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