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Meet Lucy, a Youth Service Corps Member, An Amputee with unique Abilities.
[[source]](her whatssapp status)

My wife is into Fashion(clothing to be precise). Lucy and another friend of hers walked into my wife's work space sometimes last year November,2018 and asked if she could learn Sewing. My wife who does not see impossibility in anything answered her that; "why not". The following week she started. I got interested in her progress and kept asking my wife how she was doing. The first few weeks was quite difficult for her and was about to give up. She said there is no way she can wheel the machine well with just one hand. My wife as usual stepped in and told her straight to her face that; "everything lies in the conditioning of her mind and that its not about having both hands but ensuring she puts her mind to work and see the possibilities that lies ahead". My wife never pampered her, so she won't get lazy. She gave her same work as others, so she would not feel different.
IMG-20180604-WA0002[1].jpg Lucy and My wife.
[[source]](wife's phone)

Lucy was encouraged and kept at it and took it slow and steady and wheeled the machine at her own pace. Now, its less than two weeks for her to conclude her Youth Service and you will Just be amazed how good she has become in churning out excellent outfits already. Its so surprising when my wife told me that she is even more impressed with Lucy in productivity than her other fellow Youth Corps Member Trainees. In fact, she has started sewing for other Youth Service Corps Members and getting paid for it.

[[source]](she sent it on my request)
Her resent work.

Her sudden determination is not far from the fact that she is the first born of her family and has a sense of responsibility to ensure she does her part as the first born in the family and be a good example for her siblings.
Made by Lucy

I just thought of a way she can be further encouraged and decided to intimate my fellow steemians so we can join hands together to make her more happy and encouraged so that when she is going back to her state Benue State,Nigeria, she would have a good sewing machine to work with and perhaps start her own fashion line.

Another dress made by Lucy

Getting a good Electric Table top sewing machine will cost #18,000 Nigerian Naira (32.1sbd, and or 23.7steem) in current price. It will not be a bad idea if we can have so much more so she can further get other things that she will need for easy start up. You can also send your contributions in STEEM OR SBD and let LUCY be the MEMO. Trust me, if we are able to make this happen, i will sure make another feedback post once the machine is gotten and the remaining pay out of this post given to her by hand. All with picturised evidence. And if we cannot meet up, whatever the payout is, i will hand it over to her for efficient use.

she attends Harvest House Christian Centre.
She can so disturb my wife to put her through once she wants to wear a new dress to church. Lol.

I use this opportunity therefore to call on all faithful steemians to lets make this happen. @tojukaka, @surpassinggoogle, @donkeypong, @olawalium, @phait, @mustard, @yoo1900, @tangerintravels, @gee1, @oogowinner and all other great steemians here. Yes! every steemian is great, so i am calling on all to give their token towards this cause and lets put a smile on someone's face and make a lasting impact.

Lucy, is a victim of human error and negligence, but has decided to be a Victor in deciding her future.

She had a fall while she was playing in SS1 as a boarding student in the secondary school. Instead of the school authorities to take her to the hospital for proper care and attention, they decided to use a a local Doctor who tied the broken Arm. By the second day, it got worse as blood stopped flowing from her Elbow down. In fact, her parents were only contacted after the situation got worse. By the time they later got to the hospital, the Doctors said, they could only salvage her elbow to her shoulder that the other part was gone and would be amputated. This is how Lucy became an amputee.

Let's do this.
Let's make a difference as this platform have always done.
Let's put a smile on Lucy's face.
Let's further brighten her future.

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Good job on posting about this.
ONE key idea if you do not get to the
amount needed post again.
Keep on steemin'

Wow. Thanks alot @pouchon. This is sure helpful and assuring.

This is a very noble thing that you have done sir. Does she have a Steemit account? She can open an account here. I know the community will generously support her work. I'm touched by this.

Let's get Lucy a sewing machine.

THANKS boss . she does not have a steemit account yet. I am hoping if this really comes through and we are able to get her the machine, we i will now introduce her to how the machine came by "steemit". And will take her through having an account and continue from there once she gets to her state.

Am touched already, Lucy must get a new sewing machine.
Am. Also resteeming it.

i say Amen to that @botefarm thanks for your support.

This is touching, emotional and inspiring all in one piece
I do hope She gets the needed support shortly.
Meanwhile, She will be totally welcome on this platform too

thanks alot @mickyscofield yes, i just pray this comes through for her. she sure will be on this platform soon.