Man crush monday : funtime with @gee1

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No much story, i love people who look good. I mean who doesn't?
Well in that light, i discovered a true beauty and i thought to share.
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He is no other than @ackza. Although his real name is Zachary W. Williams.
He is a blockchain Enthusiast at decentralized intelligence agency.

I crush on him basically because he is HANDSOME... No lies.
Coupled with the fact that i see him as someone who is free minded and benevolent too.
Image source

Of course, i've never met him before but who knows? Never say never...
Oh yeah, he lives in San Diego so if you are anywhere close by... Help send my love to him from Africa here....
You can follow him here on steemit @ackza and also on

Thank you @gee1 for this opportunity...

So guys, have a great Monday and week all together... Check out @gee1 here to be a part of the fun:

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Hey, he looks good like you've rightly opined.

Keep soaring pal

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