Man Crush Monday: @ericvancewalton

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The first contact with you, you showed you are kind
With strong love's cord it is easy to see that your heart bind
Your good nature and warmth is so rare and never easy to find
Your words and posts always push to utmost height and it grind
Most of your greatest attributes stem from your good heart and mind
Your kindness touched me and it can never be blown away by the wind
For all eyes your talent is obvious and to no one it is blind
You are really humble and gracious and I am delighted to call you sir, my friend


You are really a great man full of depth and trend
Every word of advise and lessons you always want to send
You stand out so well that you don't need to blend
Every hand of love and support you always want to lend
Your influence spreads like fragrance so every heart you mend
For no one, your integrity will you never bend
I see through your posts how amazing you are, it will never end
I am jealous of those who see you everyday because your influence extend


You are a family man and with them, time you want to spend
With you, you see the lessons in life and you never pretend
You take each day afresh and every negatives you leave behind
I pray for you that to greater heights you will always ascend
God will look upon you and grant you immense dividend
You have an ally in me and for your interest I will always defend
Thank you for being a blessing to me and many others sir
I am never taking them for granted.

You deserve this #ManCrushMonday post and I know my words still didn't do justice to how selfless, loving, amazing, kind and wonderful you are. I sincerely appreciate you sir.

He is not just an amazing human, he is also an amazing writer. You need to look him up on Facebook : Eric Vance Walton and on Twitter: @ericvancewalton to fully understand what I mean. What a man!

Have a great week ahead sir. @ericvancewalton



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Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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What an incredible surprise. I am very humbled @olawalium. I’ve felt from the beginning that you will go on to do great things on this platform. I see nothing but goodwill and kindness in you, the world needs so much more of that. Don’t let ever let anyone make you doubt yourself or your abilities. Thanks!

Wow!. Thank you so much. Your words humbled me and i am so blessed coming across someone like you. Thank you for your kind words, their echoes will surely ring in my memory every time. I have huge respect for you sir. Thank you.

a great writing, a lot of admiration in those letters

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.

Keep it up @olawalium

Thanks a lot cutie.

You are welcome anytime

@ericvancewalton is one Steemian whom I hold in high regard. He not only writes top quality posts, he is always ready to support and show some love to the devoted and upcoming Steemians. The #blockchainmemoryproject is still one of the best projects I have seen on this platform.

I am glad you wrote this @oluwalium and, surely, @ericvancewalton deserves these wonderful piece and the many accolades.


I am glad you know these. His support is top notch and his commitment level to the growth of steemians is admirable. It is such a great honour to have come in contact with him. I admire him a lot, his kind heart, his depth and desires. So much to learn from him.

Thanks a lot brother.

Always my pleasure to have you bro. You stand out in the Nigeria community.

Your words humble me. Thanks a lot brother.