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Hello my lovelies! So this is my first proper blog and i thought i would introduce myself a little and tell you what to expect to see :)

So my name is Beth (AKA B or BB is what ive always been called), Im 20 years old but you probably already know that from my bio ;). I have a HUGE passion for make up and all things beauty which you will come to know as i post more :P. Im from the UK and have never been abroad and for some unknown reason im ok with that!. Im actually a natural blonde but ever since i was first able to dye my hair the blonde went straight away.

What you should expect to see...

If you head over to my instagram (@bethhcrawleyy) you will see that allot of the things i post are to do with makeup looks i like to create or outfits of the day (OOTD's), I taught myself make up therefore becoming self taught (obviously) and as for outfits.... well who doesn't love to put outfits together and pose ;).

Anyway... thats all for now, il be posting about the outfit or where i got it from in future posts.

All my love ... B xo


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that's a robot too XD

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Great first blog post. You should link your Instagram account and such so people can click to it. Check the email I sent you earlier.

Welcome to Steem @bethhcrawleyy I have sent you a tip

that's a robot lol (literally)

Hey girl! I'm going to follow you, we definitely need more posts like yours on here!

Nice to have you on board, Beth! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek

Welcome to Steemit ! i just saw your intro post today ,-) Have a beautiful afternoon !