Happy Thursday Steemit, Share Your Macro And Colourful Photography!

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Share your photography and win SBD/Steem


To participate share any macro related photography with the tag #macrophotography or colourful photography with the tag #colourfulphotography. Good luck and have fun!

Deadline is in 24 hours at 23:59 CET (UTC+1)

Prize pool: 5.0 Steem and 1000 XP

More information: FAQ

Be sure to follow @photocontests for the results every day


Monday: foodphotography and animalphotography
Tuesday: landscapephotography and cityscapephotography
Wednesday: architecturalphotography and vehiclephotography
Thursday: macrophotography and colourfulphotography
Friday: streetphotography and portraitphotography
Saturday: sportsphotography and smartphonephotography
Sunday: goldenhourphotography and longexposurephotography

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Photography Contests FAQ
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5 Photography Mistakes Beginners Make
My Posting Template


Ok I will but where are the previous results?

The deadline just passed 20 mins ago. They will be released in roughly 6 and 18 hours. I will be automating this in the future so the releases will always be the same

Oh my! I posted a colorful post, but since I am an American, I left out the u. :(

I have not gone over it yet, you can change one of the hashtags and it will be oke :)

Yey! Thank you for these ideas @juliank
More contest more fun! Makes me love steemit even more! 🤗

You are welcome, have fun participating

Woot woot! Thank you and good morning! :)

Happy Thursday! I will definitly post some macro shots :) Check out my profile I am new to Steemit :D

I work on a lot of stuff here steemit, best way to grab my attention is etering some nice photos for my contests ;)

You have made 5 comments today in one of my 52 photography hashtags and received a 1 percent upvote for your effort!

>Learn more here<

Thank you very much I really appreciate it!

Thank you again for your tender. He becomes an adornment of Steemit.

Thank you for this great contest!🏆
This is my entry for Macrophotography

Happy Thursday!

What a Nicely Photography. .

haha. I only realised that you have this contest when I posted my first macro shot I have done with my mobile phone and macro lens some years back.

Thanks for sharing the opportunity to participate. I am coming with a colour full one. Thanks.

Thank you for this contest in which members have two options of entry each day.

This makes it very flexible and possible for each person to be able to participate in one of the two options. Some people have a very basic camera that it is not possible to take macro pictures, while others may not be very good at vehicle photos.

And the way you keep giving people encouraging votes on their comments really makes people feel your openness and generosity! I am very much impressed! That's why your project is going to be very successful.


very amazing the winer


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estou de olho nas oportunidades e separando minhas fotos.

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