Beautiful Dragonfly

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Hello my steemit friends.
Today I will post about the dragonfly.
I found this dragonfly on the grass.
Some photos I got, I took with my smartphone. To clarify the details of this photo dragonfly, I added a macro lens on the smartphone. I was lucky to get some very close shots. Usually with close range he will be disturbed and fly away.

Below I share some macro photos and some reviews about dragonflies.



Dragonflies are a group of insects belonging to the Odonata order and the Epiprocta sub-order. They usually live not far from the location of puddles. Dragonflies with green color as I found this is a dragonfly that is commonly found in aceh area. There are also yellow, red, orange and various other color variations.
Age of dragonfly from the period of laying to death usually ranges from 6 months to 6 years.
Dragonfly has great flying ability. Dragonflies have compound eyes with a 360-degree viewing angle, and can fly backwards.

Adult dragonflies do not disrupt agriculture or are considered pests.


Scientific classification:






Photos by @askari (my own work)

Taken with: Smartphone Oppo R7Sf + macro lens

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How do you think the photo above.

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Hopefully my post is useful for you


I also made some gif from my past post

Below is my last post link about some macro photos :


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Look at those insane bug-eyes! Love the geometries ocular shifting skull @askari


insectoid into future dimensions I may be...

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Nice photography and appreciate the additional information of scientific classification you shared about the dragon fly.

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Beautiful macro photo!!! I will like you follow me, cause I will be publishing some photos that may be you like it.... have a nice day! Thanks


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Thank you... I Follow you back!!! Great work... Really!!!

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Beautiful and very nice photography!

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