Leaf Beetle mating (Aulacophora indica)

in macrophotography •  6 months ago

1/100 s. f/2,2 3,79mm ISO 128

Today I will post about the leaf beetle being mating. I found this leaf beetle in a flower tree in my yard. Some of the photos I got, I took with my smart phone. Because the size is very small, I added a macro lens on the smartphone.
Below I share some macro photos and some reviews about this leaf beetles.
After searching on some sites on the internet, I found the scientific name of this beetle. Another name of this beetle is Aulacophora indica.

Scientific classification :

Kingdom : `Animalia
Clade : Arthropoda
Class : Insecta
Order : Coleoptera (Beetles)
Family : Chrysomelidae (Leaf Beetles)
Subfamily : Galerucinae
Genus : Aulacophora
Species : Aulacophora indica
source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aulacophora

This oval-shaped beetle has a length of about 5 mm.
This beetle eats leaves and flowers. And can damage the plant.

1/30 s. f/2,2 3,79mm ISO 119

1/400 s. f/2,2 3,79mm ISO 100

1/100 s. f/2,2 3,79mm ISO 193

1/100 s. f/2,2 3,79mm ISO 128

1/50 s. f/2,2 3,79mm ISO 141

1/30 detik. f/2,2 3,79mm ISO 112

1/30 s. f/2,2 3,79mm ISO 607

Photos by @askari (my own work)

Camera maker : Smartphone Oppo + macro lens

Camera model : R7Sf

Hopefully my post is useful for you


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Great post.Good time. Thanks


@a-9, Thankyou 😆

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What a lovely piece. I love your writing skills.

Again, I learned that there are medical purposes of this particular creature. It's a good thing your post called back my attention to it. I'm compiling the whole story and shall be back to post it here on steemit. Looking forward to more of you @Askari


Looks like you know more about this animal. I am waiting for your post about this animal. do not forget to mention me 😊. Hope you are more successful. Thank you very much.


It's okay

Keren bang focus fotonya, kalau boleh tau macro lens apa yang abang pakek?


saya memakai lensa makro tambahan yang biasa. Tidak ada merek, saya membelinya di toko photo.
@pengelana, Thankyou


Terima kasih infonya om, hasilnya bagus2 om, kemarin saya beli phone telescope om, tpi hasil jepretannya susah untuk dapetin focusnya.


Pengalaman saya untuk mendapatkan fokus tergantung dari mode dan setting smartphone. Pada smartphone merk Oppo yang saya pakai ada mode super macro untuk mendapatkan hasil yang lebih jelas. Saya sudah mencoba beberapa cara termasuk autofocus.


Tapi hasilnya keren2 mas, saya coba pake mobile phone telescope tapi hasilnya susah untuk dapatin focusnya, hasil foto yang saya posting jadinya kurang memuaskan bang.

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I'm new to this community.
I also really like photography.
I see a lot of beautiful postings on your blog.
I'll be back to see more great posts.


@kimki, Thank you for your assessment of my post. hopefully you will be more successful.


Please guide me

Wow, it's hard to get photo moment like this huh?
How to peek at it great. ha ha ha
good picture


He does not know where I am, because he is busy with his work 😆 . Thank you @tucsond

Nice post...
Beautiful pict 😍👌🏻👏🏻

😱 amazing its like bug p..n :)
Love your work.... I know its take a lot of time to get that lucky shot👌👌👌


that's right, of all the shots, only a few good ones to post. Sometimes nothing can be used alias blurred because the object knocked out. @marjanko thank you for stopping by and leaving a message. 👌👌👌😊


Yes love the work you do! 😍Followed 👌and I will appreciate, if you check out some of my macro photos. Love to hear your opinion?


You have a hobby of flying the drones as well. I have Dji P3 adv. But I have not been able to fly it in a few months and post the catch.


Yes, I love to fly and I will post more of the footage here... have some sweet b-rolls.
Now, I m sure you miss flying a few months without my drone😱😨
And what do you rhink about the macro photos?


Menambah wawasan tentang makluk kecil yang disekitar alam aceh


Banyak sekali makhluk kecil disekitar alam aceh yang unik. Karena keterbatasan bahasa, referensi dan pengetahuan, kita tidak tau nama dan cara binatang kecil itu hidup... 😊

brillant focus by oppo smartphone.

That;s a lot of positions you caught those bugs doing their thing in.

This is a photo 18+ )
Once I wrote a text about a ladybug. When I collected the information, I learned that only by observing this process it is possible to determine the male or female sex of an insect.
In general, this is a good macro )