• @good-karma, in the desktop app of eSteem, have you made it easy to encrypt comments/transactions/posts?
  • Would you consider putting in browser abilities to compete with Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc in a safe way?
  • Would you also consider support for all protocols and DNS, including .bit and a future STEEM DNS?

Thank you for your answers in advance.

edit: upvoted my own comment to insane highs because I got no answer from you yet. How about jumping into @steemspeak for a quick AMA? put us in the loop for eSteem development on a human level. I am sure you are not too busy for us.

Thank you for questions...

  • We have PIN code that encrypts your data/keys within app and working to get memo encryption working with our upcoming messaging/chat feature.
  • For now, we are working to have full support for browsing Steem posts and use its full potential/features
  • We have selection of server/node in both eSteem Mobile and eSteem Surfer apps, if you see connection is not working for some reason (server downtime) or IP blockage from government, you have ability to change server to any public or private or local ones. It keeps you connected to the network. Internal DNS is interesting concept and I am sure with technology maturing, we will be able to adopt it. Both eSteem apps are lightweight applications, because they connect to user selected server to fetch the data. But we are also exploring concept of light-weight stand-alone version, that would allow you to download compressed blockchain data locally and surf offline, we will see if it becomes reasonable or viable solution as you know size of blockchain is growing fast and custom lightweight apps would be perfect solution to surf years old posts.
  • Thanks for invite, I am in steemspeak discord and will try to jump in later


We have released transfer memo and comment encryption with 1.0.3 release, please have a look and let us know if it works for you. Thanks!

Hallo brother, Regards to you, has not greeted my brother for a long time.
I am sending a message to my brother but I have not received any reply from you my brother.
I want to discuss something with you, and it is important for you and steemians.I hope soon get reply message from you.
Thank so much brother

As always I find the eSteem app, indispensable during travel... uploads of images on a smart phone using the browser and Steemit, no so.

My suggestion is to allow video uploads as well if possible, what a news reporting tool it could be. My travels start tomorrow again, this time to the Canary Islands... eSteem will be my posting and voting platform.

It’s difficult for me because the app freezes all the time when I’m trying to comment . Engagement is key to me . I have an iPhone that I use

@journeyoflife, thank you for your comment! eSteem Mobile is under heave development currently. We will release once our structural improvements are done, so far we are very optimistic about performance increase it will bring. Stay tuned for update!

Thank you , you guys are the best !!

I see more and more progress on the mobile eSteem and its updates are also more good I am happy to use eSteem I always share this post thank to @esteemapp and @good-karma

That's true. I also had issues with that.

Another bug I encountered was with scheduling posts. I've abandoned that feature for long now.

Anyway I'll still have to thank @good-karma and @esteemapp for the wonderful application and curation.

My life on steemit is easier with esteem.

I have trust in his work , he won’t let us down

I appreciate you

Always used esteem mobile. It is really a mobile-user-friendly app. Plus, the good @good-karma upvotes from time to time. So that is definitely a bonus! More power to you sir!

Good for the latest mobile with 32GB internal memory and with the minimum of 3GB of RAM. In my case, I can use only the desktop. My mobile is so bad and needs to change for the new one! Target, latest SONY with a 23MP camera and 64 or 32GB internal memory and 4 GB of RAM. I hope this year I can get this dream... These since last year... Out of budget! (^_^)

The go buy ASAP. 😉 I'd say Steeming has never been better with this esteemapp. Browsing and posting is made simple, even if we are on the go. Plus, i like the schedule feature.

That is the advantage! (^_^)
My wife always used the Esteem... Good mobile she has not like me? LOL

Nope. I don't use esteemapp for posting anymore. It also hangs on my android device. Though i love that the notifs are still coming.

The way @good-karma is promoting the esteem campaign is truly appreciable. I haven't seen anyone like him who goes on such next level with their projects on steem blockchain.

So far I am happy to leave a trail of comments in many posts. It is of course well used to read and choose which good content is worthy of comment and get a vote.

With this program, I will switch to using the esteem app for a better Steemit experience.

A Indonesian Steem Ambassador

Sometimes the markdown does not appear in the post format quite well, I just posted with esteem mobile some minutes ago, and I had to delete a few markdown, other than that it's amazing

As @good-karma pointed out above in the reply of first comment that esteemapp is undergoing huge development changes.
There will be a much stable version asap.
Hold on.

I love esteem .I am very much in love with esteem and I would like to thank for @goodkarma who has made the best esteem app.go esteem

Thank you to this post

I always follow the development of esteem. May esteem always be blessed and more successful

day by day esteem are updated & more new feature added.. its so much interesting to see the new feature...thanks dear @good-karma for new feature & new system..
go ahead...
best of luck..

you are taking a good step to choose a real post, keep it up dear.
I am always with you.
go ahead.

I've update the esteem app on my mobile phone, and I'm very comfortable using it.

how to apply for his moderator internship?
for now I've joined discord esteem and have been using mobile esteem since a few months ago, Thanks for the explanation.

good news and I hope one day can join this excellent program

I've joined in esteem discord server, and I felt the wonderful, thank you for the effort you made the esteem an application that really great. Bravo @esteemapp and @good-karma

Excellet iniciative

esteem app is good but the restriction was that we have to prepare the blog on our desktop and save a copy of it with inclusion of images and share it to mobile and post via estee mobile app.

But, with the inclusion of esteem Surfer desktop app, life has become more easy, as we can prepare the blog on desktop and share it via esteem surfer.

Thanks to @esteemapp team and @good-karma, I am a regular user of esteem surfer now and just wanted to know whether the team is looking for translation of the esteem surfer desktop app post as I can write a blog in my native Indian language.

Looking forward to work with esteem team.

Good day to all.

Feel free to translate and reference link original post! It might help native speakers to understand product announcements better! Thank you!

Great!!! I will be on that.

Here is the link as we discussed and I appreciate you for giving me this opportunity to work with esteem team.

Good post @good-karma. I am very glad that there was an application eSteem Surfer. It's comfortable.

thank you @good-karma for the information
I am very happy to use eSteem Mobile

I am confused, the rules keep changing at any time. previous reputation not less than 31, now turned into 34. @good-karma

Saya sangat mendukung postingan ini,terima kasih tuan @good-karma

One thing I have to admit. I grew up with esteem support

By the way, I am just wondering since last year! If you don't mind these question, please?

Why is it your username is @good-karma?

It seems you believe in KARMA? Meaning all is in good works... I like it... Where did you get this username and how did you decide to use it?

I know it's a personal question... Just wondering and curious? You are in my witness vote because of what you are doing to help the community around us...

Thank you...


Yes @kennyroy, I believe in law of karma, it surrounds us everywhere in every action.

Thanks! Great answer... Short but very clear... You are a positive person...

This is great news!! Thank you very much!
Upvoted and resteemed too.

All the best!

good post brother..thanks for share

It sounds very good. and right there is no measuring tool of a good and bad post, and my saean only one "do not ignore users who post 85% via eSteem application, because they are so loyal to eSteem ..
Regards: @jubagarang

It has been a while since the last time I am here. I am the one of those who will testify that all of you said here is true because I always saw you upvoting my post during my active days of posting. Now I am returning hoping that I might see you on my post again. Thanks in advance.

I have followed you.please stop by my keblog to see.thanks

sir @good-karma I am permission to translate your latest post into my local language, so that my friends in my area more / quickly understand, in order to support the success #esteem sir

great work, good may be more successful

Awesome! great initiative I'm using eSteem surfer, it's amazing.I would like to use more steemit via esteem

I have installed Esteem app and Steepshot app on my phone. I know these are the great application to use steemit on the phone. But most of the time, when I wrote something or want to upload photos those apps showed me "esteem or steepshot has stopped working / Something error, try again " and I can't finish the post by the apps. And It's painful to write it or do it again.

I am an android user. Kindly, try to fix those problems. I appreciate your work. Thank you for post.

Esteemapp is undergoing a lot of development lately and we will release a much stable and better version of the app soon.
Stay tuned!

Esteemapp is undergoing a lot of development lately and we will release a much stable and better version of the app soon.
Stay tuned!

Thank you for the informations.

Thank you @good-karma for this informative post

This good post.. success always for @good-karma

I am esteemapp user since the day I am here in steemit. It is so cool apps plus there are unique features it in plus an added bonus being upvoted by @good-karma's team.

Thanks for being a constant loyal user, hope you are on our eSteem discord :)

It's been over 4 months I'm on this Platform. I'm used to using this app.
Until now eSteem Mobile is still my mainstay in making posts. Thanks to Team eSteem.

Thanks for being a dedicated user, hope you have joined us on the eSteem discord!

Well... Thanks for the support.

great post....

Witnes Upvote Me Please......

how to download or website for eSteem Surfer for Windows

Thanks for the opportunity...

Thanks for the opportunity...

Nice post @goodkarma
Thanks information
A bout esteem

You are one of the main reasons why I still sustain in this place. Thank you @good-karma and @esteemapp for your support at times!

but i gots me no mobile! (-:

we have a desktop app too now ;)

gotta check it , ty

All right @goodkarma thanks!

I ll go check it right now 👌
Thanks for the work guys !

Good post thank yuo @good-karma

I used eSteem mobile for some time but the speed is an issue for me, so I put it on hold for now. On the other hand I already love and regularly use eSteem Surfer on my Mac. It is already awesome and can't wait what improvements are in store :)

Thanks for using eSteem surfer!! esteemapp is undergoing huge development changes, stay tuned for a stable version ;)

Great post I think I will try out the moderator internship I'm already a member on esteem discord server and I make use of esteem to create my every post.. I did one yesterday telling people why they should use the esteem app..

Thank imformation good- karma

After joining steemit and after understanding what witness is all about, @good-karma was one of the first few witnesses I admired and upvoted. I have started using desktop eSteem surfer app for the past few days. I really enjoy using it. Hoping to see some good features in the future.

I will be very happy to apply for a moderator internship. I will check it out. Thanks for your good service team. Hats off.

Good luck bro! 😉

from the start of the join i've been using esteemapp as my main screen explored steemit and i learned a lot about it. Thanks @good-karma

Thanks for you @goodkarma
The information

thanks for your contribution! It is really important to write what is worthy and support others. I think many are happy about your assignment. many do not want to be spammed. thanks again

hi sir @good-karma ..., kind regards from me.
I made a post via eSteem Surfer for Windows, although until now I have not got upvote from you I will still continue to use esteem plikasi in posting. thanks. Good luck

very useful for me especially now I am now wearing a new android very facilitate me every day move with esteem application to post an article.Thank,thank you brother @good-karma for this very help us in making quality blog by using application that you make

I've joined in Discord and always upvote and resteem @ good-karma and @esteemapp. Thanks for creating an app that makes it easy for steemit users including me.

Very important news brother @ good-karma, good luck always.

Wow, this is an amazing opportunity. Did I get it right that we have to post our original content on the links mentioned above, let me know if anything else is needed. Thanks so much and for sharing..:-)

thanks for information share beast of luck @ good-karma i hope you give me beast support

Very good opportunity, done!

i will try whatever your hint.

thank you @good-karma. this information is very useful for me and other steemians.
please support me.
greeting @longberry.

muy buena iniciativa,saludos desde venezuela

well hello, in case you reading this. I had no idea what esteem is, and i just found out now"by accident" . I remember your name "good karma" from the past , but i am not sure why the change, and to be honest, i still don't know when should i use the tag : esteem. i don't want to abuse it by any means.
anyhow.. have a great one ! :-)

go ahead, dear @good-karma & esteem team. always best wishers

maybe this is the best way to steemit themselves to improve their potential so that the resulting writing will be better too

Thanks @good-karma it is very good initiative..when everyting is in dark you bring ray of hope for many user. I believe esteem is the only way to sustain on steemit 24.7.
I love to be part of esteem mods can i be elligible in that?

have you joined in discord esteem? We make apply to become curator there! You can fill in the form provided in channel #moderator-internship

So far I am happy to leave a trail of comments in many posts. It is of course well used to read and choose which good content is worthy of comment and get a vote.

With this program, I will switch to using the esteem app for a better Steemit experience.

A Indonesian Steem Ambassador

Thanks @good-karma for information..
I hope my content its good..

I was having trouble with the eSteem mobile and stopped using it, but, I would love to give esteem another try!

Hello Feruz, my gift got lost in your plenty wallet activity, i hope you would have little time to find it out.

Well done with all the work @good-karma

Keep being great!

Thank you very2 much sir @good-karma fot this very2 important information . I am everyday make post with eSteem apps

Oh ya can you explain Wich wrong / mistake that can make Stemian include to ignore list ??

Thank a lot sir..

Hopefully you will always successful.

Best regards for you : by @rijalaronaceh

I'm having problem lately using eSteem mobile, but for sure it will be fix soon, good thing synchronization between mobile and surfer works well, so I don't need to retype everything i made using esteem mobile, so as i arrive home I can post it using surfer.
Regarding Curation Program, I already sent my application to be part of the curation team

Thanks for making the app .It is great but kind of little slow in experince.While I liked the part where we can view all the activities Votes /followed/ and many more .Liked it buddy.

While I have looking fporward to use it while this is my first post via eSteemsurfer ;)

You deserve to be on the top of the list of witness .Here is my witness vote for you buddy.

a good post and very interesting, thanks for sharing and i will give it a try

Hello @good-karma

I am glad that the project is doing well and actually supporting a lot of authors as being widely testified.

Sure, I am going to apply to be part of this. I lead a community and I am sure they will be happy to hear about esteem curation project.


@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

Nice your post ..
I support impormation @good-karma.

@good-karma , I want to ask you?

how to know if someone is in IGNORE LIST, and how you can get someone who has entered into the IGNORE LIST, what should the person do.
and I also ask, how someone is accepted as a mederator in esteem discord group, because I am very happy if it could be a part in discord esteem group.

Oh yes...! It is what i want. I just discovered esteem surfer, installed it on my mac and work like a charm. It is faster rather than browser version and light weight, much better than browser version. Of course i will use it always in the future. Thanks for great app

I didn't know about eSteem Surfer until now, congrats for your work @good-karma!

thank you bang, for the information. and i will keep the step in violation of esteem rules.

I love esteem on my phone, it is so handy! I always say to others that is the thing to install. Today I also instooled it on the pc, but I can not write anything there? Still a bit on a struggle with it.

Really great app for my iPhone!! Very easy to use and fast!!
Though it would be nice to have a voting ruler too so that I could upvote more posts via the app.
The graphic design works out really nicely too!

Thanks for all your great effort for us planktons and minnows!

All the best.

I see. So that's why sometimes I get auto-upvotes sometimes I don't. Oh it's a challenge to get big or small upvotes all the time. 😂

Posted using Partiko Android

I wonder when i'll get a prize. 😂 I only use eSteem to post posts once a day. I don't think that qualifies me to get anything? Only the top ones will get a prize right? 😉

Posted using Partiko Android

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