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x<1 D. 0<x<1 E. x>1

  1. If log10x=0.35, then log10x=……….
    A. -1.75 B.-0.175 C. 0.175 D. 3.5 E. 0.7
  2. Simplify logx+logx324logx
    A.logx B.1 C.0 D.12logx E.2
  3. Solve the inequality xlog100.1>log1010.
    A. x<-1 B. x<1 C. x>1 D. x>100 E. x>-1
  4. If logp+q= logp-logq , then p=……….
    A. p=q=1 B. p=q1-q C. p=q21-q D. p= q1+q E. p=q21+q
    25.If loga=5, logb =3, then the value of ab is
    A. 53 B. 2 C. 8 D. log53 E.100
  5. Given that loga2 =0.301 and loga3 =0.477, then =……..
    A. 0.125 B. -0.125 C. 0.301 D. -1.125 E. 1.125
  6. If 2logp8-logp4=2, then p=……….
    A. 4 B. -4 C. 4 (or) 2 D. 4 (or) -4 E. 2
  7. log19x-1x+2 = 12; x=………
    A. 12 B. 32 C. 52 D. 72 E. 92
  8. log39x-22= x+2 ; x=…………
    A. log113 B. log311 C.log3 D.log11 E. 0
    30.If log2=m, log3=n, then log720 =……….
    A. m+n+1 B. 3m+n+1 C. 2m+3n+1 D. 3m+2n+1 E. 3m+2n-1
  9. log29 =a , log26=………..
    A. 1a+2 B.a+22 C. -a D. a+12 E. 2a
  10. log0.040.4=…….
    A. -3 B. -2 C. -1 D. 1 E.4
  11. log55+log31+log416=…….
    A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 E.4
  12. If log2.7 =0.431 , then log2.7 =………
    A.1 .431 B.-0.215 C.0.2155 D. 0.862 E.-0.862
    35.If log0.80 = 1.903 , then log0.802=…….
    A. 2.806 B. 3.806 C. 2.903 D. 1.806 E. 3.903
  13. If log9=0.954 and log2 =0.310, then log1.8=…….
    A. 0.644 B. 1.264 C. 0.264 D. 2.264 E. -0.264
    37.Given log40=1.602 and log30=1.477, then log403=……..
    A. 0.125 B. 1.125 C. 2.215 D. 1.125 E. None of these
    38.Given that log8=0.908 , then log0.0812=………
    A. 3.454 B. 2.454 C. 0.454 D. 1.454 E. 1.454
    39.If x0.6=4, then log4x=…….
    A. 35 B. 4 C. 53 D. -53 E.-35
  14. log24x-4=2, then log2x=…….

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