Love it/Shove it Challenge - What I Like and Dislike

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Good day whales, dolphins and fellow minnows! This is in response to a challenge created by @snowpea to promote camaraderie and interaction between fellow steemians and get to know each other. I was nominated by Ms.@purpledaisy57 to participate in this challenge.

Here are the rules!

  1. List five things that you love
  2. List five things that you really dislike
  3. Use the tag loveitshoveit
  4. Edit: Rule change - Tag whoever you want to get to know better! Tag as many people as you want! And >remember anyone can join! If you're reading this, and you want to create a love it/shove it post, I would love to see it! >It's been so much fun reading them all!!

Rules are pretty simple, right? So here goes my list.

Five Things that I Love

How can someone resist a fur baby as cute as this?!

I am a self-confessed sweet tooth! hahaha

Nothing beats a fuzy wazy warm hug every time you feel down ;)

  • God, Family, Friends and my Special someone




Photos are mine

Blood is thicker than water

  • All about Nature


Photos are mine

Relaxation is good for the body to perform its 100% capacity

Five Things that I Really Dislike

I dont have much patience in me

I really can't explain. I simply don't like them.

Goodbyes are simply sad.

I am not a fan of it and who needs it anyway?

  • All messed up / Unorganized place


Just looking at the picture gives me goosebumps! hahaha Im a person with OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder.

And to continue the challenge I am tagging those who have started to follow my steemit journey so I can know them more :) Starting with @beatenegg, @diosarich, @francismoure, @melanie0625, @michaelcabiles, @momina, @mommabutterfly, @rojellyannsotto, @rossmanjay, @stewart-suarez, @veejay2312, @zenfernandez, @rexodia, @bobiecayao, @leeart and also Id like to include sir @henry-gant.

This is just for fun and you are not obliged to participate if you don't feel like too! But of course it would be awesome if you would join in the fun! (wink)

Big thanks to the ff people:

@sitiaishah my first friend here in this community
@steemitdiversify aour niche
@iwrite as one of our mentors

And especially to @surpassinggoogle who has been very supportive to us and other groups as well.

Please do support him as a witness by voting him at and type in "steemgigs" at the first search box.

If you want to give him witness voting decisions on your behalf, visit again and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.

You can also check good contents from: @beanz, @teamsteem, @good-karma,, @esteemapp, @hr1, @arcange @bayanihan, @acidyo, @anomadsoul, @henry-gant, @paradise-found, @daveks, @geetharao, @inquiringtimes, @scrooger, @timcliff, @ @bobiecayao, @purpledaisy57 and @ilyastarar.

Please support them too!


Steem on!

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There you are!

Thank you! :)

You put me on the spot dearie...hahaha.. I accept the Challenge .

Sorry 😊✌🏻 but thanks for accepting! ☺️

We have soething in common sis @beany-inhinyero, I love sweets especially chocolates!
@sitiaishah #sitiaishah

Who can resist chocolates sis @sitiaishah, right?! Hehehe

yay! Challenge Accepted! haha Ooohhhhh I just love to get a grand vacation with the family... I miss it much.. Am also a nature lover.. ;) Miss climbing already haha Great post by the way... :) Thanks Sis! mwah

Yey! I look forward to your list sis @melanie0625! I miss going out too! Lets hike some time :)

I love cats, cuddles, too, and hate messy things and negativity too.

That's really nice to know you are surrounded by people of the same likes and dislikes noh? Come on in and join the fun and do the challenge @joeyarnoldvn!

Hey Beany, I did the challenge too. And I love God and your photos too. You have an awesome smile.

Thank you @joeyarnoldvn im glad you took the challenge too! :)

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I hate messy place too. Who would like that? It is more fun to write or work when the place is clean and in order.😊

Exactly! hehe the magic word is in order hehehe

Love sweets too.. Chocolates lalo😍

Mine is dark chocolate :) with mint is also fine with me :) chocolate is 😻😻

Same pala tayo..dark rin ako😍

I can ignore the cat but not the sweet haha! I myself love sweets. It's really hard to narrow down things you love to just five. I may not be that organized but patience is my virtue :) Lovely photos!

Patience is not my thing hehehe I wish I could buy them in the supermarket hahaha Pacensia biscuits of La Pacita hahaha

That is so true 5 isnt enough! Hehe but 5 is still good. Thanks for still dropping by hehe

Uy masarap din un pangkape haha!

Hahaha kaliit nman nun baka malunod sa kape hahaha

Okay lang. Isang pack naman di lang isang piraso haha!

So sabay sabay mo ilalagay sa kape?? Hahahaha

Oo haha!

Hahahaha Pasencia flavored coffee ba ito 😂😂

I have this ony list of what to post. Thanks for nominating

Youre welcome and thanks for accepting too! 😊

cats are cute but I still love dogs more, we both hate waiting and I am also OCD nice to know we have some similarities in likes and dislikes. Uhm @henry-gant you have been nominated twice once by me and now again haha

I love dogs too I actually love both but cats are more mysterious that makes them more interesting. Its good to know Ms. Daisy and thanks for dropping by :) That messy picture creeps me out haha!

Howdy sir @henry-gant yuhoo! :) We'd love to hear from you sire :)