LOVE is Beautiful (part 3)

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-Can eat food?


Nuri snatches a glass of water and tears in the water and brips in the water

-Nin Khan.

-Why did you blow up?

  • I did the magic. You always listen to me

-What ?! You are like that !! Do not worry

You do not eat your father

Anikera eyes blaze? Eating poor !! Good luck.

-Why, why are you?

  • Apu !! Apu !!!

The atom bombs
Your mother is your father, your mother-in-law is your father-in-law. Your baby. Eat water.

Anik paused after drinking water and pray blossomed after the knife.

Why are you blowing me?

-Alatul kurfi after firing someone constantly, his anger decreased. Nabi-ji said:
Really ....

The anger of the Nurya fell down and was reduced.
The boy is praying beautifully. Alhamdulillah.

Your age is less than me?

Not at all. I'm small than you


-You know so much

Oma !! Anik is getting red. Nuri haha ​​smiles. Why marry a little boy, who knows. It seems that I do not want to wear milk. What will he do with the wife!


  • Nawjubillah

Why do you do that? Basar night night of the night. I said in English. If the bus is heard, then the panta rice and if you hear it sounds alien?

You do not talk to me like this

-How to say? Hegoo, listen to this ... in this way? Haha ha ....

Anik seems to be sitting on a shiny green tree and he smiles.
On the opposite side, he fell asleep.
The dawn looks at the eyes
Aajib !! Fell asleep? Again? Ray dad! Nothing to understand !! What is the night of sleeping tonight? What a donkey's jugular forehead?
Here's what I will do ...

This must be done in the donkey.
Naushey married Palash, showing her.

-Dakh Bata, I am doing bhaya. I do not want to scrape the house. Please do the job. Please see the child. Haga comu babarara see that your mamu. At the mamu kaiya call me ni tii. You will buy chocolate.
Chhala bhosa boscha muri kha !!

Not much, Palash just told you to leave my picks,
-Mean Pix?
I was sitting together. The garbling worsened. Holding hands.
Was I doing something?
-It's not worth the time.

Nuri first understood. Pulash We used to love each other. I think these addresses. You still love Peanut, but still love you.
You do not like to talk to other women in this way.
What do you want me alone? I will not be with you if you do them

Palash went away ..
-FIFA * UK Assault ....

Nuri less? More than ten degrees more than Palash.
When he understood that, he said,

-Back.Pix Dia Muri K.Fa * U .... Bastard.What do you do.Jamu's father-in-law's house by your house. The painting is done.Pinat Lull.

Then this is the nourishment. The wife of Anik, a simple mind, has become the wife of a son. Already the boy's life has become bitter.
Do not know what else to be left in front of.

But what anik again problem?!
If the boy is an impotent? Oh no !! All plans will become chaotic

Anik nose is calling.
This boy nose and call? Oh shit man.

The person who calls himself a nose is a different matter. Calling the nuns is beautiful or beautiful

** ★★★ ***

It was a historic night. Night of the night or the night of flowers!
Sleep broke ... Do not break or break the mother of the nuri. The sound of the garrarara gharaorajarera the noise became nuriar. The phone gave a fracture.
How can I do this?

Once again, after closing the pseudo and lifting a pill on the pillow, he leaped and fell off, and after a while, I thought, where is it?
Eyes looked at the skull.
I do not get married? I was the father-in-law of the house. It was like calling the mother, but she was calling me for that. But where is my groom?

So, where is Anik?
Nuri is lying in the middle of the bed, chitpatang. Where is it?

Nuri astonished
See Anik.
The abdominal sleeping on the sofa, with one leg and one down.

Nuri looked at for a while and took up his phone and picked up a few picks and laughed and smiled.

Anik - Ya Allah !! They fall into the floor by clamping down on the floor.
Who has been ??

This is the hood I am. Your wife. Why are you sleeping like this bear in here?

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Love is beautiful but sometimes it is painful. Thanks.

Love is beautiful indeed


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