The Solution Is Always On the Opposite Side Of Problem - KEEP THIS IN YOUR MIND...

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I always see the same thing over and over. Good intelligent people struggling to get ahead. They think that because they are good and hard working, the world has to open the doors to all opportunities and because it doesn't work that way, they get frustrated and depressed.

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Focusing myopically on the problem solely has never solved anything. The best way I can describe it, would be to say that you are so close to the thing that is making you miserable, that your eyes are playing tricks on you. The problem, the thing that frustrates you so much, makes sure you don't look up for any type of perspective.

I've told many people I've trained over the years that we must all learn to turn around, put things upside down and learn to analyse things as if we are acting against our instinct, at least for a second. Because more often than not, the solution is found only when we are crazy enough to look outside the box, outside everything we call normal.

How many times have you been consumed by a worrying thought, only to find the answer when you stop thinking about it? I can say that it has happened for me thousands of times, more times that I could ever remember. But I think there is something very valuable to learn from those occurrences. Why would it work like this? Why is our mind more likely to find a solution when we have stopped looking for one?

Maybe subconsciously we are using this very mechanism, we are thinking outside the box, we are less focused on the problem itself, so we allow for the solution to manifest. It could seem like luck, like we are stumbling on the solutions, but are we? I seriously don't think that is the case at all.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

I think this is why its important to learn to step back and rethink how we are engaging our life's problems. Are we worried because we are worried? Are we failing to see we are making things worse? Simple but complicated questions every single person struggles with in one way or another.

Over the centuries many philosophers have talked about this very thing using their own framework of understanding. In my view, solution solving is part of the human experience and no doubt a guiding force for our lives. What I mean by that is that we need to face them, we need to learn from them and in that sense, they are not problems only, but also learning opportunities.

When it comes to Entrepreneurship this lesson is very important. Because on this there is absolutely no exception. Everyone who has ever started a business, or built a project from the ground up, needs to learn to deal with problems with a mind ready to be open to finding solutions outside their comfort zone.

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Another word that comes to mind when I'm explaining this to someone I'm mentoring is flexibility. If anyone who wants to grow is not willing to be flexible, to step outside of what they think normal, they might not be able to ever be successful Entrepreneurs and problem solvers.

“Your ability to solve problems and make good decisions is the true measure of your skill as a leader.” – Brian Tracy

Now something that can't be missing from this topic is this: Can all problems be solved? - I happen to stand on the side of those who think that mostly yes. The only thing that doesn't have a solution is death itself and even this might not be always the case.

There is a good quote I always like to remember when I'm sharing some of these ideas with friends:

“Sometimes problems don’t require a solution to solve them; Instead they require maturity to outgrow them.” – Steve Maraboli

This really resonates with me, because I certainly feel that it has been the case in my life.

Have you not looked back at a younger version of you and wonder how some of the problems you had were so simple, almost to the point that you don't know why you ever worried? This certainly has been the case for me and I'm sure many others too.

With a few words what I mean:

"The Solution is always on the opposite side of the problem, if you keep looking at the problem side you will never find the solution because it will be found on the opposite side to where you are looking. Turn around and you will begin to solve your problem in a few days because your mind will magically be programmed to the solution.It's as if the problem was to the south and the solution in the north "

Which side do you want to look at?

Believe what I am saying, and you will start to change your life.

I say that very sure of my words!!

Chin up my friends, and keep on Steemin


Consciousness tends to be somewhat circular and self-reifying. So when one fixates on a "problem" it does not tend to lead to its solution, but rather further entrenches it. Of course, "problems" are inherently human. From the universe's perspective everything operates perfectly.

Therefore, in order to solve any so-called "problem" it is necessary to rise to a more expansive level of awareness in which it becomes somewhat effortlessly re-contextualized, and thus solved. While a bit counterintuitive at first, it is a liberating realization, though one that can be short-lived.

To make the "effortless mastery mindset" a habit usually takes a long time for most who have lots of energy invested into negative patterns of thought. Nevertheless, it is entirely possible and a quite worthy endeavor.

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@chbartist, Sometimes it happens that we are immersed in a problem and we do not have the courage to get out of it. Sometimes we are afraid to make decisions regarding the problem, whether due to lack of maturity or experience. But what we do not know is that sometimes just by making a decision, the situation changes completely. For example: couples who are in conflict because they no longer love each other, and because they insist on staying together, they live in continuous suffering, and perhaps if they maturely decide to separate and rebuild their lives, they would surely be happier .

I totally agree and I also think for a lot of people it has to do the fear of the unknown that holds them for longer

Yeah, I agree 100%.

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Hi friend its always good to see you coming up with new and encouraging posts. Your post gives us the sense of life and also gives us the solution to many of our problems.
I always learn through your posts.
Keep going and writing content to motivate people.

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So true. Countless time have tried solving problems and fail only to come back later and viola i solve it like it was not same me that has been stressing around the same issue. The brain function best when it is not under duress. Thanks for sharing @chbartist

What good advice you brought us today, @chbartist. I believe that many of us do not face the problems, firstly because we do not know how capable we are of solving them, and secondly because we bet that time will solve them. I feel that some problems work like humps that we carry up and down behind our backs without being able to solve them. Who said we couldn't put that sack down and put it away? There are problems that can be solved, so more than worrying, take care to solve them. Others have no way out. Don't worry about those. Turn the page and start another chapter. Beautiful night.

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While nothing new here, its well articulated. It used to drive me nuts when I was younger (twenties and thirties) how some people that seemed to lack intelligence were so successful. In fact in one corporate job I had I started a saying that anyone I mentioned to a) completely understood and b) laughed and groaned at the same time - Here at Company XYZ the "Curd Rises to the Top"

As for the crux of your post, the sooner your realize little in life will go as you "plan" the sooner your learn to be adaptive and setbacks, then become challenges to overcome rather than obstacles impeding progress. Just my thoughts after reading this … enjoyed the read

Hi friend its always good to see you coming up with new and encouraging posts. Your post gives us the sense of life and also gives us the solution to many of our problems.
I always learn through your posts.
Keep going and writing content to motivate people.

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Los problemas siempore existirán en este mundo donde cada segundo cambia a nuestro alrededor. El ser humano ha aprendido a sobreponerse, unos lo hacen con mayor facilidad. Hoy en día hay un término muy estudiado y es la resiliencia. Lo que demuestra que debemos entrenarnos para reonernos ante las adversidades. Y parte de ellos es cambiar de perspectiva constantemente, ver si realmente esa opción que te frustra es realmente la solución, quizá no. Yo por ejemplo viviendo en Venezuela cada día debemos encontrar como solucionar el día habiendo tanta escasés. Y eso ha serviso para siempre buscar la vuelta en todo. Así que cuando todo va mal, piensa siempre que hay vías para evadir esas luchas y otros camino que lo hacen más llevaderos. No nos rindamos. Miremos todo el panorama antes de derrotarnos! Exitos!

Gracias @milinnysgg , Estoy muy triste de ver lo que está pasando en su país. Desafortunadamente esto es la herencia dejada por populistas hipócritas que se aprovechan de la ignorancia de su pueblo. Estoy con todo el pueblo venezolano y espero que ustedes encuentren pronto como nación una solución para tener una vida digna. saludos

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A very inspiring post there @chbartist. My opinion on your last paragraph - "The solution is always (sometimes) on the opposite side of the problem". in my opinion, although it is very important to think outside the box, it is as equally important to 'think within the box' first! before going outside
the box. The answer you are looking for might just be within the box staring at you.
Most problem to the south might have their answer probably around the south 'south west' or 'south east' , rather than to the north.
Opinion from @ibrixy

Why do people use Einstein and the Genius.....
The true Genius we should all be referring to is Nikola Tesla.
This is the true Genius which is why we enjoy our everyday life.
And there are even inventions that he created that we are yet to have recognized by the masses.
Nice post By The Way......

I wish you to take your success my friend.

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Thanks @kuldeeprajput
We all get success , not only me.

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The future is bright indeed~

Life is a misery unless and untill we go out of the box....

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I agree with you.

See that...that doesn't mean anything.

Nice post and learned a lot. I will definitely upvote this post!

To make life a success, we need specific goals. None of the targets can achieve success. Those who have this goal and are trying their best to achieve that goal, they will surely succeed.

Thank you for sharing!!

It was easy, he farted and out came a post.

Yes sir you are absolutely right solution is always on the other side of your problem.... I personally experienced this saying and now I got the solution...... And wished for you also for your best.... We find the solution when we focus think and have positive thinking also... Which really matter... Best of luck!!! Ultimately you will get your way to success

you are right , we are responsible for the problem and then solultion is on other side , i can relate this to my life at the moment , because i did business in last 4 year , small business , however that business did not survive, i had to end abruptly due to partnetship issue , later i made attempt myself ,but i found no success, came to a point where i started facing financial problem, now from last 1 month i found myself 1 job and starting working .Since i started working after 4 years , i lost my touch , today i am struggling at my work place also due to my performance.So yes solution is on other side of problem.Let me know if you have any project which can be done from home

Try another way my friend. Don't Give Up! @online87700

Its really really true! I get many lessons from this article. The answer to all of my questions. Thank you 😊

@chbartist There are many solutions in the world than there are problems Your post is incomparable in that direction. Can you help me out? How to get so much mental strength, enthusiasm and confidence?

Hey @chbartist it is ur one of the best posts on steemit platform. There will always be problems in our lives but we had to fight for it and should overcome it. That's whAt it means to be alive....

How far do you think you can get your head up this guy's arse?

Agree my friend @bibekchandra. Thx for your words..........Regards

Amazing thoughts expressed in unique manner ..
Keep it up !!
Happy to see you growing here ..

Thx! @lifemastery. Remember - Keep it in your mind! Regards @chbartist

@chbartist, in this text you said something that many are silent about because they are afraid to admit it. Too often face with that, clever and persistently working people suffer from their intelligence, and arrogant, but stupid meanwhile reach unprecedented heights in a career. Thank you!

In the end, it is about contemplating things as far as possible, to appreciate them in their interdependence with everything. Our senses seem to indicate that it is the Sun that moves around the Earth, but if we could get away before Copernicus we would have detected the error. Good article, keep going friend ...

Lately been training myself to be more conscious in the moment, Ive been able to see things more clearly and not get carried away in the chaos. With calmness and clarity I am able to come up with solutions way faster than before, also I am now becoming more and more comfortable with change and doing things differently, trying an approach that I may not be comfortable with etc. Thanks for sharing. It's my first time reading any of your stuff and this came at the right time for me.

Sir Your content always very good thank you for shareing

Thank you for sharing this article.. Sometimes profering a solution to a problem requires radical thinking, something which most people are against.. Anything out of the norm is sure to discourage them. The world is becoming too politically correct.

Your work is very much like the people, which has made you a well-known person by which people are starting to like you and give you a good information which makes people aware of what is important in our lives.

This post really address some of my problems, its full of inspiration. Thank you very much for this wonderful post.

It is very interesting for me to see what you say, indeed talking about problems will never run out, as long as we still breathe there will always be life problems.

Problems and problems will always exist, depending on how we solve them, and I think this is the main problem for everyone in the world,
I am very sure that every problem must have a solution, including even the most severe problems, no problems that cannot be resolved and no one in this world has no problem.

So, face the problem with common sense because every problem we face will educate us to be the best people.
Life is a struggle

11 problem in one comment

Indeed, this is a real problem...

"Believe what I am saying, and you will start to change your life" - that is awesome sentence and best motivation ever.

Once I saw an image in which Albert einstein was next to his wife and said "the woman with the best physicist in the world" most of the people did not understand

Thanks for another great article, @chbartist reading your article is like Investing our time to get good valuable thoughts. keep writing this kind of articles to help us to move forward in our life. I am new on steemit please make some post which help new steemain like me to grow on steemit.

A good article , Thanks bro.

But, why we are not understanding it and everyone is just running over money, we must understand that money is not everything and must give time over physical happiness not only on imagination.

I agree with you @shivamj5. When I talk about solutions I do not mean just money. We can have problems in many areas in our lives and we always have to go in search of the solution and not focus on the problem. That makes a lot of difference. All the best!

Amazing article @chbartist... I always follow your posts since they are a compulsory value addition... Even i personally feel that one must possess problem solving skill... But for that one must be a good analyst of the situation.. And very rightly mentioned in the article that obe needs to be flexible since stubbornness leads to nowhere....

I would like to present the example of Nokia... Nokia did everything right but what it did not do was change with the world and as a result it proved to be catastrophic for the company...either it did nit understand the problem or it refused to change thus denying flexibility.


Thank you @mukund83. Follow @chbartist - News - coming soon!

Sure... And thanks for acknowledging

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Intelligent people are always face many problems to solve problems.
If they can't they become depressed. But the case of unintelligent people is different because they can't do anything to solve problems,so they always happy in them life.
Conclusion is that if we try to solve problems then we always face depression otherwise enjoying the life.

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I am guessing you must be over the moon.

That's one who got success my friend.

Wonderful blog @chbartist

Thanks for sharing such a great content ... it can be applied on music/art as well

Regards and looking forward for more great blog from your page

nice article.he is the very good man.Over the centuries many philosophers have talked about this very thing using their own framework of understanding.

A very good interesting post which inspired to get back in life with a positive approach and take action/step towards success @chbartist
Really i liked that gif which gives the perfect example to deal with the life and situations @chbartist
Thanks for this motivation and supportive 👍

By yours,

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This “Sometimes problems don’t require a solution to solve them; Instead they require maturity to outgrow them.” has basically become my own personal mantra, many things that used to bother or worried me with time became things that were no longer an issue, my way of seeing everything radically changed and nowadays I feel very good about myself because I no longer care or give them importance. It's a wonderful feeling

Creo que este post lo voy a leer muchas veces porque tocastes varios puntos en relación a la resolución de problemas que son muy importantes y sumamente interesante. Y sí, como dices tu ¨concentrarse miopemente en el problema nunca ha resuelto nada¨ pero lamentablemente es allí donde nos enfocamos porque generalmente queremos ser controladores de las situaciones, y de las personas, y el no lograrlo nos hace sientir frustrados. Somos controladores porque no somos flexibles y no dejamos espacio para que sucedan las cosas de manera distinta a la que nosotros queremos, sin darnos cuenta que lo que suceda quizás sea lo mejor. Se pueden resolver todos los problemas? Claro que sí porque aunque el resultado no sea el esperado siempre traerá algo positivo, así no lo queramos ver

Thanks for this piece. I don’t think people are getting the subtle point being made. #resteemed

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Thanks for showing other side of the picture.

great quote.. love the quote “Sometimes problems don’t require a solution to solve them; Instead they require maturity to outgrow them.” from Steve Maraboli.. thanks!

thanks chbartist.........i am finding my solution with the help of your post.....thanks

I wish u succeed in your life with u me also brother.....

Thanks for giving different perspective of thinking while solving any problem...We need to try different things/ways to solve the problem, sometime also need to shift focus to other side to find solution...

I appreciate Your Article. As Tony Robbins Has Said “Every problem is a gift. Without them we wouldn’t grow”.

presuasive statements have an astonishing capacity to spur others and change the manner in which we feel about ourselves. This is the reason i discover them so facinating and essntial on our ways to progress.

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The Quotes that are written in the article is really motivated and amazing

The definition of insanity is repeating the same old and expecting differant results each time.

Very good. Because life is not about solving problems, but the reality must be lived.

Best regards @rades

You always have to look for alternatives to get out of the box, friend, @chrbartist.

Flagged for disagreement on rewards.

More trending tripe for the hard of thinking...

I like to think that the idea of failure and success are relative things and do not exist. But when I look around me, I realize that there are people who are prejudiced who think that making mistakes is for the weak, the failed. Wandering is human! The idea is to get out of them and never commit them again. Greetings

Certainly the idea is to stay in the box and look, also look inside oneself, because sometimes the problem is oneself. The detail is how to do it? It would be easier if we came programmed, like computers, to solve the problems! But that is not the case. Not only do problems change, but so do the eyes that look at the problem. What a problem!! Greetings

Exactly @nohebd. All the best!

The way we deal with problems and mistakes must change, otherwise we will be destined to make them many times over. The idea is, even if you make mistakes, you can still fix them and learn. That gives you maturity and skill. Thank you for sharing!

Great post. Solution always comes when we think out of the box

I guess you like thinking with your head in a lead box

Yes! I do. I never follow the crowd.

Sir your content is very clear !!
& Im inspired by you sir.

Two words is important in life for success:


Nice article for solving problems in life. But i think we always have the option of just leaving the weight of us bjt it normally leads to another prob. And for entreprenuers, all are not entreprenuers so we normally dont know how to deal with probs.

@chbartist Choose an idea and make that idea your life. Think of that idea, dream of that idea. Fill your mind, every part of your body with that idea, leave all the thoughts. This is the way of success. This idea is of Swami Vivekananda admit his ideal in living .

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I like the way you write @chbartist, there is always a theme although everyday it takes time to think. That's intrapersonal intelligence

Regardless of whether you're grinding away, work searcher, understudy, educator or parent, or simply keen on building up your key aptitudes, you will discover a lot of data here about fundamental abilities. We trust that this data and these assets will assist you with improving your own and expert life.

I wish you to take your success my friend.

Thanks for this, God bless

Quite inspirational, I tend to find myself stewing in the same mode often. perspective is what generally brings me out of it in the end. I appreciate you sharing this.

Really lame speech and advice. Can you stop using bots or quit with this 'mentoring' b.s.

@havok777 Why do not you do the same thing instead of being a toxic person? Do not adinata you be criticizing this way my posts. I will continue to help those who really need it and have the humility to admit that they do not know everything. I share my income with people who really need it in the community and you do the opposite, just come here with toxic comments and that produce nothing to the platform. All the best! Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 03.23.52.png

Ok that's good you helped them out I see. THat's an okay start. But what of Brazil!? THat's what I would want to hear about. Some kind of steem contest would be fun! Who can stay on the sunny side of morbid the best!? I really like Amon Tobin, he's from Brazil, what about some Brazilian dancing! That would be so interesting to learn about. Oh and I especially like Paulo Freire from Brazil, he taught people on the street how to be literate.

Just saying your blog could be allot more punchy I think, giving life advice and bumping it to the top of trending seems really campy (corny). Ok your trying to be like the good man, dressing like an American Rockstar. Sometimes it seems like you are the one that needs help, like you seem like your trying too hard. Although maybe steem is just practice and this is your experience. I would like to see steem without bots. Yet before them it was just the richest people in steem who would trend also. Everyone on here seems to worship money and capitalism and call them selves anarchists, it would be fun to give their mind a what for! sometimes.

People don't need or want your help. You are no hero. Wow you gave them 15 cents. Hooray for YOU!!