New Tribe on the Block | Announcing Lifestyle: Live & Share Your Best Life on the Steem Blockchain

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  1. Our Motto: "Live & Share Your Best Life"
  2. Low Token Supply & Slow-Airdrops to Avoid Dumping
  3. 40% Proof of Brain, 40% Proof of Mining & 20% Proof of Delegation
  4. Delegate SP to to earn daily LIFESTYLE rewards from 20% PoD pool
  5. Lifestyle Miner (LM) & LIFESTYLE tokens available on Steem-Engine in very limited quantities. All sell orders will be burned or sold within 7 days
  7. Steem-Engine is currently setting up LifestylePeak and it will be launched shortly after this post

What kind of content do we support?

The #lifestyle motto = "Live & Share Your Best Life"

We only get one life. We're here to enjoy life and love the present moment while sharing it with our tribe & family on Steem.

Content that you can expect to create, curate and enjoy on

  1. Food Blogs
  2. Life hacks
  3. Travel
  4. Hiking
  5. Photography
  6. Beer
  7. Wine
  8. Grilling
  9. Kayaking
  10. Sunshine and Sunsets
  11. Taking Your Dog for a Walk
  12. ...

Just think: what do you do in life that you enjoy most? What makes you smile in the present moment and love the feeling of just being alive.

That’s what #lifestyle is all about. It’s about closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and just soaking in the present moment. Living life to the fullest can be done anywhere and anytime.

Leave the serious posts for other communities. The talk of Steem, crypto and all your investments. The communities that support those topics are awesome and your serious content belongs there. We want you and others to come to to see beauty and leisure. To laugh and have fun. To be passionate and explore all that life has to offer.

We only get one life, let's make it the best it can be.

We were trying to learn how to create a tribe and @khaleelkazi (founder of the Steemleo community) graciously answered a bunch of our questions. We finally realized that it may be a good idea to partner up with him and he has agreed to be both an investor and an advisor to our community. A massive shout out and thank you to him as this all wouldn’t be possible without his insights on creating a tribe.

We are proud to be the first tribe to be built in collaboration with the Steemleo LABS incubator initiative. They haven't officially announced the program yet, but without their help, we wouldn't have been able to launch the Lifestyle tribe!

Initial & Ongoing Distribution of LIFESTYLE Tokens:

We've seen a lot of tribes come out with some insane supply levels. They also have very high inflation rates which leads to continual dumping of thousands of tokens each day.

Rather than do that, we decided to make LIFESTYLE a more coveted asset. We have one of the lowest inflation pools of any tribe (maybe even the lowest). This means less dumping and more life!

Initial Supply 5,000,000:

  • Slow-Drop: 300,000 (distributed slowly over a 6 month period of time via raindrops + small, targeted airdrops. More details below)
  • Sell-Drop: 200,000
  • Bounty Fund: 2M
  • Team: 1.5M
  • Community Moderation: 1M (nostyle4u -- only used to downvote abuse)

40-40-20 PoB, PoM and PoD:

LIFESTYLE tokens are distributed in 3 ways:

  1. Proof of Brain (PoB) - (40%)
  2. Proof of Mining (PoM) - (40%)
  3. Proof of Delegation (PoD) - (20%)

Proof of Brain is what we all know and love here on Steem. Make content, curate content, etc. and earn tokens.

Proof of Mining is distributed through the Lifestyle Miner (LM) tokens.

Proof of Delegation is distributed to STEEM POWER delegators to the account.

The native SP held in the account also earns from the PoD pool and and will automatically send earned tokens to NULL and burn them to offset inflation. The more our native SP grows, the more tokens we burn each day.

Delegation rewards will be paid out to delegators every 24 hours based on how much SP they are delegating. If you'd like to calculate how much you can expect to earn each day from your delegation, use the following equation:

daily PoD pool / (total SP in / 1,000)

Example daily earnings for a 1,000 SP delegation when the total SP is 100,000:

258.624 / (100,000 / 1,000) = 2.58624 LIFESTYLE per day

you can find the daily PoD pool number by dividing the yearly PoD inflation seen in the chart below by 365

Inflation Pool Details:

If you're interested in all the nitty gritty details of our inflation pool, then check out this awesome chart created by the LABS team at Steemleo!

Our inflation pool is a total of 471,989 LIFESTYLE for the first year. As you can see in the first yellow column, 40% of that goes to Proof of Brain. 40% of that goes to Proof of Mining and then the remaining 20% is distributed through Proof of Delegation to SP delegators on the account.

Screen Shot 20190816 at 9.26.00 AM.png

Airdropping LIFESTYLE Tokens — Slow-Drop + Sell-Drop:

We've evaluated all the various ways that other tribes have airdropped their tokens. After doing that, we realized that airdroping hundreds of thousands of tokens in 1 day typically creates a crazy spur of dumping on the market.

So rather than do that, we're going to slowly airdrop tokens over a period of 6 months in VERY SMALL quantities to various groups of users.

We have a few different ways that we're calculating airdrops. We won't give out the exact equations we're using, but we will often use a multpilier based on LIFESTYLE already staked by an account.

For example, we may airdrop a tiny amount of tokens to LEO stakeholders over the next 6 months, but the amount of LIFESTYLE airdropped will be higher depending on a few different factors:

  1. Lifestyle already staked
  2. Activity in the #lifestyle community
  3. Curation activities
  4. etc.

In addition to slow-drops over the next 6 months, we've created a few sell orders on the Steem-Engine market. We call this a sell-drop as these tokens are available in a very limited quantity and there will be no more sell orders once these are either filled or 7 days after launch when anything remaining will be burned permanently. More details in the chart below where you can see the sell-drop alongside the miners.

Lifestyle Miner:

The Lifestyle Miner (LM) token can be staked and used to passively earn LIFESTYLE tokens. 40% of the inflation pool goes to the miners and there are 75 winning miners each hour.

We've seen a lot of various tribes launch mining tokens and it's often hard to earn any sort of payout. By having 40% of the inflation pool designated to the miners as well as 75 winning miners per hour (compared to the average 20 winners by most tribes), we expect that more miners will receive more frequent payouts.

The miners are also in a VERY Limited quantity. You can see the specifics in the chart that follows. Additionally, any miners that aren't sold within the next 7 days will be burned permanently from the supply and NO MORE MINER SALES will , be available. This means that after 7 days, the only way to get miners will be on the open market from other users.

Screen Shot 20190816 at 10.03.04 AM.png

A lot of people tend to ask tribes what they will do with miner sales & token sales. is powering up all the STEEM raised from the miners + tokens and will use this STEEM POWER (as well as the SP delegated to us through PoD) to reward #lifestyle content and community members!

Here's to Living & Sharing Your Best Life

Living your #lifestyle is about more than just grilling out or walking your dog or going on a hike or cracking open a nice cold beer.

It's about living your best life and enjoying the present moment. We hope that you join us in living life to the fullest each and every day by sharing your #lifestyle here on Steem!


very interesting :)

Initial Supply 5,000,000:
Team: 1.5M
Community Moderation: 1M (nostyle4u -- only used to downvote abuse)

At least 50% of the tokens are kept by the team or in control of the team. This means the team will always have the majority control and the distribution and decentralization will never be healthy.

Proof of Mining (PoM) - (40%)
Proof of Delegation (PoD) - (20%)
Content creators get 40%

40% mining is just crazy. Is this a mining token experiment or a lifestyle tribe?
20% for people to delegate to, as if 50% of the tokens for the team already isn't enough power and control?

I'm not sure how much of that 40% is I've to authors and how much to curators, but we are now in a position where authors using the lifestyle tag get the least amount of value out of any tribe on Steem-Engine I'm aware of by a long shot.

I guess the main thing this has going for it is that the tag is so general, basically, anyone can use it for anything.

I suspect there is a significant risk for @khaleelkazi on this one and ultimately steem.leo could be affected by such a loss of rep.

I'm sorry for being such a downer on this one, but what value does #lifestyle give to the Steem community besides parking on the hashtag?

What are they actually mining? It's POS tokens for dividends. Seems like a cash grab. They guy has made over 10k Steem in a day for a basic idea and more than paid his fees to Aggroed and SE so they don't really care. Good job! Some people are going to really lose out as I fail to see how this brings value to Steem.

I had a life before #lifestyle

What are they actually mining?
If by they you mean, obviously they are mining the buyer's Steem.
One of the issues with Steem.LEO was the price of the !!LEO MEGA MINER!! was too high and the payout for mining was too low to push sales. It became embarrassing after a week. In this case they are just giving people a week to be fooled, then forever they get 40% of people's efforts who use 'lifestyle' hashtag and don't get blocked by their tag abuse bot.

One problem I have is the lifestyle tag is so vague we are going to see people accidentally tagging this toekn and then intentionally getting blocked. This is an assinine situation and their black list is literally going to be incidental and useless.

Who is behind this token? New Steem user? Old? It's baffling to me how most don't give out this info and we're just expected to invest and give you our attention.

If noganoo was the one creating this or a more trusted user I would want to know and I'm sure many others would too.

There are 3 people on the lifestyle team. @khaleelkazi is an investor, advisor and overall mentor to the project through the Steemleo LABS incubator he built. We couldn't have done this without him. As for the other 2, we need to keep our real names off the project for geographic reasons, if you know what I mean.

Lol steem usernames aren't the same as real names. If you can't provide the other steem usernames, makes me think you're up to some shady shit. Just speaking from an outside perspective. No, we don't "know what you mean" when you say "geographic reasons." There is no reason why you can't provide the steem usernames unless you're being shady. Shrug I guess my faith in this fell off quicker than I thought. Seems was created by the steemleo creator, so I'm guessing it's just that guy making more tribes, not new individuals. Best guess is that if you're not up to providing account names, it's because you know you're going to receive backlash. I'm guessing they are being hidden to prevent the ultimate failure of the tribe based on your bad reputations and standing in the community. Hm...

Let me get this straight. Are two of the founders knowingly breaking the law in their home country, what exactly do you mean?

Exactly @crypticat.
This "geographic reasons" makes me curiuos what it may all mean.
They thing it is clear to everybody. But I have no smallest idea...

As long as your Steem account doesn't start with 'zom' and end in 'bee' :D

Okay yeah I said in another comment that you don't have to give out personal info I just want to know if we can trust these people or if they are just in it to take advantage of the early phases of token creation. So you are new users to Steem then? How did you find out about Steem and what made you want to start a token? Which are your Steem accounts? The last part would mostly be enough to link to a project which makes me ask this question over and over when new ones pop up.

Thanks for the answers.

@khaleelkazi created account

Hopefully not Zombee - or perhaps he is going for 3 strikes and out :D

Seems it's someone creating new tribes and accounts so they can self-vote inconspicuously. If you follow the trails, there's some pretty damning evidence. Here's just some basic information though. This account is heavily voted on by seemingly all the tribes, most of them associated with leo and khaleelkazi. is already voting it at a high rate and some of the accounts are also linked to being voted on. I'm skeptical about all of this, but to me it's pretty clear that there's something very shady going on behind the scenes. It's unfortunate, I got excited when I first saw this. Now I don't have any faith left in it. Things change so quickly. They avoid revealing their identities, because that would expose them(him? probably.). The amount of voting that goes back and forth among a set group of accounts, especially tribe accounts that hold large stakes in tribes, has been large. Thanks to Steemreports, Steemworld, and Steemd, it's pretty easy to see what's going on with the accounts. Make of it what you will, but I am suggesting that anyone involved here take extra precautions. Things are not as they seem.

I may be wrong about everything. I am just saying what it seems like from my perspective. I'd like to hope for the best, but for me, personally, it seems a bit like a stretch. I wouldn't necessarily have any issues if I were right, just feels odd that there are unnamed "partners" when it comes to a project so large. Again, hoping I'm wrong. :)

Hi @lookplz. Yeah, you're wrong about all that lol. Not targeting you or saying this in a mean way at all, just sorting out for the truth.

I can tell you exactly which accounts on your screenshot belong to me. There are 4 accounts on there that are mine:

  1. Khaleelkazi -- obviously, my main account since I joined Steem.
  2. Then 3 official Steemleo accounts -- steem.leo, leo.voter, leo.curator

As for any other accounts on there, none belong to me. @gerber is the account that you're searching for on Steemworld and anyone who's been on Steem for any measurable time (and especially those who've spent time in the PAL discord) know that Gerber is very much a real person and not me lol.

Valid line of questioning though. I don't mean any of this in a harsh way and hope I cleared the air on that.

You have a very detailed plan. I think it is a good thing. However, it looks like you came out of nowhere. May I ask who are the people behind this project? :)

That's a good question. It seems they are hiding though. There is no legitimate reason as to why they couldn't have provided account names for the heads of who will be running things. How are we to know it's not just some exit scam being set up by some of the people on here with bad reputations? They keep saying "geographical reasons" as if that makes any sense. If they're saying they're worried about being tracked down... Why would they be? What would people want to track them down for? Only reason people here want to do that is when people are scamming or cheating others. My guess is they're remaining anonymous to keep themselves from being discovered as fraudsters in one form or another. They could change my mind easily though, but they won't. Not likely. They'll likely remain anonymous or find a way to cover their real identity through making different accounts or something. Who knows. I'm led to believe it's just the LEO guy making a new tribe and acting as if there are other people... although that still doesn't hold much weight for me, as it wouldn't make much sense to do that if he has good standing in the community. The plan seems somewhat solid, although mining for tribes is a joke imo, some don't agree. The thing that seems suspect is that it's a brand new account and they aren't being transparent about who is running the tribe. We have to know we can trust who is in control, otherwise the whole point is moot and there is no value in things. Especially considering they're taking a whopping 1.5mil for themselves in stake, as opposed to other teams and projects. I only intend to keep 4-8% of the supply for projects and such for my tribe, that should be more than enough to support growing projects/users. To have that much control essentially centralizes all the power from the beginning. It's pretty shady imo now that I look at it twice.

(Redacted) (See block explorer for original content.)

Yeah as per the agreement I struck with the team, this is a part of my return for the launch. Part of it is to be paid in STEEM and the other part is to be paid as burned LEO tokens.

I invested over 4,000 ENG into the lifestyle project (worth about 3900+ STEEM atm).

Hope this clears up confusions over me earning a return on my investment.

Tbh, I think that once I started to read about the darker side of steem, I probably started to get suspicious of a lot of stuff and see things that may not be there. I think it polluted my mind as far as trust goes... but I guess one way or another, Que Sera, Sera. I'll just have to have a level of trust despite my negative thoughts lol. Sorry for jumping on you guys like that... I was reading through the abuse fighting bots and reading the reports and seeing the accounts they've flagged and such and I think it just made me a bit paranoid is all. I suppose that most of steem will be a mystery to me still, but if I don't trust people then I'll prob cause more issues for my mental health than anything. LOL. :) Again, sorry for just jumping the gun. If things are really as they seem, then that's great. Support like that between tribes is what I was hoping could be achieved with efforts for mine as well. I was going to consult with you anyway about whether or not it would be ok to use steemleo tags on the LOOK front-end as well. I had an idea of being able to benefit multiple tribes with my tribe, not just build some new community, rather, bring the existing ones together in a new format. If you guys are already working together with LEO and LIFESTYLE, that means my idea is not a bad one. :) Now I feel bad though because I essentially called you out on speculation. :/ I'm truly sorry. I shouldn't speak about things I am not sure of, that was my mistake.

Also, I find this quite interesting. I'm pretty sure khaleelkazi is just making a ton of accounts and doing things with them to where it hides the self-voting. Check this out. Top voter for this account already, along with a ton of other accounts that are linked to leo and tribes. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Edit: Things may not always be as they seem. Do not take this as fact. It was speculation and I may have been very wrong. :)

Personally I think @travelfeed shown a good example of team introduction. It is all clear, who are the people developing #travelfeed and it would feel safe to invest in it.

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"Especially considering they're taking a whopping 1.5mil for themselves in stake", still less than other tribes, and probably distributed slowly in years, so when it reaches t 1.5M it may be less than 10% of supply.

"To have that much control essentially centralizes all the power from the beginning." - not correct, just check before writing non-sense, I think the team printed dunno, maybe 5k for themselves, for now, ~ 4% of the total stake.
Palnet is much more centralized ;)

The difference there though is, palnet has been around and has a reputation. These people are hiding and the only name we know is khaleelkazi. I trust palnet, I do not trust people who hide behind a curtain, that's the difference there...

Eh, based on what they said it seems they'd retain 33%+ of stake from the get-go. Pretty centralized still. That's just for right now though, who knows who's running this, so who's to say that won't change? If we can't place accounts to who's running this, then that negates a lot of trust from a lot of people right from the beginning. There's no real reason to hide except for planning to do shady things, simple as that. That's the big issue I have with this, as do others. Some can blindly trust, sure. Not me. I think the idea is great tbh and I feel a bit better after reading what khaleelkazi wrote in reply and the fact that he took the time to reply to me, but I still don't feel safe investing until I know who's behind it. I'm sure it'll do well regardless, but if they want to be truly successful, people who have a hard time trusting faceless organizations will need something more solid. In a way, not telling us who they are is a form of centralization as well, one people may not consider often, centralization of trust. They're asking us and expecting us to trust them? Giving us nothing and expecting full trust? All the trust has to be in us, they don't have to trust us one bit. Until there are account names that are not fresh out of the oven behind this tribe, I can't really see it having a future. Mystery is not something that should be a part of the design and structure of a project. That's like me asking you to give me a large sum of cash and just trusting me to pay it back. Would you do that? Because unless you're somehow a part of this and involved directly to what's going on behind the scenes (Which would be even shadier, because the public is not.), that's exactly what you're doing here. You're putting blind trust into a faceless organization that rose up out of thin air. lol. Good luck. I really do hope it pans out, but I will be waiting to see how things play out before I jump in. As will many many others. I hope I see some positive progress though, I like the idea behind it. Leisure should definitely be shared more. :)

Would surely also interest many other people, people like me :)

Hey there! our tribe was launched through the Steemleo LABS project. They helped us sort through all the details and @khaleelkazi is also an investor, partner and advisor in #lifestyle. There are 2 other founders, but we'd like to keep our real names off the project for geographical reasons, if you catch our drift

What's your drift, are you breaking the law in your home countries?

Welcome to the block!

We'll definitely promote cross tagging to the #lifestyle tag. We can see a lot potential for that between the two communities.

Great start! Best wishes!

Are @actifit reports suitable for #lifestyle tag?

Yep, we love actifit! We would also love it if you told us a bit about how being active fits your #lifestyle as well :)

How the reward pool is split? 50/50?

Sounds like a promising plan!
Like that besides the economically approach there is actual synergy with already existing and thriving tribes.
Bought a few :)
Btw, will tokens also be airdropped to delegated stakeholders?

Good question, I hope you get an answer.

That's what I like about this too. :) It's similar to what I'm doing, but in a very different way. (If that makes sense.) They are aiming at long-term vision and goals and have a plan for that. Seems promising. :)

yes we will include delegated stakeholders. We are currently writing an official airdrop schedule that will be posted soon with all the nitty gritty details!

This is important, and good to know . I'll be doing curation from my alternative acct , as I do now with all other tribes.
BTW how will the rewards be spliting between author-curators ?
50/50 as in most (but not all) tribes?
7 days before payouts ?

Great initiatives for a Great #lifestyle

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That's great! Thank you for your support :)

this i like ! ... already delegated ... cheers guys and wish you all the success

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