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RE: New Tribe on the Block | Announcing Lifestyle: Live & Share Your Best Life on the Steem Blockchain

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Sounds like a promising plan!
Like that besides the economically approach there is actual synergy with already existing and thriving tribes.
Bought a few :)
Btw, will tokens also be airdropped to delegated stakeholders?


Good question, I hope you get an answer.

That's what I like about this too. :) It's similar to what I'm doing, but in a very different way. (If that makes sense.) They are aiming at long-term vision and goals and have a plan for that. Seems promising. :)

yes we will include delegated stakeholders. We are currently writing an official airdrop schedule that will be posted soon with all the nitty gritty details!

This is important, and good to know . I'll be doing curation from my alternative acct , as I do now with all other tribes.
BTW how will the rewards be spliting between author-curators ?
50/50 as in most (but not all) tribes?
7 days before payouts ?

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