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RE: New Tribe on the Block | Announcing Lifestyle: Live & Share Your Best Life on the Steem Blockchain

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You have a very detailed plan. I think it is a good thing. However, it looks like you came out of nowhere. May I ask who are the people behind this project? :)


That's a good question. It seems they are hiding though. There is no legitimate reason as to why they couldn't have provided account names for the heads of who will be running things. How are we to know it's not just some exit scam being set up by some of the people on here with bad reputations? They keep saying "geographical reasons" as if that makes any sense. If they're saying they're worried about being tracked down... Why would they be? What would people want to track them down for? Only reason people here want to do that is when people are scamming or cheating others. My guess is they're remaining anonymous to keep themselves from being discovered as fraudsters in one form or another. They could change my mind easily though, but they won't. Not likely. They'll likely remain anonymous or find a way to cover their real identity through making different accounts or something. Who knows. I'm led to believe it's just the LEO guy making a new tribe and acting as if there are other people... although that still doesn't hold much weight for me, as it wouldn't make much sense to do that if he has good standing in the community. The plan seems somewhat solid, although mining for tribes is a joke imo, some don't agree. The thing that seems suspect is that it's a brand new account and they aren't being transparent about who is running the tribe. We have to know we can trust who is in control, otherwise the whole point is moot and there is no value in things. Especially considering they're taking a whopping 1.5mil for themselves in stake, as opposed to other teams and projects. I only intend to keep 4-8% of the supply for projects and such for my tribe, that should be more than enough to support growing projects/users. To have that much control essentially centralizes all the power from the beginning. It's pretty shady imo now that I look at it twice.

(Redacted) (See block explorer for original content.)

Yeah as per the agreement I struck with the team, this is a part of my return for the launch. Part of it is to be paid in STEEM and the other part is to be paid as burned LEO tokens.

I invested over 4,000 ENG into the lifestyle project (worth about 3900+ STEEM atm).

Hope this clears up confusions over me earning a return on my investment.

Tbh, I think that once I started to read about the darker side of steem, I probably started to get suspicious of a lot of stuff and see things that may not be there. I think it polluted my mind as far as trust goes... but I guess one way or another, Que Sera, Sera. I'll just have to have a level of trust despite my negative thoughts lol. Sorry for jumping on you guys like that... I was reading through the abuse fighting bots and reading the reports and seeing the accounts they've flagged and such and I think it just made me a bit paranoid is all. I suppose that most of steem will be a mystery to me still, but if I don't trust people then I'll prob cause more issues for my mental health than anything. LOL. :) Again, sorry for just jumping the gun. If things are really as they seem, then that's great. Support like that between tribes is what I was hoping could be achieved with efforts for mine as well. I was going to consult with you anyway about whether or not it would be ok to use steemleo tags on the LOOK front-end as well. I had an idea of being able to benefit multiple tribes with my tribe, not just build some new community, rather, bring the existing ones together in a new format. If you guys are already working together with LEO and LIFESTYLE, that means my idea is not a bad one. :) Now I feel bad though because I essentially called you out on speculation. :/ I'm truly sorry. I shouldn't speak about things I am not sure of, that was my mistake.

Also, I find this quite interesting. I'm pretty sure khaleelkazi is just making a ton of accounts and doing things with them to where it hides the self-voting. Check this out. Top voter for this account already, along with a ton of other accounts that are linked to leo and tribes. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Edit: Things may not always be as they seem. Do not take this as fact. It was speculation and I may have been very wrong. :)

Personally I think @travelfeed shown a good example of team introduction. It is all clear, who are the people developing #travelfeed and it would feel safe to invest in it.

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"Especially considering they're taking a whopping 1.5mil for themselves in stake", still less than other tribes, and probably distributed slowly in years, so when it reaches t 1.5M it may be less than 10% of supply.

"To have that much control essentially centralizes all the power from the beginning." - not correct, just check before writing non-sense, I think the team printed dunno, maybe 5k for themselves, for now, ~ 4% of the total stake.
Palnet is much more centralized ;)

The difference there though is, palnet has been around and has a reputation. These people are hiding and the only name we know is khaleelkazi. I trust palnet, I do not trust people who hide behind a curtain, that's the difference there...

Eh, based on what they said it seems they'd retain 33%+ of stake from the get-go. Pretty centralized still. That's just for right now though, who knows who's running this, so who's to say that won't change? If we can't place accounts to who's running this, then that negates a lot of trust from a lot of people right from the beginning. There's no real reason to hide except for planning to do shady things, simple as that. That's the big issue I have with this, as do others. Some can blindly trust, sure. Not me. I think the idea is great tbh and I feel a bit better after reading what khaleelkazi wrote in reply and the fact that he took the time to reply to me, but I still don't feel safe investing until I know who's behind it. I'm sure it'll do well regardless, but if they want to be truly successful, people who have a hard time trusting faceless organizations will need something more solid. In a way, not telling us who they are is a form of centralization as well, one people may not consider often, centralization of trust. They're asking us and expecting us to trust them? Giving us nothing and expecting full trust? All the trust has to be in us, they don't have to trust us one bit. Until there are account names that are not fresh out of the oven behind this tribe, I can't really see it having a future. Mystery is not something that should be a part of the design and structure of a project. That's like me asking you to give me a large sum of cash and just trusting me to pay it back. Would you do that? Because unless you're somehow a part of this and involved directly to what's going on behind the scenes (Which would be even shadier, because the public is not.), that's exactly what you're doing here. You're putting blind trust into a faceless organization that rose up out of thin air. lol. Good luck. I really do hope it pans out, but I will be waiting to see how things play out before I jump in. As will many many others. I hope I see some positive progress though, I like the idea behind it. Leisure should definitely be shared more. :)

Would surely also interest many other people, people like me :)

Hey there! our tribe was launched through the Steemleo LABS project. They helped us sort through all the details and @khaleelkazi is also an investor, partner and advisor in #lifestyle. There are 2 other founders, but we'd like to keep our real names off the project for geographical reasons, if you catch our drift

What's your drift, are you breaking the law in your home countries?

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