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RE: New Tribe on the Block | Announcing Lifestyle: Live & Share Your Best Life on the Steem Blockchain

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Who is behind this token? New Steem user? Old? It's baffling to me how most don't give out this info and we're just expected to invest and give you our attention.

If noganoo was the one creating this or a more trusted user I would want to know and I'm sure many others would too.


There are 3 people on the lifestyle team. @khaleelkazi is an investor, advisor and overall mentor to the project through the Steemleo LABS incubator he built. We couldn't have done this without him. As for the other 2, we need to keep our real names off the project for geographic reasons, if you know what I mean.

Lol steem usernames aren't the same as real names. If you can't provide the other steem usernames, makes me think you're up to some shady shit. Just speaking from an outside perspective. No, we don't "know what you mean" when you say "geographic reasons." There is no reason why you can't provide the steem usernames unless you're being shady. Shrug I guess my faith in this fell off quicker than I thought. Seems was created by the steemleo creator, so I'm guessing it's just that guy making more tribes, not new individuals. Best guess is that if you're not up to providing account names, it's because you know you're going to receive backlash. I'm guessing they are being hidden to prevent the ultimate failure of the tribe based on your bad reputations and standing in the community. Hm...

Let me get this straight. Are two of the founders knowingly breaking the law in their home country, what exactly do you mean?

Exactly @crypticat.
This "geographic reasons" makes me curiuos what it may all mean.
They thing it is clear to everybody. But I have no smallest idea...

As long as your Steem account doesn't start with 'zom' and end in 'bee' :D

Okay yeah I said in another comment that you don't have to give out personal info I just want to know if we can trust these people or if they are just in it to take advantage of the early phases of token creation. So you are new users to Steem then? How did you find out about Steem and what made you want to start a token? Which are your Steem accounts? The last part would mostly be enough to link to a project which makes me ask this question over and over when new ones pop up.

Thanks for the answers.

@khaleelkazi created account

Hopefully not Zombee - or perhaps he is going for 3 strikes and out :D

Seems it's someone creating new tribes and accounts so they can self-vote inconspicuously. If you follow the trails, there's some pretty damning evidence. Here's just some basic information though. This account is heavily voted on by seemingly all the tribes, most of them associated with leo and khaleelkazi. is already voting it at a high rate and some of the accounts are also linked to being voted on. I'm skeptical about all of this, but to me it's pretty clear that there's something very shady going on behind the scenes. It's unfortunate, I got excited when I first saw this. Now I don't have any faith left in it. Things change so quickly. They avoid revealing their identities, because that would expose them(him? probably.). The amount of voting that goes back and forth among a set group of accounts, especially tribe accounts that hold large stakes in tribes, has been large. Thanks to Steemreports, Steemworld, and Steemd, it's pretty easy to see what's going on with the accounts. Make of it what you will, but I am suggesting that anyone involved here take extra precautions. Things are not as they seem.

I may be wrong about everything. I am just saying what it seems like from my perspective. I'd like to hope for the best, but for me, personally, it seems a bit like a stretch. I wouldn't necessarily have any issues if I were right, just feels odd that there are unnamed "partners" when it comes to a project so large. Again, hoping I'm wrong. :)

Hi @lookplz. Yeah, you're wrong about all that lol. Not targeting you or saying this in a mean way at all, just sorting out for the truth.

I can tell you exactly which accounts on your screenshot belong to me. There are 4 accounts on there that are mine:

  1. Khaleelkazi -- obviously, my main account since I joined Steem.
  2. Then 3 official Steemleo accounts -- steem.leo, leo.voter, leo.curator

As for any other accounts on there, none belong to me. @gerber is the account that you're searching for on Steemworld and anyone who's been on Steem for any measurable time (and especially those who've spent time in the PAL discord) know that Gerber is very much a real person and not me lol.

Valid line of questioning though. I don't mean any of this in a harsh way and hope I cleared the air on that.

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