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RE: New Tribe on the Block | Announcing Lifestyle: Live & Share Your Best Life on the Steem Blockchain

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Initial Supply 5,000,000:
Team: 1.5M
Community Moderation: 1M (nostyle4u -- only used to downvote abuse)

At least 50% of the tokens are kept by the team or in control of the team. This means the team will always have the majority control and the distribution and decentralization will never be healthy.

Proof of Mining (PoM) - (40%)
Proof of Delegation (PoD) - (20%)
Content creators get 40%

40% mining is just crazy. Is this a mining token experiment or a lifestyle tribe?
20% for people to delegate to, as if 50% of the tokens for the team already isn't enough power and control?

I'm not sure how much of that 40% is I've to authors and how much to curators, but we are now in a position where authors using the lifestyle tag get the least amount of value out of any tribe on Steem-Engine I'm aware of by a long shot.

I guess the main thing this has going for it is that the tag is so general, basically, anyone can use it for anything.

I suspect there is a significant risk for @khaleelkazi on this one and ultimately steem.leo could be affected by such a loss of rep.

I'm sorry for being such a downer on this one, but what value does #lifestyle give to the Steem community besides parking on the hashtag?


What are they actually mining? It's POS tokens for dividends. Seems like a cash grab. They guy has made over 10k Steem in a day for a basic idea and more than paid his fees to Aggroed and SE so they don't really care. Good job! Some people are going to really lose out as I fail to see how this brings value to Steem.

I had a life before #lifestyle

What are they actually mining?
If by they you mean, obviously they are mining the buyer's Steem.
One of the issues with Steem.LEO was the price of the !!LEO MEGA MINER!! was too high and the payout for mining was too low to push sales. It became embarrassing after a week. In this case they are just giving people a week to be fooled, then forever they get 40% of people's efforts who use 'lifestyle' hashtag and don't get blocked by their tag abuse bot.

One problem I have is the lifestyle tag is so vague we are going to see people accidentally tagging this toekn and then intentionally getting blocked. This is an assinine situation and their black list is literally going to be incidental and useless.

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