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With cryptocurrencies taking off to all time highs it is easy to forget the mother of all cryptocurrencies. Silver has long been the namesis of central bankers even resulting in JFK getting iced for trying to bust their monopoly with silver certificates. Silver has withstood the test of time as there is not a time in recorded history where silver was not accepted as a form of money.
Here is some advice to get you on the road to stackin.

1. Buy intermittently.

Even though the price seems low now, the bankers can push it down in the comex market through naked short selling. Theoretically they could push the price down to nearly zero. But the truth is that you will never be able to get that price in the physical silver market. The price will begin to diverge and spreads will get wider. The bankers can't push the price down too low or physical silver will dry up and sheep will see through the scam. They have to keep it low enough until they can unwind their other positions and then they will get in at the bottom that they create. Pure market manipulation. To put it simply, the silver price could still go lower even to $5. But you will never be able to find a coin for that price. In 10 years the lowest price I've seen on coins was around $15.

2. Buy common coins.

They are not as liquid and in a crisis the collectibles may lose their premiums. I only buy collectible limited edition coins if the price is very close to raw bullion. The common uncirculated ounces are easy to liquidate and there is no premium. There is no need to try and sell it. It is valuable because of the intrinsic metal value but the numismatic value will likely increase over time as the coin ages since all coins are limited edition but the common coins are usually minted in large quantities.

3. Buy Austrian and Canadian only.

As far as I know, Austrian and Canadian coins are the only coins with 99.99% silver. Other coins such as American Eagles and Chinese Pandas are alloys with 99.9% silver. Chinese Pandas are very limited in quantity and therefore have a high numismatic value compared to other coins. However, in a financial crisis I wouldn't want to be the one trying to sell Chinese pandas when masses of people just want silver and couldn't care less about how rare the coin is.

4. Buy coins not bars.

Bars look great for those wanting to feel like an amateur Rothschild but bars have lost their shine over recent years. Pamp Suisse makes beautiful bars for bar enthusiasts but I prefer coins. Many fake bars have come on the market and they are difficult to spot. Tungsten bars have even made their way into bank vaults. It is much more difficult to hollow out a coin.
Another consideration is the little known laws. I don't know about other countries but in USA coins are valued at face value but bars are valued according to the price of the metal!
This issue was highlighted in a news story that the US news media desperately tried to cover up. A business was paying their employees in pre 1965 US silver coins. Imagine an engineer being paid $80, 000 worth of silver but the face value of his/her payment was only about $5000 - $10000. The taxes would have been low and the engineer would even qualify for government assistance ! 161 federal charges and zero convictions because a silver coin can only be valued based on the face value no matter how high the value of silver rises.
Read the original story here

5. Don't be afraid to sell.

When prices go up significantly. As in 100% price increase don't be afraid to unwind some of your position. Use the cash to pay off debt. You should be in debt unless you think fiat currency will suddenly turn into gold. Debt is a short position in fiat currency. Currency can strengthen dramatically in the short run. For this reason, it is a good idea to take some profits and balance the position. If silver rises 100% and you sell 20% of your stash then your position is still worth 60% more than what you started with. Just make sure to hold on to enough to get you through hard times if the silver is rising because fiat currencies are going to zero. In that case silver could easily rise 1000% but the purchasing power stays the same.

6. Stay in the market and connect.

Walk around with silver coins and talk to people about silver. Offer to sell your coins for a small profit then take the cash and load back up. You may end up becoming a dealer who can benefit from the price swings. Read about silver and engage with the global silver community.

7. Silver not Gold

In terms of quantity in the earth, there are about 15 ounces of silver for every one ounce of gold 15:1. However the silver/gold ratio today is about 75:1
If silver reverts back to its historic trading price of 15 ounces = 1 gold ounce then silver should be trading at about
Not only does this amazing geological fact ensure that the supply and demand fundamentals keep silver ahead of gold at the current gold/silver ratio but also silver is an industrial metal that gets destroyed through use. Many modern applications of silver in medicine and technology destroy silver. Some technology such as solar panels do not destroy silver but the silver has a cost of recovery. Silver has industrial, jewelry, and monetary properties that no other metal has.

8. Keep your stash safe

A big safe is a dead giveaway to a thief. Silver is better buried under a house or concealed in mundane looking items. 500 coins in the freezer is probably safer than putting them in a safe unless you are facing a hungry thief. Also spread your stack out among different locations. Some sites such as kitco offer secure storage for a small fee. It also makes it convenient to buy and sell through them as they are just moving around stacks in a warehouse for people using the same trading platform. The only problem with this scheme is that some government agent could pop up and steal your coins since there is a name and address attached to them. Keep in mind that gold bullion was illegal in USA after the bankers started the federal reserve corporation and feared that their federal reserve notes would no be accepted if gold and silver still circulated. Their puppet FDR made sure this would happen. FDR's son in law Curtis Dahl made it very clear that FDR was a puppet of the banking oligarchs in his book. (I have the original first edition hidden in one of my silver stashes)

9. Only use the electronic market to hedge.

If you are selling coins in an online auction that has one week but you think the price is topping now. You can sell your coins in the forex market on margin and lock in the price. However, if the price skyrockets by the time your coins sell your auction profits will be offset by losses in forex. I would only use paper trading for hedging not for stacking.

10. Make a habit to buy.

Keep some cash on the side or some credit limit room to go in if the silver market crashes. If prices dive to $10 per ounce I will certainly be ready to max out some credit cards. Just make sure you will have the cash flow to make payments as prices can stay low for a long time...maybe years. From my experience, credit cards typically require about 2% as a minimum payment on a loan.

I'm Stackin! Here are some photos from my silver collection. Since I have my stash in multiple locations I can only show a portion of what I'm sitting on. If you are new to stacking then you will not realize this at first. Silver starts taking up space and gets bulky.

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I agree that silver is better then gold, it should out perform gold when prices do go up.
I am not sure if 999 or 9999 will make a difference when SHTF. Silver will be silver and people will want it. Just some thoughts.

probably would not make a difference. my thinking is that if the price is the same i'm going for the highest purity. It's like a free selling point I guess since most people think exactly like your saying. Might as well get the extra 9 if there is no price difference. It would be an extra ounce of silver if someone makes it to 1000 ounces. I know it's a petty difference but I'm getting jewtight these days.

Very good information on stacking.
Silver will be money again just like coins used to have silver...

There's something BIG around the corner with Gold and Silver, please read this:
Protect yourself with some Gold and Silver! China may also launch a Gold backed cryptocurrency!

thanks for the info. a lot of these crypto enthusiasts are sleeping on silver now. a deflationary crash which will precede hyper inflation will take crytpo down with it. silver prices will withstand it because silver is already near mining costs assuming that someone was only looking for silver. most mined silver is mined as a byproduct from mining other metals. The cost to mine and refine a pure ounce of silver is very close to its current spot price.

Curtis Dall's book for free. Read about the bankers' selection FDR when the real president was CFR.