Wake up. You're already rich.

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Heey what's up crew! My condolences I've been off the grid for a week or so. Was raving hard in the Netherlands while operating on minimal sleep, resulting in a well-deserved cold that just drained my creativity. So took a little break.

My aim today is to put a little bit of fire beneath your feet. You'll see what I mean in a second. And once again, my man Jordan Peterson serve as an inspiration for today's post.

And seriously guys, I want you to right fucking now bring up whatever podcast app you have in your phone, search for "The Joe Rogan Experience" and add episode #1070 with Mr. Peterson to your "to-listen" list. You'll thank me later. (Especially after the first hour or so it really takes off)

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Alright boys and gals, let's get this show on the road.

Let me ask you a question, your only job is to be completely honest.

How much time are you wasting a regular day?

10 hours? 6 hours? 4 hours?

Notice that I'm not defining the term "waste" for you. I'm just asking the question.

When Peterson asks this question to his students in class. About 80% raise their hands at the 6 hours mark. Which I would agree - based on empirical evidence - to be quite a good estimate of how much time people waste daily.

So, let's do some arithmetic.

6 hours a day equals 42 hours a week. Let's make that 40 hours, a typical work week.

Now how much is your time worth?

Well it is at least worth minimal wage right?

I would argue it is worth a lot more though. A productive hour spent today do not just equal a hour worth of gains.

Because the benefits you get for that one productive hour will benefit you for the rest of your life - it's called the compound effect.

So let's assume a hour worth of your time is worth $50, which still is quite a low estimate. That means you waste $2000 a week, and over $100 000 a year. Keep doing that for 40 years and you have soon wasted $4 000 000 worth of money.


You're already rich.

Get your shit together, or as Peterson would say, clean your room, set your own house straight before you try to change the world.

Although, going cold turkey and eliminating all time wasting in a day is a recipe for failure. If you waste 6 hours currently, push it down to 5 hours, or if that's too much, do 5 hours and 45 minutes.

Exchanging the activities you perceive as leisure is another thing you can do to up the productivity hours. Instead of watching brain-dead series, pick up a book or do something creative such as playing an instrument or creating art. You just have to push through those initial weeks or months of resistance until your brain adapts to the new behaviour.

Lastly, I want to stress that I don't advocate to eliminate all time wasting completely. Having 1 or 2 hours each day to just do whatever the fuck you want I think is key for healthy lifestyle.

Trust me.

I've done periods of 100% productivity, and while I believe that some people may have a certain propensity to sustain such a course of action, I myself only end up with an emotional state compared to an un-flushed toilet.

Executive summary: Aim high. Stop wasting time. You're already rich.

Until next time.

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don't motivate yourself , that doesn't work, ask yourself what you gonna do today if you know you gonna die tomorrow?

Nice ..
I liked it .. great tips from you
Who works hard deserves
Thanks for sharing

I am already rich ! I just need one more thing . "MONEY !!" hahaha . But its cool. Everything will come in line in God's time 😊😊😊 . Happy steeming !


Haha, agreed my friend, right back at ya 🙏🏼

Nice article regarding hope and hope is everything williamwest and its true. Nowadays every person want to live better life, want part time work job for betterment in life.
I definitely resteem this post because its inspirational


Thank you and cheers 🤟🏼


Thanks a lot @williamwest for replying as well as sporting me.

i must be honest your post is one of the most posts i have enjoyed reading on Steemit, I felt productive by simply reading it!

A great way to look at things and manage things, i followed and upvote you .

Keep up the good word spreading !


Thank you my friend 🙏🏼

Wasting time is a tough tough habit to break. Especially if you have social media accounts. I would recommend deleting all of your social media apps, but not deleting your accounts. Rather than wasting time by checking your SM every hour. Take a half hour every night to go through all of your accounts and network with people you care about. After all, it is important to keep in touch with people and continue to grow your relationships.


Yep, I share this view entirely. I don't have any SM apps on my phone besides "messenger". Usually check my facebook, linkedin and stuff once per day just to make sure I don't live under a rock and loose contact with certain relationships. Agreed brother!

Do this for two hours to free yourself.. ;)


I actually do that sometimes, ever heard of bio-energetics?


lol... no bro..

I decided to look up the writing tag and guess what, I saw this post, the second that is encouraging me to go to work.
Please, I want to ask you, I'm in a dilemma now. I joined steemit truthfully to help me raise some money for my GRE and TOEFL examinations I am preparing for. But in the process, I made a lot of friends in the platform and not as much money to foot the 420USD bill. So to improve the money I make, I genuinely joined many communities that truthfully, are educating and have provided me with friends. This has taken a toll on me as it saps my time. Keeping up with the engagement of steemit now has slowed my preparation rate for the exams. I am now addicted, but thanks to the low SBD price, my addiction is profiting me almost nothing. Please advice me what I should do. If I quit steemit and go back to my preparations, with the lack of job in my country, I may find it difficult to raise the funds for the examinations, but if I continue steemit, it will affect my preparation and plans because as SBD drops, my efforts will only appear inconsequential. So I will have to steem more and probably loose focus. What do you advice I do?


First of all, thank you brother.

Secondly, not the most fun situation, but you'll grow a hell of a lot from it I'm sure. I don't know hen your examinations are due but Steemit is no platform to earn money quick (maybe it was but nowawadays I would say it is a slow process). If Steemit is your only option I would do high-quality and well-produced d.tube and d.live videos and hope for upvotes from those accounts. Myself and many others have made profits doing that (although it's more of a biproduct of good content than anything else). Also once you get the flow up, filming and editing a d.tube video can be done within an hour if your efficient. But remember again, your content must be good, sexy thumbnail etc. Otherwise your just wasting time.

Regardless I wouldn't spend more than 2-3 hours a day on Steemit, that leaves 12-13 hours of time where you have the possibility to study, which should be more than enough. Sending you energy brother 👊🏼

But work is hard...I'll start by making a coffee so I have the energy to go to the shops to buy more milk for my coffees...


Haha, I'm drinking coffee right now 😉

Thumbs up for a great take on the importance of self-improvement.

Time is money, but money is not time.


Thank you and I agree my friend.

+1 on you bio 🤟🏼

this post is very dangerous i thing is the hell.

I spending more than 8 hours a day for the shitty office job plus traffic...


Feel you brother, keep the side-hustle going and hopefully you won't have to do that for the rest of your life

You are a genius that should be inspired by your inspirational thoughts :) Keep it up bro.


Thanks my friend, happy to hear you enjoyed it

Nice post

in 2009, when the very first exchange rate was set, one U.S. dollar could buy 1,309 bitcoin. If you were among the lucky few who knew about bitcoin in the early days, even a modest investment back then would be worth millions today.

I've been stuck in the rut of "wasting" time and couldn't have said it better myself. Very inspirational so thanks! :)


Happy to hear it struck a chord with you 🙏🏼

I do not want to be so rich, for which my friends will have to go away.I want to spend time with them every day.

You are a genius in thinking of something for people who are interested in your post .. fighting for it

Reminded me of my first job where we use to measure productivity. But so true.. The idling time between tasks is the major killer in office going job. So couldn't agree more with the article.

That's a smart take on the subject! The sooner people realize this the better!


Thank you and I agree

This post is very true. Poverty comes from laziness - no excuses!
Also, Joe Rogan is hilarious. Resteemed.


I really don't agree. Poverty always doesn't come from laziness.

Sometimes it's really a function of unavailability of resources. There are peeps who want to work but can't. Speaking as someone from an overpopulated developing country where the available opportunities are rewarded from premised nepotism and cronyism, I think I have my fair share of an opinion, not to talk about a corrupt government that won't quit. The post has its points, but the simple truth is that poverty doesn't always come from laziness. It just doesn't


Thanks brother 🙏🏼

Fantastic post, great insight for a lot of people!


Thanks brother

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Nice motivation, but to truly free yourself is to find peace in no matter what anyone does. If there is no peace, there is very bad energy which leads to big losses in any meaning You want to take or think about.


Tell them to start now...idk

as hot as the coals as well as the burning spirit@willianmwest

I think I'm still in a wasteful state....

why you use a voting bot? I'm asking if steemit is dead?
why i see a lot of good content creators who use voting bots ?
Cheers !


Due to the current state of Steemit I recon that using voting bots at times to reach a larger audience and spread a message weighs up for the negative effects (if the content is good - and yes - that means I subjectively evaluate my content as good which is a flaw but I stand by). Steemit isn't dead but have flaws.

Guess other content creators reasons the same as me. Although the reasons are many, I don't have the time to write an essay of text.

Thanks for stopping by 🙏🏼

real work pays off

this is very much true

It's been so long since I feel that I'm underutilizing my work to do other alternative things. The reality my work could be done from my house but the same requires by law to be in the office, almost seeing through the window pass the balls of straw spend

WISH IT so hard

It's funny because I remember a couple months ago, stopping by your posts and seeing some serious connection between yourself and others. I just dropped by to your post before about Steemit being flawed and saw the comment string by @nonameslefttouse.

He said something very interesting: 'If you act plastic, you'll attract plastic'. When you look through some of the comments here, it's pretty apparent where it's at nowadays.

You are saying 'you're already rich' but in itself that saying is super flawed in my opinion. Why are we rich? Is it because we have a network of genuine people all around us that support us regardless of what we are worth? Is it because we have 'X' amount of a share and it will rise? There is no explanation to why we are already rich here, and because of that it just sounds as though there is a focus on the monetary aspect of being rich. Maybe I'm way off but...

If your sole goal is to generate all this money and make yourself rich, it's a complete waste of time in my eyes. Having a lack of genuine connection is pretty depressing; it'll eat you up if you let it.


To me it seems like you didn't read or understand the article.

Firstly you ask why we are rich. I think I make my point quite clear in the article and won't repeat myself.

Secondly, I don't understand where you get "generate all this money and make yourself rich" stuff from? Really man, I don't think you have read the article. My point is people go around whining that they don't have X or Y, while they spend hours upon hours engaging in fruitless activities. I use money as an example in this article, but it could be any other resource you could imagine. What is "rich" to you? Relationships? Quality time with your dog?

I don't know man, feels like you read the title and just spitted some words out on the screen.


It was more of a synoptical view across a few of your posts and that's why I stated the other one too.

I understand this post, it's about not wasting your time watching TV and maximising how productive you are. In a certain sense anyway. I read the article I just questioned your beliefs and where you are at right now without really stating it directly.

That's my bad, I should have said that I had read 3 of your recent posts and I was making that type of comment.

Edited in: Where does it state in the article, why we are already rich?


Yeah well I still don't understand where you got the rich thing from?

If your sole goal is to generate all this money and make yourself rich, it's a complete waste of time in my eyes.

Where have I ever stated I that money is my prime objective? It's quite a weak incentive in my opinion, because I agree with you in that sense that it is then a complete waste of time, take a normal job and you'll likely earn more money.

Well I'm not here to argue, you are right to think and have any opinion you want. Still don't thoroughly understand you but I respect you nonetheless for voicing your honest thoughts. I see you around my friend, and if you really want to understand where I'm coming from just read an older article or watch a video, then you understand you got it all on the backfoot. Best wishes.

thanks for sharing~ i will try to follow the tip. Get your shit together, or as Peterson would say, clean your room, set your own house straight before you try to change the world. I think before I push down the wasting time I really need to clean my room first ...haha


Good to hear ! Good luck 🎉

Frankly speaking, i didn't understand your full post but executive summary and i agree with it.


You grasped the essentials at least 😉


Yeaps! :D

Aydınlatıcı bir yazı teşekkürler

Hola, muy interesante tu manera de ver la vida y quería agradecerte pues casualmente me encuentro en un momento en el que la vida te golpea con un giro de 300º y sientes que te encuentras en un desierto..y al leer tu post me da una señal... gracias!

@williamwest What you want to say. Say it clearly we are doing our work, not wasting our time. As you said spare sometime or reading new things or trying something innovative. That's good but everyone who is reading your blog is not potential for it.


I don't grasp your comment fully I'm sorry to say.

I congratulate you !! Very good post, it is a very inspiring publication.

Me encanto el post, muy motivacional. Suerte y bendiciones¡¡

Great post! I started follow you! my perfect life is writting and earning money with that. But I am starting so maybe one day... I publish the first chapter of my book, maybe you like.

Hola @williamwest
Aquí escribe un sobrecargo de esta nave llamada TIERRA.
Soy una persona jubilada de la Industria Petrolera y Petroquímica desde hace exactamente 3 años.
Antes de jubilarme me ocupé en un proyecto de establecer una planta procesadora de jugos (Básicamente de Naranja) a pequeña escala que de acuerdo con los estudios de factibilidad económica y financiera que realicé es muy rentable; teniendo un retorno de inversión estupendo.
El proyecto por problemas de situación País (Venezuela) no lo he podido llevar a cabo. Adicionalmente; mí esposa cayó enfema por Cáncer de Mama y en eso estamos luchando todavía.
Ocupo mí mente creo que al menos 19 horas del día. Por supuesto salí a la calle a buscar trabajo y lo obtuvé; luego por razones de diferencias con la Junta Directiva tomé la decisión de irme por Freelancer asesorando a pequeñas empresas y aún lo hago.
Hace aproximadamente un mes y medio me hablaron de Steemit. ¿Qué hice? Me registre, me aceptaron y ahora estoy en esta actividad que me mantiene activo y en un proceso de aprendizaje. No soy lo mejor en cuestión de redes pero tengo el compromiso conmigo mismo de aprender y mantenerme activo bajo las brasas que tengo en mís pies. Por ahora ando descalzó en esto; pero sé que pronto tendré buen calzado.
No soy persona de perder el tiempo y menos a mi edad.
A los jóvenes le puedo decir que ocupen el tiempo, que aren sobre la tierra para luego tener buenas cosechas.
Gracias por el artículo. Resulta muy motivacional.
Saludos y Bienvenido


While my Spanish is quite rusty to say the least I utilized google translate so could understand most of it. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for liking the article. Stay strong brother and my best wishes for your wife 🙏🏼


Gracias amigo y éxito total.
Thanks my friend

I'm a serial time waster, but this has really got me thinking... Time to stop F/ing around and do shit. Nice one William