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We have seen horror in China. In Wuhan, we can hear it.

We cannot imagine it.

Miles of apartment blocks, filled with hundreds of thousands, millions of quarantined people, waiting to die. They want to tell us they are still alive, still have hopes and dreams; that their suffering still matters.

I need to hear them.

In South Korea a cult has spread COVID-19 and is uncooperative with authorities. Cases there skyrocketed over the weekend.

Now North Korea is claimed to be infected. Iran is suddenly in the grip of community transmission, from unknown provenance, apparently originating in remote villages. Japan has released nearly a thousand passengers from the Diamond Princess, one of whom is already confirmed infected with COVID-19 after being thrust back into the public. Italy, a couple weeks after the 'Hug a Chinese' campaign, has inexplicably become an epicenter for the disease. ~50,000 are quarantined now.

Still the WHO does not recommend closing borders, ending flights, or preparing to survive pandemic. All it's efforts seem focused on keeping bad news from being heard by the public. Keeping the truth from you and me.

pan·​dem·​ic | \ pan-ˈde-mik
Definition of pandemic
: an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population : a pandemic outbreak of a disease"

In the US, I am aware of claims I cannot confirm of several states that have issued gag orders on health care personnel, first responders, and the media. A gag order has just been involuntarily lifted on Oregon, after KGW briefly mentioned it preventing discussion of cases in Oregon. After complete silence since the pandemic began, today the OHA announced they've cleared 178 and are monitoring 76. I've seen pics that show FEMA protocols are underway. The camps are being prepared for quarantined civilians. There is no hint of it on TV. The next month will tell the tale.

As if to highlight the lack of veracity President Trump claimed everything is under control, and then added the stock market looked very good. The market crashed today. Down 1000 points.

I'm preparing to bug out. Over the rest of this week I will be collecting food, other supplies, and trade goods. If I don't need them to trade with, I'll eventually drink the whiskey and coffee, and smoke the cigars, lit with all the lighters. I'm preparing a small cell of folks in a neighborhood with only one entrance to coordinate a neighborhood watch, mutual defense in case of hostilities, coordination of supply runs, growing food, and etc.

While I have good neighbors where I live now, it's not a defensible site. I think if I stay here, I'll die.

It's time, from what I see happening. The WHO and CDC are clearly only interested in suppressing the facts, and seem to be doing nothing to prevent disease vectors from infecting civilians. Given this, spread of this pandemic to the US is certain, and I believe it has already begun. Yesterday there were 35 cases in the US, after evacuating Americans from the Diamond Princess. Today there are 53. Where did those 18 cases come from?
IMG source - - best map I've found yet

Maybe another mistake made in Oregon.

I may be able to post again, and from time to time going forward. Among the things I am seeking to enable is access to the internet, but considering what I expect circumstances to be shortly, that may not be possible.

I am the target demographic most likely to die from COVID-19, so I need to undertake the most drastic response to survive this pandemic. Some of my meds are already coming up in short supply, and that may scuttle all my plans. 98% of prescription meds in the US used to be manufactured in China, and they're not being manufactured and shipped anymore.

No one is panicking hereabouts, so the stores are full and the prices are low. Now is the time to stock up. Long before it's necessary to effect plans is the time to make them.

What plans have you made in case of crisis? When will you prepare? Evolution happens. Survive to breed.


i agree with the WHO, we shouldn't close borders and stop flights.
The virus is already in every country.
Almost like it was intentional.

So, going into lockdown will just delay the inevitable.

Make sure you have lots of vitamin C in your system
and add B6 and B12 to protect against Cytokin storms.

I'm not convinced you're not right, due to the 30 day asymptomatic latency in which one can spread the virus. There's almost no way it couldn't have spread to most places by now. I reckon they'll do quarantines just as severely as China has when cases start popping up, like in South Korea and Iran now, and I'd prefer to quarantine myself.

Thanks for the good advice.

Wow, this video is haunting and with no end in sight it makes you wonder what will happen to these people. I agree with @builderofcastles what good is the quarantine of millions if the virus is already spreading across the globe. I do not know what the alternative is, though.
I don't think they want scenes like this one getting out to the public and on YouTube if you enter the English title - this video does not show up. Instead we find videos of residents shouting "Jiayou' encouragement but the video you posted has 10x the views.

I'm still trying to work out some kind of archival solution. This video could be censored at any time.

Haunting is the word. I have become far more cynical in the last week, as new centers of community transmission have emerged. I have come to believe we are witnessing the implementation of the final solution to Agenda 2030. I am wondering how to hide from satellite thermal imaging, how to succeed against troops trained specifically in fighting underground, how to do anything to build society or advance civilization when the order followers just wanna stuff one in a quarantine cell in a FEMA camp.

Seems bleak, bro. I talked my doctor into doubling my dosages today for my heart meds. I can halve the pills and get another month out of the scrips - if they fill them. I have excellent relationships at my pharmacy, and leaned on that as hard as I could. I believe if they can fill my scrips, they will.

But 98% of US scrips were manufactured in China, and they're not anymore. Shortages of critical drugs like Heparin and Losartan are already happening. I prolly won't get any scrips filled in May. That may be existential for me, even if I can evade the quarantiners, and not get infected.

This is a storm of biblical proportions. It's not just an epidemic. Global censorship, totalitarian despotic control of civilians, the quarantines clearing whole regions of inhabitants, with any survivors jammed into smart cities. This is their big play, the end game.

I have listened dozens of times to their screams and howls, and I think that's what they're warning us of, and imploring us to avenge them.

Prepare accordingly. Imma bad bet. I'm counting on you to win.

i use youtube-dl to download anything off of ThemTube.

However it did not get the close-caption translation.

Seems bleak, bro. I talked my doctor into doubling my dosages today for my heart meds. I can halve the pills and get another month out of the scrips - if they fill them. I have excellent relationships at my pharmacy, and leaned on that as hard as I could. I believe if they can fill my scrips, they will.

But 98% of US scrips were manufactured in China, and they're not anymore. Shortages of critical drugs like Heparin and Losartan are already happening. I prolly won't get any scrips filled in May. That may be existential for me, even if I can evade the quarantiners, and not get infected.

Is your heart disease so bad? Coronaviruses will be more deadly for people with heart and lung diseases. So, I knew that you were preparing emergency food, medicine and shelter.
I knew that the United States was so large that there were fewer hospitals and pharmacies.
You are a heart patient, and you are always monitoring the spread of the corona virus because hospitals and pharmacies are far from home.

And it is shocking that 98 percent of the drugs used in the United States are produced in China. If China is paralyzed, the drug supply will stop in the United States, so you always prepare the medicine.
There is no one in Korea who is ready for an emergency. Just wait for the country to solve it.

I will remember your good advice.
I wish you good health and good luck, long life.

I've been tracking the cases in each country, at first the numbers were barely changing every four days, then it started changing every two days now we are down to changing every day with five new countries added today. Still no known cases listed number wise for NK yet. I am surprised how low the numbers are for places like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia since they've been on the list. It's not like they are the most sanitary places in the world yet their numbers have stayed consistent or maybe have grown by one or two people since 2/8. It wouldn't surprise me if they held down numbers afraid of a shut down on their countries. Then there is the 691 others with no known mention of where those others are.
One other thing that bothered me was this specialist they had on Dr Oz who said they would be asking people who felt sick to come in for testing rather than if they discovered people who had the virus ask for a quarantine for fear people would take off out of those area's yet those people who tested positive would have been in contact with a whole lot of other people before being diagnosis-ed and those others would be out infecting others before they became to sick to go to the hospital. By then it's to late and the end result will be the same, a quarantine will be issued. I think it will just take one large city here in the US to start seeing cases multiply that will set off panic buying.

Last week I went out and stocked up on Tylenol, Ibuprofen and flu medication. I evidently am not the only one as the stock for the largest size bottles were down to about ten, the whole section was slim pickings and the double wrapped bonus buy bottles were nearly depleted, usually those are the ones you see a lot of stock of because in reality who really needs to be buying bottles with hundreds of pills wrapped in a two bottle discount savings wrapper....that's a whole lot of pills, you'd think anyone needing that many would be poisoning their liver to death. You couldn't even find a daytime flu med, all there was left were the night time bottles. Researching and pricing mask were the same, most are already out of stock and listed as unable to get from the manufacture. I am like you, I highly doubt I'll survive this if it strikes here, we have several people in the immediate family I don't think will either, two have asthma, including a grandson, his grandpa has a autoimmune disease that if he lives till next year Nov he'll be the longest surviving person in the US whose ever had the disease, and his son in his twenties was born with a host of complicated stuff whereas now he has a pace maker. The good news is I have a twenty five hundred square feet of a duplex so taking in twelve people will still be rough if a quarantine were to be issued but we won't be totally squished as if I left it up to my kids to prepare for any perceived upcoming disaster we'd all die so this will be quarantine central for us. I think my mom and step dad will be okay, probably safer than being with us given they live in a small town north of here. I told her over the weekend to just go get the mask, what's the worse than can happen then you may end up tossing them but don't wait for a rush to happen. I am researching what foods have natural antibiotic properties to incorporate into a potential three month stock of food items if I feel over the next couple weeks I need to start taking that measure. Three months was all I could handle thinking about right now as any further preparation to feed twelve people beyond that was quite overwhelming. I am only thinking about this because I feel I am being forced to given that what we see happening is nothing like we've ever seen before. I want to have that list in hand so if I do I don't find myself out running around not knowing what it will take to survive for us and end up just grabbing stuff off a shelf. Just thinking about the amount of toilet paper we'll need is giving me a In the end though, like you said, what's the worse that can happen if we end up not needing it it's not like we can't use the stuff, including the mask to do drywall or mix cement. If I have time to get that all in place without a rush by that point I think we'll know what the inevitability will stand and at that point I'll get a few games to add to collection, some cards and other activities to keep the grand kids from driving us insane and ourselves for that matter. The weather could warm up and this could start to die down if that doesn't seem to be the pattern taking shape then it's better to be implementing a worse case scenario.

I'm in 'ground zero', as it were, and apart from the fact I don't believe single authority on any straight information anyway, my own interpretation of the lack of increased cases in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam .....Is temperature.

That 'ole corona don't like it too hot, and a cold day in winter is around 20 degrees C. (68 degrees in silly temperature numbers. lol)

It's only my interpretation, and could be complete bollocks of course.

I knew my semi recluse lifestyle would pay dividends! lolol

That probably is more likely what it is since that is exactly what they are hoping will happen when the temperature starts to warm up that the virus will slow and dissipate, if it does it may not come back or at least not with the force we see now. I've seen claims that each year a virus resurrects itself it's not as strong or severe as the first year....I don't know if that's true or not. It'll open up some more time toward figuring out a corona's sequencing and possibly a vaccine....unless of course this is some man made virus, at this point seeing things we've never seen before occurring I don't think one can shut their eyes completely on that quite yet. At least I've never seen anything quite like this. I am just in a basic protection mode, set up a defensive line...medicine, mask, the rest is basically a well organized list of crucial food items that if I had to make a mad dash to the stores at least it'll be a organized mad dash.

We are pretty lucky here.
Have a garden producing food and plenty of land to grow on, so not too many worries on that front. Everything grows easily. (if you look at a pebble in the morning, it will be a boulder by night fall. lol)

I'm thinking man made more than natural, tbh.

The death rates (if they are to be believed), means that it's not gonna be too bad, (in relative terms), but the worlds economy will be fucked.

With high infection rates (the biggest problem), it will make the transition for world governments very easy.
More control, more authoritarianism, moving to all crypto ect etc.
It's wet dream for those people. (which brings me back to an engineered virus..)

I was back to the engineering theory myself last night, not in regards to some act towards authoritarianism but that someone goofed up in a lab over there in China and carried out a lab engineered virus. It being engineered, whether to use to develop a vaccine or to create a virulent duplicate to try and stay ahead of future mutations to test up against vaccines, my guess would be one of those two as, so far, leading indicators (reading between what you are hearing and what they are saying) tends to lean toward the lab that was being used to find a vaccine vs the lab that was being used for bio-weaponry. When they came out with a definite distinction last night as saying cold and flu season could become cold, flu and COVID19 season, not corona virus season that lent credence to the possibility that COVID19 was not your usual corona virus springing forth from nature.

The death rates in relative terms is alarming considering the death rates from the flu globally. With the proposed number that forty to seventy percent of people on the planet will get the virus and the death rate is two percent, if you take the highest probability of seventy percent but lower the death rate down to even one quarter of the projected two percent out of a population of five hundred and twenty four billion people twenty seven million people will die of it with one million of those deaths in the US alone, that's way above the eighty thousand dying from the flu.

Back to what you were saying yesterday about warmer temperatures...with spring just around the corner it surprised me that the CDC came out yesterday with warnings for Americans to start preparing for a outbreak as it's a matter of when not if a outbreak is going to occur. Which would push my call out to family members to gather to decide what we want to do a couple weeks faster than I assume it could potentially happen. Then there were accusations that the democrats were behind it to spread propaganda the president wasn't doing his job all the while they are the ones holding up the emergency funding. Now today the announce a stewardess was flying back and forth from Seoul to Los Angles while infected seems more likely for the call out. Plus there was one government expert when asked last night if he knew how many people in the US are already infected (as the question was posed in a manner as to mean outside of those we already know about) he answered yes but evaded giving a number and went blabbering on about preparations are now in the works to keep hospital's fully functional so unlike in China people aren't at home dying of a heart attack because there's no access to medical care because of the virus, which would explain why they are opening more air bases and looking for large empty buildings to staff and house those with corona virus. For some reason I highly doubt they'd be going through all this if they thought warmer weather was going to chase this virus away or that this was anything other than lab engineered.

For some reason I highly doubt they'd be going through all this if they thought warmer weather was going to chase this virus away or that this was anything other than lab engineered.

VERY good point, and blows my theory out of the water.
I agree with your perspective more than my theory, unfortunately.

Looking at it from the 'great conspiracy' angle, the bio weapon, timing, the end of current central bank money cycle, and the deep state 'on the back foot', somewhat lends itself to it being an orchestrated de-population event.

....the last desperate roll of the dice, by authoritarian psycho's

More scientist are coming out leaning that this is potentially a bio lab virus but so far lean more in favor of a bio laboratory and not a bio weaponry laboratory. The prospects they still feel a vaccine can be developed to fight it gives some what of a reassurance that at this point they don't feel they are up against some robo cop like virus that holds the potential to destroy humankind. When you think about it if they were up to dastardly deeds to reduce the population you'd think they'd set it off in countries with out of control birthrates and enable it to inflict more damage than at the rate of new births annually as twenty seven million deaths projected globally pales in comparison that there is over one hundred million births annually, actually closer to one hundred and fifty million. Stay vigilant though as the last couple days they've been adding the warmer climate countries to the list.

The old and the 'higher IQ's', are the targets....need a young, dumb , population, for easier control.
Stupid Smart phone, anyone? lol

I hope your interpretation is spot on, and the tropics remain unsullied by this scourge.

Be well.

I have a feeling it isn't, but I try to be optimistic.

I have a feeling
It isn't, but I try to
Be optimistic.

                 - lucylin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Better, IMHO, to be realistic and take appropriate steps to be secure.

Honey. Before the penicillin revolution, it was a common addition to poultices and the like.
It's a great antibiotic. I dunno how you can try to stock up for 12 ppl for 3 months. You're a blessing to them as you're thinking of if you can do it.

Can't they bring their own toilet paper, and similar dry goods, for a 3 month stay? That'd take some of the burden off of you.


Yeah I seen that, particularity Manuka honey, garlic, oregano and cabbage was another big contender. I don't know so much about stocking cabbage as the only way would be to can it and then there's a question of how much of it's properties it loses in the process. Apple cider vinegar was another good one.

Like I said we'd all die first before you could get them to understand the severity of the situation. I have gotten them to agree to get some mask. I just dropped one off at a doctors appointment and she said why would you start stocking up for twelve people and I said are you going to start buying a little extra here and there to stock up just in case and she said no. I just tried to convey to her that this is something we've never seen before and taking small steps just in case isn't a bad idea. I am not at the point yet whereas thinking I have to rush to get all this done, I think there is still time on our side so small steps of preparation is better than no steps of preparation. There's really among all of combined a lack of monetary resources if we had to pull together to do a mass buying if the threat were approaching much faster. Three of them get large sums of money every two weeks from their Indian tribes, if it started becoming much more obvious and spreading through their social media accounts through friends they'd trust what I have been building up enough to say and hand it over without argument, with that kind of money and my savvy shopping habits we would survive a year.

I can't imagine what could happen if a terrorist organization uses a similar pathogen in a big event like the Super Bowl for example.

We thought we were the king of the world because of our technological advances and our understanding of nature. COVID-19 is remembering everyone that we are still not there yet, that we are still fragile as species.

I just hope that the world will learn something from this tragedy.

It's taking us all to school.

Patient Zero was discovered December 1. From what we know of the virus today, he could have been infected anytime after late October. During that month, how many did he interact with? Was he really patient zero, or was the real patient zero an asymptomatic superspreader, quietly infecting Wuhan's millions for a month before the first of them fell ill? What are we to make of the following?


We see in China today what the WHO is encouraging globally: censorship, brute force compelling obedience, and ubiquitous dependence on the state for our lives.

I consider acts like the 'hug a Chinese' initiative as equivalent of mass murder. How can people be so unreasonable as to fail to preserve their lives for a momentary feeling of smugness? That susceptibility is built into their indoctrinations from birth, and reinforced daily by propaganda. Perhaps my own youth was so starkly different that I cannot relate to their native obedience to the state.

All I know is that I cannot relate. It makes no sense to me.

We are plunging into a world where we will be subjects or compost, by the will of the overlords wielding the sword of state. If we will be free, we will make our freedom. That is what I am preparing to do. I recommend preparation not only for the pandemic, but what comes after.

The first thing the guy in charge or Wuhan did after he heard that there might be a new virus is to hold a world record buffet party. Tons of people all eating from the same dishes, all stuffed in one big room.

And yet the WHO keeps praising China for it's actions in reference to the epidemic. China has done exactly what would most spread the infection the most at each opportunity. First, it publicly denied it, and jailed those that reported the fact of the outbreak, like Dr. Li Wenliang.

Then they had the huge feast you decry.

When they realized what the consequences would be if they didn't stop the spread of the virus, they instituted a brutal quarantine, including just welding the doors of entire apartment buildings shut, possibly dooming those inside to starvation. Anyone who saw what was happening to their neighbors and didn't want to be starved to death, or brutally beaten, arrested, and hauled off to some secret prison no one ever returns from, wisely fled to wherever they could.

If they were infected, they spread the infection when they fled for their lives.

Continuously China has misreported numbers - they had no ability to collect accurate numbers - and the WHO has lavishly tossed China's salad by claiming those numbers were accurate, despite numerous and ubiquitous competent epidemiologists and researchers pointing out they could not be correct.

By misleading everyone in the world regarding the rate of spread and pathological harm of the virus, the WHO and China have prevented rational response to the epidemic, lulling people and governments into a false sense of security.

We still have no accurate R0, or CFR, because other countries haven't suffered the pandemic long enough to estimate them.

The WHO has committed a crime against humanity, causing the pandemic to be worse, and spread more quickly and farther, by lying, as has Xi Jinping and his toadies. They should be hung, or lined up and shot after being duly convicted of genocide.


I caught that video yesterday and it really sent a chill up my spine. In a bug-out situation if I could take no other medicines I would take black seed oil, in fact I've just ordered some bottles. If I could I would also grab some colloidal silver, especially if there is a problem at the hospitals and you get a cut or something unrelated to the virus .. great way to clean wounds, plus a couple of sprays on the face and hands after being in contact with people could be the difference between getting the virus or not.

I cannot adequately express my appreciation of your kind consideration. All I can say is I have always benefited from your thoughts, and look forward to someday happily enjoying your good company.


No problem my friend .. and like I've also previously mentioned if medical supplies do run low, with your heart issue I would strongly recommend a good quality magnesium spray directed straight onto the chest .. especially if you notice a tightness. I look forward to that day! :)

Prepare or prepare to die, those are our two options right now. Preppers of the world your time has come.

At my age, they are both the same thing. I can only prepare to die free.


I hear you brother. Those who have lived well, die well. The field awaits us...

I hear you brother.
Those who have lived well, die well.
The field awaits us...

                 - julianhorack

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow. That's actually a beautiful haiku.

Korea is also scared now. Japan is unable to prevent Chinese from entering the country due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It may be like the pandemic of the plague that made medieval Europe a hell. However, the United States is safer.

From what I have been seeing, the US is no safer, just behind the curve. It is unfortunate what unreasonable folks do, and how it harms all of us, because even our least members of our society inform society. No chain or net is stronger than it's weakest link, and reason is our strength.

Use your understanding to prepare as best you can my friend.

After reading your article, I critiqued it, and I would be grateful if you would come to my blog and comment. If you do not like it I will delete the article.
My respected senior

that video just breaks my heart

I don't know how many times I've listened to it. I pick out the individual voices and try to understand their intent and anguish. I feel I owe it to them to hear them cry out.

I would rather try helping them..
But I dunno how..

I know some stuff that helps against corona.. but I can't speak chinese.. don't know where and how I should tell them..

I really hope they have some dynamic structures by the people, who exchange knowledge and medicine..
But I doubt it.. cuz china just overtook complete control..

I hope that the quarantine is over before most of them starve. There isn't a damn thing I can do for them now other than hear them. Soon enough, we'll all have our own voices to raise as the hammer comes down on us.

The problem besetting us all economically is less soluble than prepping. I will soon be out of medications essential since my heart attack last month, and there are no short cuts or side action that can replace them. Losartan is just not being made. No one had stocks or stores of it that will share them with me now.
I can't make it. I can't replace it with something similar.

Imma just hafta live without it, and that's the way it's gonna be for a lot of things this summer. We are blessed to have warning of what is coming for us, because it came for the Chinese right in front of our eyes.

Their moans and wails are a warning.

can't you smoke dope instead of those pills?

I don't know, and them as claim to know say I can't.

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Good Luck!

At the end of the day, each of us is responsible for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones.

There isn't a damn thing I can do for them now other than hear them. Soon enough, we'll all have our own voices to raise as the hammer comes down on us.

We do what we can, my friend. I pray for the safety of you and yours.

Be at peace my friend. I hope I am cuckoo and utterly misled.

That's the place we are in, where we hope to be wrong.

No rent-seeking
No virtue-signalling
No do-gooding

Truth is hard to sell; it gives no sense of purpose. It is simply truth

From Goodkind's Wizard's First Rule

The world is ending, yet the authorities ought not do anything? It is quite laughable. I understand that those who peddle in and believe in the ludicrous conspiracy delusions need to have human civilisation collapse to give any meaning to their existence. Alex Jones types are nothing more than a tired reiteration of Christian messiahism dating nack to the first century AD. I can state with certainty that your utopia of "fweedom" will not manifest this year, this century, or ever, much like the countless doomsday Christian prophesies of the past 2 millenia have failed to actualise on this planet. When necessary, I sincerely hope that your leaders have the character to be able to make hard decisions.

"...or ever..."

While I despair of the ability of decentralization to become competent in this day to preserve the lives of free men from their murderers, I do disagree with the quoted sentiment.

As soon as the rest of us are dead, that utter freedom will begin. The investor class will greatly enjoy it.

I am sure that the hard decisions will be undertaken with full effect and dispatch. I commend you to the best joy and peace you can make, until we are well met on some unimaginably far off future day.