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I can't imagine what could happen if a terrorist organization uses a similar pathogen in a big event like the Super Bowl for example.

We thought we were the king of the world because of our technological advances and our understanding of nature. COVID-19 is remembering everyone that we are still not there yet, that we are still fragile as species.

I just hope that the world will learn something from this tragedy.


It's taking us all to school.

Patient Zero was discovered December 1. From what we know of the virus today, he could have been infected anytime after late October. During that month, how many did he interact with? Was he really patient zero, or was the real patient zero an asymptomatic superspreader, quietly infecting Wuhan's millions for a month before the first of them fell ill? What are we to make of the following?


We see in China today what the WHO is encouraging globally: censorship, brute force compelling obedience, and ubiquitous dependence on the state for our lives.

I consider acts like the 'hug a Chinese' initiative as equivalent of mass murder. How can people be so unreasonable as to fail to preserve their lives for a momentary feeling of smugness? That susceptibility is built into their indoctrinations from birth, and reinforced daily by propaganda. Perhaps my own youth was so starkly different that I cannot relate to their native obedience to the state.

All I know is that I cannot relate. It makes no sense to me.

We are plunging into a world where we will be subjects or compost, by the will of the overlords wielding the sword of state. If we will be free, we will make our freedom. That is what I am preparing to do. I recommend preparation not only for the pandemic, but what comes after.

The first thing the guy in charge or Wuhan did after he heard that there might be a new virus is to hold a world record buffet party. Tons of people all eating from the same dishes, all stuffed in one big room.

And yet the WHO keeps praising China for it's actions in reference to the epidemic. China has done exactly what would most spread the infection the most at each opportunity. First, it publicly denied it, and jailed those that reported the fact of the outbreak, like Dr. Li Wenliang.

Then they had the huge feast you decry.

When they realized what the consequences would be if they didn't stop the spread of the virus, they instituted a brutal quarantine, including just welding the doors of entire apartment buildings shut, possibly dooming those inside to starvation. Anyone who saw what was happening to their neighbors and didn't want to be starved to death, or brutally beaten, arrested, and hauled off to some secret prison no one ever returns from, wisely fled to wherever they could.

If they were infected, they spread the infection when they fled for their lives.

Continuously China has misreported numbers - they had no ability to collect accurate numbers - and the WHO has lavishly tossed China's salad by claiming those numbers were accurate, despite numerous and ubiquitous competent epidemiologists and researchers pointing out they could not be correct.

By misleading everyone in the world regarding the rate of spread and pathological harm of the virus, the WHO and China have prevented rational response to the epidemic, lulling people and governments into a false sense of security.

We still have no accurate R0, or CFR, because other countries haven't suffered the pandemic long enough to estimate them.

The WHO has committed a crime against humanity, causing the pandemic to be worse, and spread more quickly and farther, by lying, as has Xi Jinping and his toadies. They should be hung, or lined up and shot after being duly convicted of genocide.