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The world is ending, yet the authorities ought not do anything? It is quite laughable. I understand that those who peddle in and believe in the ludicrous conspiracy delusions need to have human civilisation collapse to give any meaning to their existence. Alex Jones types are nothing more than a tired reiteration of Christian messiahism dating nack to the first century AD. I can state with certainty that your utopia of "fweedom" will not manifest this year, this century, or ever, much like the countless doomsday Christian prophesies of the past 2 millenia have failed to actualise on this planet. When necessary, I sincerely hope that your leaders have the character to be able to make hard decisions.


"...or ever..."

While I despair of the ability of decentralization to become competent in this day to preserve the lives of free men from their murderers, I do disagree with the quoted sentiment.

As soon as the rest of us are dead, that utter freedom will begin. The investor class will greatly enjoy it.

I am sure that the hard decisions will be undertaken with full effect and dispatch. I commend you to the best joy and peace you can make, until we are well met on some unimaginably far off future day.