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I caught that video yesterday and it really sent a chill up my spine. In a bug-out situation if I could take no other medicines I would take black seed oil, in fact I've just ordered some bottles. If I could I would also grab some colloidal silver, especially if there is a problem at the hospitals and you get a cut or something unrelated to the virus .. great way to clean wounds, plus a couple of sprays on the face and hands after being in contact with people could be the difference between getting the virus or not.


I cannot adequately express my appreciation of your kind consideration. All I can say is I have always benefited from your thoughts, and look forward to someday happily enjoying your good company.


No problem my friend .. and like I've also previously mentioned if medical supplies do run low, with your heart issue I would strongly recommend a good quality magnesium spray directed straight onto the chest .. especially if you notice a tightness. I look forward to that day! :)