Which Countries Drink The Most Alcohol?

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Thank you to everyone who wrote in last time telling me I was a fucking idiot for believing the 'frogs don't react when slowly boiled in water' myth. Sorry, did I say frogs? I meant rocks =)

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How I Feel About Drinking

On the one hand it's difficult to condemn a strong drinking culture. After all, many of us wouldn't even be here without it giving our parents a nudge in the right direction, and not existing would literally make condemning it difficult. 'Don't worry, I can drive you back home, I only had the 8 Jagerbombs' were the words papa Trafalgar said to mama Trafalgar on that fateful night baby Trafalgar was conceived. Yeah, I was surprised to discover Jagerbombs were the drink of choice during the post Cultural Revolution years in mainland China too.

On the other hand it's not easy to encourage drinking either. We all know that excessive drinking can do some damage. Most doctors would not recommend Long Island iced tea as one of your 5 a day, unless they're out of euthanasia and the other 4 are burnt bacon, cigarettes, crystal meth and listening to a Nickelback song. An estimated 1 in 10 people in developed nations have an alcohol related problem.

It wasn't easy taking this photo as I obviously couldn't use either of my hands

But what about the other 9 in 10 people who, like me, are responsible binge drinkers and only go out to get blind drunk 3 to 4 times a week? As you can see I'm torn as to how I feel about drinking as a social activity. I wanted to talk about the very serious topic of alcoholism and its effects on society in the usual facetious but still, hopefully, meaningful way. But three paragraphs in, I still haven't gotten around to it. Because well, truth be told, I quite like the odd drink. It's pretty much the only vice I enjoy so I can't bring myself to chastise it objectively, despite the obvious social harm it can bring about. This must be how Cosby's biggest fan felt after the 12th victim came forward.

I lead a pretty dull life. I don't go brothel crawling every other weekend, I don't have trouble finding a vein that hasn't yet hardened from years of heroin abuse, the mafia aren't after me for unpaid gambling debts, I don't pull the wings off flies just for fun and I'm even in good standing with the local library because I always return my books on time. The only thing I allow myself is to see the bottom of the glass every now and then. I haven't made a post in the last couple of days, from my choice of topic today, you can probably guess what happened. If you guessed it was because my cat looked a little unwell and I had to take her to the vet, then you're right. But I suppose it easily could have been because I woke up in a pool of my dried up vomit, too hung over to do anything for the day.

Which Countries Drink The Most Alcohol?

Binge drinking is a worldwide phenomenon and it seems like every second person I bump into is boasting about how superior their home nation's drinking culture is. Although to be fair, if I were sober more often I probably wouldn't be bumping into every second person I come across.

'Back in Korea, we find it easier to just label beverages by the amount of non-alcoholic content, as most of our drinks are 100% alcohol.'

'That's nothing, in Poland every glass is made of pure solid alcohol and you're expected to eat it every time you down a drink.'

'Ha! You lightweights! Back home in Ireland we all drink so much our women directly produce Baileys through their breast milk.'

Well I've had enough of listening to this kind bullshit so I went to look up the stats and the results are in! And I've got to say, hats off to the East Europeans, if only so they can vomit in them. They took out 9 out of the top 10 countries in terms of alcohol content consumed per capita.

The likely color of one's liver in their respective nations

If you're curious, South Korea is ranked 17th, good effort from us Australians too coming in at 19th, Canada at 40th and the USA is trailing at 48th. But don't worry, the night is still young so there's plenty of time to catch up!

Perhaps I'll talk about the dangers of alcoholism another time, but I certainly don't think we should revisit the prohibition era by banning alcohol entirely. Besides, I suspect a roofie in an empty pint glass just isn't going to work as well for my love life. So until then, as my cell mate for when I was doing time for DUI use to say to me, bottoms up!

List of countries by alcohol consumption per capita

Image Sources1,2

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The blue pills are 1 dollar the red pills ae crypto's :

There has to be a correlation between cold, boring and long winters and alcoholism. Throw in desolation also. I went to college in the snow belt and such a correlation certainly existed for me. Just look how many drunks can slam a bottle of Stoli in Siberia.

You made an interesting point ! I am from Nothern France (Lille) when it's ALWAYS raining and guess what we are known for our big alcohol consumption! So yeah alcohol and the weather are definitely connected ;)

I love Lille, that's where my parents-in-law are!

Really ? Such a nice coïncidence ! But yeah a very good city and welcoming people ;)

lille's wazemmes weekend market is extremely dynamic. Not only can you get cheap but good food. :D

Ahah amazing this is where I live and yeah is one of the most dynamic place. And not only ob the market. The neighbourhood has improved since 2-3 years and severals bars, coffees or interesting restaurants opened. I really advice it ! :)

I lived in North Dakota for 2 years. I have a drinking problem now.

Yeah. That would be the pits. My mom lived there as a teen and has told me how rotten it was.... colder than S. Dakota and Montana and without the scenery.

Hahah Russia is black....

This is so true...especially for those nights out in a new area, bar, venue wherever it may be that you find yourself at. Really helps breaking the ice and meet new people every once in a while! I always say I'll quit drinking but just never happens lol

Agreed. Its just that little bit easier and you have that little bit more confidence!

Yes , but the best runners don't need running shoes :)

But for us normal people , alcohol and running shoes helps :)

That maybe true, but I don't think I would be very good without shoes)not saying I am with shoes).

I'm just saying some elite athletes can run the marathon barefoot and win.

There are some who can live for years on little food and water with no alcohol and meat but that is not us :)

ahahah nice!

This is awesome! lmao

I love this meme. I think we are approaching an era where common sense is not only uncommon but almost nonexistent on a daily basis for too many homosapiens. When I feel like I am the most rational person in most conversations.... these are scary times.

lol...I unfortunately agree 100%

I like the way you write a lot !

It's called 'spirits' for a reason. I don't drink poison :)

this is sooo true 😂

Yay, America!

download (5).jpeg


They say that every day a glass of red wine is good for your immune system. Because it thins the blood they say that the organs (including brain) gets a proper blood flow. And of course the psychological working it has on people. So next time it will be a red wine?

Freyr, do not put your steem dollars in conversion! Sell them on the market, you get 30-50% more steem for the same amount. Reverse conversion if possible and sell on market.

Reverse not possible. I thought that this was the right thing to do but I believe there was a communication error on my front.

Red wine has antioxidants in it. That's the primary benefit. It is good for you in moderation. From Wiki:

Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in grapes, red wine, peanuts, chocolate and certain berries, and it has been credited with a large number of health benefits in various studies. Now, however, a research team presents findings that question whether such benefits come from the compound.

Just be careful with red wine. It is acidic. When you drink it, you should be sure to rinse your teeth. Otherwise, it will lead to gum line and other cavities.

What is the purpose of alcohol in the first place? I mean except for medication.
Lots of people cant really free from alcohol.

I know right!?! I have been a bit of an abuser but after joining steemit and challenging myself to 100 days of no alcohol I am proud to say I am on day 28. Blogging about it has motivated me soooo much. I recently wrote about how Steemit has changed me for the good. Check it out: https://steemit.com/steemit/@scrooger/how-steemit-has-changed-me-or-one-month-in-or-400-followers-or-raw-post

It takes a lot of effort just to hold yourself. Keep it up. 👍

Thank you, much appreciated! At day 25 I rewarded myself with a non-alcoholic beer. Was amazing! Still I will make it to day 100. Might completely give it up. Been doing so much better since I don't drink anymore.

Good man! Keep it up!

For sure mate! Steemit has been my motivation, I am so grateful to this community, they really helped me a lot!

Keep going dude! I've cut out alcohol, too, and have definitely seen the benefits. It gets easier the more days you get under your belt sober but I won't lie, if I could drink beer I would probably still be drinking. Damn you, gluten!

Good for you mate! I know it really sucks in the beginning. You are right though, the benefits are truly great. Damn gluten indeed! =)

Congrats on your progress! There is so much more to steemit than money. You have the ability to teach, learn, entertain, be entertained, AND post really awesome memes where they will be appreciated by people who actually "get" the deeper level of humor!

Thanks a lot man! Yeah so much better content on here! Absolutely love it

Did you ever drink alcohol? I think most of the time it gives you nothing more the troubles but it can be normal if you use it with sense

I like alcohol, thanks information

How do you use alcohol for medicinal purposes? I'm intrigued...

I think the Philippines is definitely top 3. The data here uses alcohol per capita which most likely includes people who don't drink. A study that surveys how much the average drinker drinks in each country has somewhat different results.

Source: https://mic.com/articles/81011/the-9-surprising-countries-that-can-out-drink-america#.9p6vivLOb

ah good point
i was too drunk to do thorough enough research

Thanks for this map, if it real then we can say that developed countries drink more. They have money and fabrics for this.

Wow! This takes me back :-)


You are just funny I couldn't help but laugh out loud reading this!

After all, many of us wouldn't even be here without it giving our parents a nudge in the right direction

This took the prize!!!

Even the people around me looked at me like I was talking to a girlfriend or something. I didn't bother explaining myself. You're seriously talented. I'm glad I saw this. Just what I needed to cheer me up.

And oh, I drink a lot. Whiskey the most... When sober for too long, it starts to feel like my mind is bound by straight jackets. Do I have a problem?? I don't think so... Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

@imwatsi ~ I write poems

hey thanks a lot for saying so
glad you enjoyed it :)

You're welcome ☺ ... just being honest.

First 4 position for exUSSR countries. But this is not an absolute estimate, because that values was calculated using empirical investigations and expert judgments

as i clicked your Reference, i would say it's Moldova, Lol,

The USA may be number 48 on the alcohol consumption list, but I think we've proven we are #1 in bad choices made while inebriated. Just take a look at our history of Presidential candidates and winners.

As a footnote, one Nickelback song is the destructive equivalent of a carton of cigarettes, a bowl of meth, or 10 pounds of bacon.

haha yeah
its not about how drunk you get
its about what you do with it

HAH ! I was not online unfortunately for your one line dump a girl post... so could not reply... but just out of interest..mine was ...
"I'm sorry, but I really believed I could cope with breath that smells like a sewer... but I was mistaken'

I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that this time the reason you haven't posted is because.... of course your cat is still sick?
I have to admit, this will be the first time I have ever commented on a post without voting. And no, the reason isn't because I hate your post. It's actually a much more irritating reason...I've spent the past few days reading posts and telling people I'll be back later to vote when my power is up, and by the time my power is up it's the next day, and I do vote on their post, but I'm in the exact same position with the next post...and now I'm thinking I could really use a Long Island iced tea of my own. Fun Fact, I was born on Long Island, spent the first ten years of my life there, have family there still, and the best Long Island Iced tea I ever had was...in North Carolina. Actually, that's also where I've had the best slice of NY style pizza. And I honestly do not like North Carolina, I am generally bored to tears and slightly oppressed feeling when I'm there, but they are Masters of food, I will give them that.
I like reading your stuff, for me it's kind of like the comics in the Sunday paper--when we used to get the Sunday paper that is.
I kind of cringe for you when I see 443 comments though, I remember when you used to reply back to me haha, I figure the time it took you to read my long ass comment already exceeds the quota of time you have to say something to it.
I could give you a vote, some tiny fraction that might not take a whole hour to regenerate. A facebook like? Well no, it would still be worth double digit cents I think. I hope if I do that it won't be like leaving a handful of pennies for a waitress as a tip. I'm a strict twenty percent or more tipper in general.
Okay, finished rambling now ;)

haha hey dreemit
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probably be toning posts down to twice a week or so, if even that
it's just a much more enjoyable pace to write at

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Guilted! LOL! You definitely did not have to respond to that, I was being serious when I said it exceeded the quota. Popularity dropping when you post less...hm, I'm not sure it will work that way. It might be like Eddie Vedder making guest appearances instead. It will be interesting to find out though. If the reason it will be more enjoyable is due to the comments, I'm more than happy to let you off the hook. You can skip answering every tenth comment of mine...er, I mean you can comment to one in every ten comments of mine ;)

On a serious note, if I were in your position I would only respond to comments that grabbed my attention. I might even put it in the bottom of my post- Due to the overwhelming response, that I am exceedingly grateful for don't get me wrong- I can no longer respond to each of you as much as I'd like to. I'll be choosing the twenty most creative replies--thank you! Just a suggestion ;)

#silverlining :) enjoy your articles! Will be on the lookout for you still!

I m also missing your posts - hope all is ok in your place @trafalgar

I prefer GHB to alcohol.

Yeah, I go into a four hour coma every time I redose a little too quickly, but I never really lose control like I would on tons of alcohol. I just dance for hours which is out of character for someone with Cerebral Palsy, but it's not all comas and dance parties, it also offers a lot of empathy similar to MDMA and it is one of the best aphrodisiacs in existence, seriously any woman will look amazing on this stuff and a couple of men might tickle your fancy too.

well I'm not the adventurous type so I haven't tried any of those substances
maybe I should one day haha

It is a little hard on the kidneys and you have to learn your dose by slowly increasing it over a period of time, but there is no hangover like alcohol.

CAUTION!!! Never drink alcohol or take another depressant with GHB.

Texas is like a country in and of itself and I can tell you everyone here drinks a ton. I myself was drinking as much as a case of beer a day until last year. I don't tell many people this but I am 338 days clean now, let's see if I can go a whole year, if I do I will post about it. Oh yeah........ I followed you.

hey congratulations! that's really good to hear
that's a lot of progress you've made, well done!

Awesome, bro :)

hahaha I have definitely been around people arguing about which person's native culture can drink harder. XD I don't think anyone in America talks too much about it to the same extent as some places. However, so many college aged binge drinkers and partiers. O_O


Wow! I am from Romania so right now I feel so proud that we are on the 5th place. Finally, something we are good at! If you people out there want to know how we did it, I can tell you it's hard work. Sometimes you get so tired but you go on all the same. I'll just have another glass and then I'm off to bed. Then another...it never ends!
By the way, in case you didn't know, Moldova used to be part of Romania and most of us have Moldavian blood in our veins...
However, reading this got me thinking...if I go abroad and buy something to dream who gets credit for drinking it? I'm going to Italy soon and I wouldn't want to help them get better standings since I'll get the headache next day...

Thanks for keeping the hard work constantly!

Crack a cold one with the boys!

I always thought we were leading this race in Denmark together with Russia. I mentioned you in my latest post so you can see how much you are able to earn in a year compared to other jobs :)

Wonderful post..my first drink an alcohol is was 20 years ago lol How I feeling tested is very bitter it's bad test for me but made me feeling enjoy after the second class 😁😝but I can't drink more because get drunken very quickly.. I my hometown have people drink a lot of an alcohol and made problems in public and they family that is very bad if you drunken can't control yourself..Thank you for sharing

Looks like the northern colder countries of the world need hepatologists the most.

Then you see ol' Australia and South Africa trying seriously hard to bring drunken fame to their continents.. lol

i'm surprised that its not Asia cuz we Asians tend to find the smallest occasion & reasons to get drunk. oh wait ... thats me. 🙈

PS. Refollowed you. Hoping to get you visible in my newsfeed again. Seems all my favorite bloggers aren't in my feed anymore since HF19. :-( smart lists would be cool here.

I'm honestly shock how low the USA is ranked. This was a fascinating read. Thanks for sharing @trafalgar

3rd place ha, we do well :D I mean, Lithuanians, we drink alot and we can handle alot.
wheres that had? ha? :) :)
nothing to be proud about but usually on the winning side when it comes to drinking games haha
nice article!

It may be China I think. As there are many people in China, and China wine are cheap.

I was surprised when I went to South korea at just how big the drinking culture is there, can definitely give us Brits a run for our money!

@trafalgar great story and thank you for this interesing post.
I would like to read more about you.
Feel free to follo @denise.kluch :)

Love this! Well written and nicely articulated. :)

I think this sums it up just right!


ahaha yup :)

Keep up the great posts @trafalgar! I always love the subject and content of the post.

Well and witty written as always, nice to read.

Which Countries Drink The Most Alcohol?

To be honest, I have never seen a country drinking - until now I thought only humans could do that. :)

God how do Russians drink sooo much! I live in a Red country and its pretty bad here !

It is hard, but we are strong people )) To tell the truth I am 35 and I don't drink at all for 4 years. How people say here - I have already drunk my barrel ))

Is it me or does alcohol consumption increase generally with lack of sunlight as you go North.

Maybe it's something to do when you're locked up at home in the cold and dark?

whahah the Netherlands the only European country than those 10l

European are more tolerant to alcohol. Because we are all piss heads.


I love this! 100% upvote strength, resteemed, and followed!

of course Russia

Wow very interesting...we will have to work harder to catch up.

Mexico !!!

oh... This problem is very dangerous :(

If drinking was an Olympic sport you would be hard pressed to best a Scandavian.

ya that's probably true!
oh can you imagine it as a spectator sport? be pretty ugly, but intresting

You're probably right. But don't expect the Russians to do any worse than a bronze medal performance.

Korea and Poland sound like contenders!

South Korea and Poland sound like contenders!

My Problem with Alcohol is.......
I can not afford the Stuff I really like:(

Looks like my country is black. : /

hahaha congratulations, I think that means it's one of the top 10 drinking nations in the world

Thank you very much:D @trafalgar

very nice post. But zoro is better than trafalgar law ;p have a good time

I thnk Russia and Ukrain will take the drining crown. I was there during my University days and boy ol boy (girl ol gril) @trafalgar the people drink alcohol as babies suck full beautiful breast (I love to do that too). Good post as usual.

Russia should be tops...they drink till they turn red...also Ukraine should make first 3rd.
.have been in those cauntries...during the cols of winter...with Calbasa (sausage meat) drinking continues and too much holidays

"The likely color of one's liver in their respective nations" - hahaha This is epic!

Russia is number 1 ...
I've always enjoyed the taste of Hard Vodka drinks, although i don't drink much.

I'm not trying to be stereotypical here but c'mon

The United Sates ranks only 48th in drinking?
This is a national outrage!
We need a new national focus.
Make America Drunk Again!

God knows I've done my part already!

Yeah I went to the US for work, some colleagues invited me out for a drink, cool! We had literally 1 drink each, and everyone went home.
In the UK going out for 'a drink', means getting royally shit-faced, calling the boss a wanker and getting in at 2AM through the bedroom window cos the keyhole wont stop moving.

nice one. Upvoted

Cool. I thank you and what's left of my liver thanks you! :-)

Bro, you know all Asians win this category ... cheers boss! 😂😂😂🥃🥃🥃

your headline was ridiculous,but in my opinion i would say US lol.

haha 9 of the top 10 countries come from eastern europe
US is 48th


Come to Bavaria!

Hahaha genau. Augustina Hell!!! Zindorfer , etc hahaha

Löwenbrau, Augustiner, Tegernseer, Chiemseer, Airbräu, Paulaner. Alles rein, einfach alles rein....

As an American, I'm slightly embarrassed the Canadians outdrink us! It's also interesting that the bands with the highest and lowest rates are so close to each other.

In my country Slovenia,there is a lot of alcohol drinkers.. too much,especially among young..

Agree With U, Our Country Is Disaster In Drinking Alcohol. Small Country With Only 2 Million Population, With
11,5 Liters ( 3.1 Galon ) Pure Alcohol On Person Over 15 Years Old ... (red zone)

What I see here: The colder the climate, the more a cutlure drinks alcohol.

hahah ya probably true
you can't drink firewood

Russia because its cold out there... nothing better to do but stay home and get drunk!!!

hahaha it's 4th in the world

ha ha ha... you couldhave fooled me..

Definitely Finland in the top 10.

Americans brag about their 1% owning 90% of their debt wealth but I'm propbably the 1% here who hasn't drank his body weight in beer this past year.

haha finland is 16th
usa is 48th

Those stats were from 2010!

I'm pretty sure Finland has become a lot more depressing since then!

@trafalgar I bet that Finland is now in top 10 :D maybe in top 5, just because we have this culture when we drink every possible day it's possible :DDDDD btw, cheers! lippu.jpg

All asians win in this category @acidyo haha

Hello @trafalgar
Happy steemit.
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Best of luck with your steemit trip.
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Meanwhile in Russia !!