I know right!?! I have been a bit of an abuser but after joining steemit and challenging myself to 100 days of no alcohol I am proud to say I am on day 28. Blogging about it has motivated me soooo much. I recently wrote about how Steemit has changed me for the good. Check it out:

It takes a lot of effort just to hold yourself. Keep it up. 👍

Thank you, much appreciated! At day 25 I rewarded myself with a non-alcoholic beer. Was amazing! Still I will make it to day 100. Might completely give it up. Been doing so much better since I don't drink anymore.

Good man! Keep it up!

For sure mate! Steemit has been my motivation, I am so grateful to this community, they really helped me a lot!

Keep going dude! I've cut out alcohol, too, and have definitely seen the benefits. It gets easier the more days you get under your belt sober but I won't lie, if I could drink beer I would probably still be drinking. Damn you, gluten!

Good for you mate! I know it really sucks in the beginning. You are right though, the benefits are truly great. Damn gluten indeed! =)

Congrats on your progress! There is so much more to steemit than money. You have the ability to teach, learn, entertain, be entertained, AND post really awesome memes where they will be appreciated by people who actually "get" the deeper level of humor!

Thanks a lot man! Yeah so much better content on here! Absolutely love it

Did you ever drink alcohol? I think most of the time it gives you nothing more the troubles but it can be normal if you use it with sense

I like alcohol, thanks information

How do you use alcohol for medicinal purposes? I'm intrigued...