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RE: Which Countries Drink The Most Alcohol?

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how do you comment any picture on steemit?

I just dragged and dropped. Seemed to work for me!

Sorry but it worked for me. You can upload the phot as described by dreamiely, however, when I have done this it displays the link and not the picture itself!

Hi @mkhan6131, either upload the file on a photo hosting site site as imgur, right-click on photo once uploaded, then open the image on another tab. copy the url with extn png
upload image as if you are creating a new post. copy the url for that image once upload is completed and post url on comment :)

The blue pills are 1 dollar the red pills ae crypto's :

There has to be a correlation between cold, boring and long winters and alcoholism. Throw in desolation also. I went to college in the snow belt and such a correlation certainly existed for me. Just look how many drunks can slam a bottle of Stoli in Siberia.

You made an interesting point ! I am from Nothern France (Lille) when it's ALWAYS raining and guess what we are known for our big alcohol consumption! So yeah alcohol and the weather are definitely connected ;)

I love Lille, that's where my parents-in-law are!

Really ? Such a nice coïncidence ! But yeah a very good city and welcoming people ;)

lille's wazemmes weekend market is extremely dynamic. Not only can you get cheap but good food. :D

Ahah amazing this is where I live and yeah is one of the most dynamic place. And not only ob the market. The neighbourhood has improved since 2-3 years and severals bars, coffees or interesting restaurants opened. I really advice it ! :)

I lived in North Dakota for 2 years. I have a drinking problem now.

Yeah. That would be the pits. My mom lived there as a teen and has told me how rotten it was.... colder than S. Dakota and Montana and without the scenery.

Hahah Russia is black....

This is so true...especially for those nights out in a new area, bar, venue wherever it may be that you find yourself at. Really helps breaking the ice and meet new people every once in a while! I always say I'll quit drinking but just never happens lol

Agreed. Its just that little bit easier and you have that little bit more confidence!

Yes , but the best runners don't need running shoes :)

But for us normal people , alcohol and running shoes helps :)

That maybe true, but I don't think I would be very good without shoes)not saying I am with shoes).

I'm just saying some elite athletes can run the marathon barefoot and win.

There are some who can live for years on little food and water with no alcohol and meat but that is not us :)

ahahah nice!

This is awesome! lmao

I love this meme. I think we are approaching an era where common sense is not only uncommon but almost nonexistent on a daily basis for too many homosapiens. When I feel like I am the most rational person in most conversations.... these are scary times.

lol...I unfortunately agree 100%

I like the way you write a lot !

It's called 'spirits' for a reason. I don't drink poison :)

this is sooo true 😂