Who holds you together? (FREE MP3)

in life •  10 months ago

FREE MP3 here.

This is the lyric video I made for my song Who Holds U Together.

Last year I made a lyric video... then accidentally deleted all the files.... then spent a week trying to recreate it. I never ended up putting the final video online.

Today feels like the time to let go and share.


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Does the girl from bancor hold you together @thisisbenbrick ?


hey @wingz I'll answer you in the comments section for your new post. If you ever post.




You'll be too old to remember to comment by then!


Pot. kettle. Coffee. post.

Hey nice track! So you collab'd with Utada Hikaru! That's awesome! I'll have to dive into your profile more when I'm not at work, its inspiring to see that musicians can supplement their music income with Steemit. This one post has already made more than I have on Bandcamp all of last month!


hey @granturismo89 thanks for the message. Yes I did! I wrote about working with her here and here.

If you're a musician be sure to check out this post too https://steemit.com/steemit/@thisisbenbrick/steemsongs-com-update-1

Very nice track, I like it
The video is very well done too

Have a resteem


My pleasure

Very nice!

Amazing !!! keep making great music

nice....you deserve resteem and upvote...

Love the relaxed feel

Wow i love your song. Hey you should join musicoin.org a music version of steemit, upload your music here and get pay per play. Remember always be early to the game.

Chill and relax!