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This is a quick update - we have started looking at developing


Steem Songs

Our aim is to create a platform where anyone can browse music as a fan, or upload their own music as an artist.

As with Shapeshift, once you've chosen which songs or albums you want to download you'll be provided with a memo. After sending your Steem to @steemsongs with the memo provided, you will be sent an instant download link.

We will provide you with more information as we get a chance to add development and work out the specifics. The aim will be to provide the best value for artists and create interest for Steem currency outside of traditional power ups.

If you are a developer working within Steem and would like to help us move this product forward then find me on as @thisisbenbrick.


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This is great and I sure look forward to be welcomed to the HOME page and hear the tune in the background. Thanks for sharing and namaste :)

I am so excited about this, its exactly what i have been waiting for this is perfect

Congratulations @thisisbenbrick!
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Hello @thisisbenbrick

This is an amazing idea 💡 . It shows that you are an artist at heart. Thinking up things like this requires some level of dedication.

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Thank you, @ogochukwu , you share this posting on your FB status, so I can know this information. :)


I am glad you saw it Hanto, Steemians like @thisisbenbrick needs to be encouraged

Wow! splendid initiative. I can't wait to jum on the bandwagon.

This is a wonderful idea!

Nice initiative! Hope you get it all worked out well

Really diggin' this idea! Please keep me posted on the progress. I would love to start using it!


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Is this something to which we can subscribe to email updates/sign up or anything yet?

Great idea. It will make Steemit more i.teresting

I look forward to finding out more about this.

Brilliant idea. I look forward learning more about it!

So will I get paid for my original music like itunes, apple music etc. when people download or listen to my songs? I'm an independent artist and I got curious about this project. How do we get paid, as Steem dollars?


Yes that is the idea!, hope this get to work :D

Yes!! We need this...can't wait til this is rolled out :D

Sounds great. I've been looking for ways to spend my Steem.

BTW Do you have the steemsongs account registered? The link doesn't work.

This is cool! Following you now!

Good here I leave this link to see if I can help with this thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

Great idea. Thank you for your efforts!

Phenomenal idea - looking forward to this. Will definitely be posting some of my music up there.

Full steem ahead!

I'd hate for ASCAP to not get their multiple layer of cuts! (sarcasm)

Wow thats so cool...

WEll, this seems fantastic,cant to see it in action!

Fantastic idea. I believe that there is some incredible talent here that would usually not get seen. Sounds awesome..

nice creativity man!!!! followed you!

This is gonna be so cool

Amazing!!... this is definitely what i have dream about!... Cant wait! :D :D :D

This is a great idea! Please keep us updated.. :)

This sounds awesome, as a musician I'd be fully behind this and I know many many artists and fans would totally love this! Looking forward to this!! Following and Resteeming!

Waw, its so coll., i Like it!!!

This will be awesome. You will just have to make sure that it is their original content .

Thanks for the update !

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I am subbing and definitely following this, don't get my hope up and not deliver! Being a investor in Steemit, and a record label owner, this makes me super excited. Streaming services make it almost impossible making a decent living for smaller artist.

This is awesome. I can't wait to upload all of my music once the service is functional.

Bookmarked, gonna follow this post. Seems interesting. I can also contribute on this if I can. Please keep us posted with the specifics. :)

Another great idea, resteeming!

I like where this going wow!

Sounds like a great idea! I know many artists here on Steemit would love this kind of interaction. Looking forward to this!


You guys should contact and collaborate with a company in Vancouver called skioMusic

Love love love the idea. Definitely going to contribute my own stuff


can't wait to see this project rolling ahead...Fantastic and creative!

Totally sick my man.

Can't wait for this. Steemit communities have shown me that I can be paid for my creative work and that was just a far off dream not too long ago.

Blockchain helping musicians, singers to earn profits for their art. That's a damn good idea. Looking forward to sell some of my toady voice songs!!!!!

Blockchain Napster? :)
I can't wait!

This is amazing!

I'm looking forward to this. :-)

Now we need to get enough fans on board for it to be seriously viable, right?

This sounds interesting!

Good Luck - World needs more participating technologies that reward the Creators - the better the artist, the more the votes and more prosperous the artist - NO MORE middleman.

Creator to Consumer - excellent idea.

Wow! My boyfriend is a musician! I think this is the last thing I needed to convince him to join steemit! ;)

Very Cool. I am new to this and still exploring. Up-voted and resteemed.

i love steem songs

Damned fine thing here. Looking forward to this.

很好的产品,尽管我不是一个艺术家,但还是要顶你!Very good product, even though I am not an artist, I still want to top you!

Is this similar like MUSE?

Great project. I hope musicians make money from this

Would this be in direct competition to Muse, MusicCoin, Audioncoin, Peertracks, Bittunes, Ujo etc


Our possible advantage is that we already we have a growing community who already own tokens and can easily buy music instantly. We aren't competing with anyone right now - just trying to create something fun and beneficial for the Steemit community. If it ends up going somewhere further then that is great.

A great way to expand the steem community and reach. Oh the future looks bright for online creators! Very exciting!

Who will be the next Justin Bieber? Great idea guys

Sounds revolutionary and unique. A platform to have and share music.

I suppose the best and quickest way to realize Steem Songs it would be a joint venture with Soundcloud. What do you think?


I think we are trying to do completely different things, so no.

What a great idea. I love it.

nice.....resteem and upvote for your post....

I think this is awesome, great idea, great job taking steps to make it happen!

like this idea very much! great post @thisisbenbrick

Awesome idea!

Wow. this is awesome! :D

Brilliantly brilliant! Praying that this comes to fruition really soon. Music for the people controlled by the people is heaven sent! :)

We would love to have our music in Steem Songs. For dev. you should try @benniebanana