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Greetings to all my friends of this fabulous steemians community, today I dedicate this post to mothers, special and indispensable beings to preserve the life of humanity.


I want to take advantage of this space to dedicate some words of love and affection to the mothers closest to my existence, first of all to the one who gave me the joy of being born and belonging to this wonderful world, my mother Maricela, whom we affectionately call "Chelita", always charismatic and ready to help everyone who needs her help, God continues to give her good health and many more years of life, so that she continues to fill us with joy, her grandchildren adore her.


Another adorable mother, the woman who has given me many emotions and who has accompanied me daily for more than 14 years, my wife @napi1, gave me two beautiful children, Valeria and Luis, at home we feel happy to have this wonderful woman, with an immense heart and courage.


Another wonderful being who is always present, in good and bad times, is my dear mother-in-law @mavi1, a special being, always willing to collaborate and on many occasions improvise to make family moments fun, with her good taste in the kitchen, trips, improvised games and charisma to make us laugh, her grandchildren affectionately call her "TREASURE", in fact her grandchildren are her greatest treasure.


Thank you for paying this beautiful tribute to these super special beings, that's why I love this little piece of a bagpipe from the Venezuelan group "Cardenales del Éxito" that says so:

"Everyone who has a mother, lives full of kindness, love and humility and who is sure of one thing, that there is no heart purer than the heart of a mother..."

These photos are my own, taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.

Gracias y hasta una próxima oportunidad.



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