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This is one of my all time favorite phrases from the world of sports.

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For those of you who are not familiar with this phrase, let me explain...

Mark Holtz worked for the Major League Baseball (MLB) team of the Texas Rangers starting in 1981 as “broadcaster on Rangers' cable games, then from 1982-1994 as play-by-play announcer on Rangers' radio broadcasts.”

Mark Holtz
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My family moved to Texas in 1990 and one of the only things I had to hold onto in this transition was playing little league baseball.

In Indiana, back from where I moved from, there were no MLB teams and the closest team was a minor league team known as the Indianapolis Indians.

Now that we were in Texas, the Rangers were the closest team, and thereby making them my default favorite.

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Growing up in the heat of the Texas Summers, watching or listening to baseball was always a fun distraction!

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, the worlds of Mark Holtz would stick with me and encourage me for a life time.

His phrase “Hello Win Column” was Holtz' signature closing phrase which he would exclaim after every Rangers win.

You see the thing is winning isn’t everything and for most my life it wasn’t even anything I thought much about outside of sports.

I did well in school but I didn’t try my best.

I wasn’t trying to win.

From one of my previous post:

“When I was in high school I had set the bar low.

Really low.

I was a classic underachiever.

The problem was I had low expectations of myself.

No aspirations in life.

No real plans.

I was just floating through life.

That was until one day I made up my mind to be different, to go for the win, to have no more 3 and outs.

This sent me down a path towards wanting to win.

Winning The Race
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After reading the book Pre-Suasion by social psychologist Robert Cialdini, I put the above picture as the background of image on my cell phone.

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.

I was finally starting to take these words of wisdom to heart.

My life needed to change and I wanted to win, but I didn’t want to do it alone.

The exact place I first came across the idea of a “win-win situation” escapes me, but it is something that I am always looking to achieve.

I want to make deals, moves, and changes that don’t just benefit myself, but are helpful and useful to those around me.

One such opportunity was something I’ve been meaning to tell you about and did.

Another opportunity has arisen and I want to share it with you too.

The thing is, I know this thing has “win-win” potential, yet I am not sure that it is quite as evident as getting money for qualifying for a loan.

Let me put it this way, I will give you the opportunity and what you do with it can make it a win for you if you are looking for this sort of thing.

BitShares Title Block
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Many people on Steemit are new to the world of Cryptocurrency.

Steemit was my first type of cryptocurrency to earn and hold and watch grow.

But I had heard of Bitcoin and wanted to know more about blockchain technology.

My friend and fellow Steemian @mctiller introduced me to BlockTrades as a way to quickly exchange digital currency.

Soon I was able to have other currencies, but I didn’t know where.

I needed a place to send them.

That is when I found out I could trade cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

Now for newbies like me, exchanges can be a bit overwhelming to get used to, but once you get a grasp of things, that is when the hard part starts.

Deciding what cryptocurrencies to pick is no easy task and requires research.

Or you can just wing it!

But you might lose your shirt!

Realistically, you should only use money that you can afford to lose and for me this was the earnings generated from steemit.

All my steemit earnings were above and byond my normal income and other retirement plans and so I used them on the exchange markets.

I started on just one market, Poloniex, but have now gotten out of that one due to several issues other users have had recently.

Currently, I use a few others, but none with as much potential as BitShares.

If you follow Stan, “The Godfather of BitShares, Fast Bitcoin, and the HERO, then you already know the next thing I am about to tell you.

They are starting The Billion Hero Challenge which is one giant “win-win” situation!

Sovereign HERO
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A quick explanation is that they are creating a prize that will be backed by equity in BitShares’ currency BTS.

And for you to get the HERO, what better place to do it than the BitShares/OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange which “allows you to trade assets in real time, securely, with ultra-low fees.”

There you go!

I want you to join me in my quest to be a HERO!

The Marketing Campaign Behind the Billion Hero Challenge is just ramping up as they put out more and more and more articles to garner attention to the cause.

Soon enough the contest will be in full swing and I don’t want to be left behind and since I want it to be a “win-win”, I don’t want you to be left behind either.

Join me!

Stay tuned.
Stay interesting.
Stay Strange.


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