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Other Half out of Brooklyn has been putting out world class NEIPAs (New England India Pale Ales), and this is no different.

All Natural
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It’s probably going to be a juice bomb, just like all the rest of the Other Half IPAs I drink.

Other Half also collaborated with Monkish Brewing out of Torrance, CA.

Twice Baked Potato was canned on 7/06/2017, so it’s just a shade over 2 weeks old.

I crack the can open and immediately can smell the citrus coming from the Galaxy and Vic Secret hops. I also get a little bit of the earthy aroma from the Simcoe, which I believe is a nice addition.

As I pour it into the matching Teku glass, the beer is golden and hazy as can be, which is also expected being a Northeast IPA.

The aromas from the glass are dominated by dank, citrus, and pine.

The second the beer hits my tongue, I know I’m in for a treat.

With the first sip, I get a lot of the grapefruit and lemon from the Galaxy and Vic Secret.

There is minimal bitterness to Twice Baked Potato, which I personally love.

Save the bitterness for the West Coast.

Mouthfeel is creamy and medium bodied.

Perfect carbonation, which really works well with the citrus notes. With every drink, I love this beer more and more. About halfway through the beer, some pineapple notes start to come out.

I was a little thrown off at how light the beer was when I poured it out, but it doesn’t take away from the beer at all.

Overall, this beer is beautiful in all aspects. It is a damn good beer.

I have absolutely no problems with this beer.

The mastery of Other Half and Monkish really come out in Twice Baked Potato.

I think this beer stands out way more than their “everyday” beers, but at this point in the NEIPA craze, it’s hard to find a beer that you can just walk up and get to go without having to wait in line for hours to get.

Stay tuned.
Stay interesting.
Stay Strange.


Beer Review by Jeremy Wright - 7/22/2017

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Dude! Sick post and I'm stoked to see some other people reviewing the good stuff! If you get the chance, check out the collabs other half did with burial beer co from Asheville, NC. Also give me a follow I will probably review one of them tonight and post it since you just posted this! The NEIPAs they collabed on most recently are DDH Powdered Cheese, DDH Mylar Bags, and DDH Mosaic Dream. Keep doing what you do and I'll be looking forward to reading more.


Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed it!

I will see about posting some simular content if it generates enough interest, so please re-steem and share and I followed you.


Had the Powdered Cheese about a week ago and I agree. Other half does not disappoint! Just re-steemed this post too! Cheers!


Thank you for the re-steem and glad to hear about the other brews!