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How to trick your mind - Chapter 10

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I haven´t done a "How to trick your mind" episode in a while, that´s why I thought this would be a great time to introduce all my new follower to this series. 

How to trick your mind is a series created by myself to show you simple ways how to really "trick" your mind in living healthier, being happier, feeling motivated and stuff like that. I know life can be hard sometimes and we often do not have enough time to focus on the real important things in life. These tips will help you to think different, use your time effective, feeling happier and more positive to live a healthier life. I have written down 9 chapter with different topics which I will link below for everyone who´s interested. 

Alright, since everyone is now introduced to this series we can start with the actual theme which is M O T I V A T I O N.

I meet so many people who dont feel motivated at all. Laying lazy in bed, having trouble with paying bills, aren´t going to the gym and forgetting about their health and so on. Motivation is a major factor in living a happier life. I have found an appropriate quote from Steven Pressfield which describes the situation of being unmotivated very well. 

At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it. - Steven Pressfield 

Please think about this a little longer than usual. Doing stuff, working for your dreams, decrease weight and improving your skills isnt always the easiest thing. It is tough to keep going even if it would feel better to stay in bed and watch some favorite movies instead of getting up early in the morning and working for your dreams. But as Steven Pressfield already said, you will get to some point where the pain of NOT doing it becomes greater than the pain OF doing it, which is so true. You are going to see people overtaking you and your skills, you are going to miss different opportunities and at some point, you only want to give up because it would be to exhausting to catch up. 

Before I start with different tips to get and stay motivated, I want to tell you that it´s never too late to start and when you´re ready to start, start immediately! There are no postpone and no excuses. 

Insert a daily review into your life 

I have learned that doing mini-review on your day will help you to have a successful, having a purpose and having no time to think about negativity. I want you to give yourself 5 minutes after you woke up and start planing your day. Think about what needs to be done, what tasks do you want to do and maybe also what kind of sports or diet you want to perform. If you keep yourself in mind what things you need to do for the day, there wouldnt be any time to get unmotivated or to think negative. 

Taking small breaks - refocusing 

Another great way to stay motivated is to do small breaks throughout the day. These dont need to be long breaks, sometimes just 10-15 minutes would be great to refocusing on your goal and what you want to achieve for the day. 

Become mindful

Reviewing and taking breaks throughout the day are good way to stay motivated. But there is another thing which is very useful. Become mindful! Being mindful is the key to doing the work that you are supposed to be doing. We have so many influences that try to distract us. This is how we get unfocused and this is also the moment where we start getting unmotivated too! But if we focus on being mindful, there is no way to disturb us in what we are doing!

Go for five 

The start is often the hardest. I can tell you, you will find plenty other things you could do at this time but they are not worth it! Maybe its fun or relaxing but keep in mind that you have a goal which you want to achieve very soon. My tip is to start working on that certain task for 5 minutes. Often this little push will be enough to get you going!


There are so many things we would rather do than working on our goal. It is sometimes just exhausting, taking too long or you´re just lazy to get started. I want you to analyze the problem. I want you to make sure of what distracts you and try to be stronger than your craving to leisure activities. 

I dont want to write down too much because this is already enough information for your brain! Now you need to implement the tips that I wrote down and work on your motivation. One little thing I still want to mention is music! Whatever I do ( working, programming, sports etc.) I put on a suitable sound and my mood is already how I want it to be! 

The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing. -Walt Disney

The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees The Opportunity In Every Difficulty. -Winston Churchil

Thanks for reading!

Let me know if you have any questions about this topic. 

Stay focused

Love, Soldier 

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I really love your posts! You always post different and interesting kind of series! keep doing it please ;)


Glad you enjoy my content !I try to share my interest with my followers and it makes me happy to see how much they like it!


keep doing this and you will receive so much support! Thx!


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cool series - I started from chapter 10 :) now on to 9 going to 1 -
I feel like I'm going up :)


Nice, I wish you a lot of fun reading the next chapter :D

totally different view.after doing all u did, take a break.Innovation happens when u focus on something sharply and then take your mind off that and go some where else, travel and do something else..then boom u will get the break thru.happened to me!!!


Nice! I have made the same experience!

I love that quote by Steven Pressfield.

The hurdle most people struggle with is the mentality of it all. It is indeed never too late to progress in any aspect of your life so long as your alive!


Totally agree !

Great advice! When I'm working on something I have to listen to some music! Great quotes you picked out :)


Me too! Music always gives me the right atmosphere

Great advices from the great @soldier ! Keeping yourself motivated is very important , especially in today's society where even little things can bring you down . I always try to break down my tasks or goal to steps that I can work on everyday , which keeps me going and moving on a daily basis , I tell myself "if I have come this far, why give up now" we must all stay focused and anazlye our problems so we can trick our mind or stay positive and stay focused ! One way is , I wrote everything down , and check it off as I go , I keep striving


if I have come this far, why give up now - Love this kind of view! You´re so right. I todays society very little things can bring you down and its even worse through social media so we need to find ways to motivate ourselves !


This is literally the only social media I have , I got rid of everything because no body really is truly happy to see others success , brings on a lot of jealousy .


This is such a great post. People need to strengthen their​ minds and self-love​ in order to make real changes for themselves.


@Journeyoflife This may sound silly and maybe for you it works the same. I learned that highlighting the things you do makes a difference. It is fun to do (it's like getting a star) but also every time you look at things you need to do you are reminded what you have already accomplished. Give it a try and see if it makes a difference.

I'm an example of procrastination :)


Ohhh try your best !

Great, thought provoking post. I have found over the years that if I do the thing I dread most first the day gets better from that point on.


So tue! I have made the same experiences

Awesome Post , Spirit: the smile of intelligence
Let everyone get to know his mind
Empty your mind from yourself:)

I like the one about taking a rest. I find when I am tired I just take a rest and when I get up it is like I got a second wind.


This is good, taking rest in between your daily tasks are great for your body and soul!

All of these are excellent tips but out of all of them, I love refocusing the best. Sometimes I pull myself away for a good 15-20 minutes and it makes all the difference in the world! This was a good read and a good refresher for me.


Glad you enjoyed it! Little breaks can do wonder sometimes

Ya I completely agree with you. Happiness is very important in life. I'll surely try this tips. Thanx for the useful info.


Let me know if they work for you!

Support me and enter here your collaboration is important

Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today ! This is my daily leitmotiv and it keeps me doing everything that is important.


Love your daily motivation!

Daily goals help to get things done... Written down with paper and pen.


I agree. we should write it down on paper and not on any electronic devices


exactly... the phone doesnt work the same!

Thank you for sharing. This could trully help a lot of people struggling with depression.


Yeah I agree. People who struggle with depression truly need ways to stay motivated

Upvoted and also resteemed!

I feel visualization is a great way to implant in your mind your vision of success. I have used this with clients who are trying to lose weight. For example, I had a lady for want to fit into her favorite dress again. I had her place it in view in her bedroom so it is the first thing she sees when she wake up. She is well on her way to wearing it again. Your motivation tips are great! Awesome post @soldier once again!

Great tips to be motivated all the time. Thanks.


Glad you like it !

I've always wanted to know how to trick my mind. This is a great article for young people to control their emotions and thoughts. so they can react to the outside world in a logical manner


So glad you find this content helpful!

Nothing worth doing is easy. I know a lot of people tend to confuse simple with easy. I think it was Jim Rohn who said (paraphrasing): 'Simple is taking an apple a day to keep the doctor away, but applying that principle and actually eating an apple a day is hard.' We'd basically have to form a new [success] habit.

I especially like what you said here:

But if we focus on being mindful, there is no way to disturb us in what we are doing!

Too many distractions to steal away our attention today. Thank you for sharing these personal development strategies.


Glad you like it! I agree with Jim Rohn. Great phrase!

Lovely tips you've got. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks !

I like your writing and your series here.
Quotes are great too.


Thank you, appreciate it

This is such a solid effort! im looking forward to coming back to this when i have a little more free time and can really focus from chapter 1.

Thanks and keep pushing the good vibes @soldier !


Love motivating people! Glad you like it

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. - Lao Tzu.

And it is always the most difficult, because of excuses we find as you said, but it doesn't have to be difficult.
Nice article.


Great quote !

Breaks really help me to refresh my mind after doing something for more than an hour. And I basically can't do anything without some music! :)


So do I ! I love to refresh my brain after focusing for many hours! And music is always a part of my daily routine, no matter what I do or where I am


Haha I think there's even a term for music addicts but I can't remember it now 😂

Everything is so relative. Too much money is bad and little much worse. And it is where happiness and motivation come in, very good article


Thanks, appreciate it!

Just ran 3 miles. Feels good

muy buen contenido gracias por compartirlo con nosotros


Muchas gracias

great content, great advice, thank you @soldier.
Keeping yourself ready for everything at any time is very important in today's​ life. Life is very busy and fast moving. Meditation can be one of the best ways to calm your mind. I can give positive vibes and eternal peace. You can always give it a try :)


Sure, meditation is such a great way to calm yourself down and recharge your energy !

Wow excelente post, interesante capítulo recopilatorio, eres genial @soldier te admiro mucho, Saludos y éxitos para ti!

Great article. One thing people forget is procrastination is really fear. The reason I feel a lot of people do not maintain their motivation is they stop focusing on the end reasoning for the goals.

The second part deals with rewards. If you do your to do list you may get 0 to minimal rewards. However, someone who obsessed with their tasks will get abundant rewards. Lot's of people do not have confidence that they will be the on who gets over rewarded.

I am big into self improvement but need to get better at self implementation. :)


Like the reward system! Thats a great idea


Thanks. I've found we get burned out when we lose focus of our goals or feel we are not making progress on them. We tend to stop making progress and interest when the rewards are not flowing in. Get the rewards and the motivation all of a sudden re-appears.

Outside of those techniques, which are good, you can positively affect your mind by what you eat and what you see. I've really made it a habit to avoid watching too much "TV" and when I do, I don't want to see lots of crazy violence, sex, and drugs. All of those things become a part of your sub-conscience and affects your mood and how you think.

The food you eat can also affect how "sharp" or "fuzzy" your brain feels and how much energy you have. So I TRY and make it a habit to eat a well-balanced diet and no fast food, meats, sodas and other junk foods.

And of course, exercise and get good sleep!!!

Do all those things and I think you'll have an easier time focusing, being more energetic, and happier :-)

I listen to music to stay focused until it encourages me to sing haha

I had to go through all your posts before payout again and vote - you are probably THE one Steemian that perfectly united brain and beauty

This is my daily leitmotiv and it keeps me doing everything that is important.

Great advice! ................. @soldier

Music is the key ;) great post keep it up

"Believe in your dreams and they may come true. Believe in yourself and they will surely come true"

Martin Luther King
upvoted and followed too

you again tricked my mind for sure :D

I've commented several times on your article and want to minimize additional comments. Your article sparked and article in me that I wanted to share. I would love your thoughts on it.

Wow.. This is awesome, looking forward to the next episode! ☺

Waiting for chapter 11

thanks for the is really helpful

Elon Musk does the 5 minute rule.

Great post idea!

I will read beautiful girl :D

Congratulations already chapter 10. ❤❤

Great advice and tips for motivation ..

Loved reading your post, awesome Quotes. It was a fun read... Keep going

You might be able to trick Western males who have no intention of going beyond Western society for women, but those motor oil brows which turn you into a full-blown clown ain't tricking me!