My Saturday Ramble Through Steemit - Notes on My Favourite Reads (Sept 3rd)

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I got up yesterday morning, put on my coffee and like most mornings the last month I started exploring Steemit for new posts. It’s been almost a month since I joined the site and I do spend a lot of time reading, upvoting and commenting on posts. 

It occurred to me that I don’t share what I’ve read that has caught my attention. So, for the next month, I’m going to endeavour to take note of the posts that catch my attention and share them with you. 

I’d really appreciate when any of them catch your attention, you’d give them a read, upvote and even a comment. Everyone appreciates being appreciated. 

So, here is my notes from Saturday Sept 3rd. 

Links from Steemit Chat Channels

I started looking through the Steemit Chat channels that I’ve joined. From there I opened 15 links. I’ve commented on the ones I really liked and upvoted. 

Working Answer to Meaning of Life Personal Progression

@sykochica discusses how the meaning of life is a work in progress. Explored happiness and perspective on the bad times. I loved the picture of the cat looking in the mirror and seeing a lion. Being a cat person, I could totally relate. 

Creative Confidence — Discover Yourself Again 

@funnyman posts about creative confidence. How we are born with creativity and gradually leave it behind due to lack of confidence. We don’t learn it, we do it. 

Sharing the Love and the Spotlight — Purveyor of Fine Content - More Hidden Gems 22

@lpfaust featured four links in this post. I clicked through to two of them bringing me to a total of 17 links opened. 

Struggling Steemit Users You Haven’t Lost You’ve Just Not Found How to Win Yet

@sykochica wrote a great piece here that is an inspiration especially for smaller Steemit users. Many helpful tips on how to keep moving forward. He did send me down a bit of a rabbit hole. Doesn’t the web do that to us? Anyways, I noticed a reference to and took a look. 

Then I ended up installing the teamspeak client to get to the steemspeak channel. The client is pretty easy to use except for the annoying background music. If I could have turned it off I would have left it running in the background so I’d know when there was activity in the channel. Instead I’ll have to check back occasionally to see if there is activity. 

Steemit, the Scam and the Get-Rich Quick Scheme

@webosfritos has written a very methodical piece on the pros and cons of Steemit as a whole. Very well thought out. 

Why 95% of Steemit Blogs Are Doomed to Fail Before They Even Start 

@steemrocket has written a really well developed piece on blogging and marketing. One of the better posts I’ve seen. He listed some of his other posts, which I linked to one of so that now brings me to 18 links open

Government Deficits and Debt Biases Versus Reality

@kental has written one of the better discussions of national debt in relation to economic growth that I’ve seen. It’s not hard to follow and provided me with perspective I’ve not had before. I think most people tend to think of the national debt in terms of their own households and we forget to see the bigger picture and the various moving parts that decides if the debt is good or bad. 

Order Is But An Illusion Chaos Is All There Is

@kyriacos writes a piece here arguing that there is not order in this world but chaos with an illusion of order. He lays out the piece very well. It needs to be read with an open mind to the concepts described. Our minds do tend to seek order from chaos, yet @kyriacos may have a point. 

Dogs Can Understand Both Words and Intonation of Human Speed New Research Finds - News in Science

This was the second time I looked at this post. @logic writes a good piece about new research that proves dogs can understand words and intonation. Anyone who has owned a dog is aware of that, the study just proved what we knew. 

My Love For Coffee A Beautiful Disaster

@diana.catherine talks about how important her one cup of coffee per day is. It’s apparently so important she needs to carry it with her during the day and often manages to spill it in very inconvenient places. I have trouble relating to just one cup a day, I’d need to carry the pot with me as I have several cups in the morning and then usually don’t have any the rest of the day. 

Stop the Excuses - You Are Responsible

@menta has written a well developed piece on responsibility. That we need to take responsibility and own our choices if we truly want to change our life. 

6 Ways To Leverage Your Writing Career  

@tensun writes this post on writing. I particularly liked the part when @tensun suggests a 30 day writing immersion. So, I’ve now committed to writing about what the posts I read on Steemit for the next 30 days. By then it should be such a habit that I’ll just have to continue with my Rambles. 

7 Simple Tips to Crafting the Perfect Steemit Headline

@steemrocket has written an excellent piece here with tips on how to write effective headlines. A post’s headline is the first impression on the reader. If it doesn’t get their attention, then the great words you’ve written wont be read. Writing headlines is one of my weaknesses. 

Moving On to My Feed 

Having read my way through the first 18 links I moved to my own feed. That is the posts of those I follow. From there I opened 15 links, bypassing some of the links I’d already opened. 

Why I Own Crypto-Currencies Gold and Silver

@hilarski writes in this piece about his experiences with first gold and silver and then moving into crypto-currencies. It’s interesting reading. I’ve just been introduced to the concept and find articles like these interesting to start to understand the potential of these currencies. 

Are You an Extrovert or Introvert and the Real Difference Between Them

@steemitguide has written one of the best posts I’ve seen about the difference between introverts and extroverts. 

Wrapping Up My Day 

I had to go help out on a community dinner at the Legion for part of the afternoon and evening. By the time I got home there were about 6 of the links I’d opened that I was too tired to focus on reading. I also deferred finishing writing this post until Sunday morning. 

I’ll have a bit more time today for writing. I’m on volunteer bar duty at the branch but I take my laptop with me and write behind the bar. So, I’ll be posting later today with today’s reading notes. 

Don’t forget, please link to any posts that interest you and show them some SteemLuv. 

One of my other goals with this series is to share these posts on another blog of mine to promote Steemit and what it offers. 

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That's a fair old comprehensive list!!! Well done


Thank you @meesterboom one of the things I love about Steemit is there is usually lots to read. Some of it is really good to read :)


Very diplomatically put! I agree!


Great post on sharing . a checklist is very important in any thing that we all do because when you get used you will remember what you did not do

Good to know you really thought about it. Posting the intrested topic that what have been you read is also like sharing it to other steemitians who happen not read it. I do find some intresting topic that you post and try to read it later. Just to rest my eyes first its getting blurred anyway :). Maybe i can follow your post, and make it like a table of content so i can choose of what i want to read.


Thank you @juvyjabian ... I really do get the blurred eyes. Mine are usually the same by the end of the day. Glad to know it isn't just my old eyes.

Nice wrap up. I'll be checking out some of these for sure!


thank you.. hope you find some new favourite writers

Thank you for the mention. This is a great compilation. I know it took alot of time to do.


thank you @hilarski and thank you for writing great stuff for people like me to read.