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Hi, it's me.

Days ago I was given a post by Jaguar.Force that I reffer to you (if you want to read a little 'rubbish).
An imaginative jumble of accusations supported by laughable evidence with which they demonstrated and attributed to me a series of presumed "abuses".
Few minutes after the article was published, on my bulletin board arrived, with an amazing timeliness and continuity:

  1. Flag of spaminator, heavy that led me to zero 4 posts that had $ 30/40 of rewards, mostly obtained with use of BOT
  2. Addition to blacklist by smartstem and I immagine in other lists of which I do not know the existence but that, I am sure, exist, also;
  3. Semi-private message of dismissal (?) By OCD motivated by my unworthy behavior.
  4. Messages and repeated flags of Cheetah
  5. Flags of mack-bot
  6. If I forgot something, please tell me.

A thorough denigrated campaign put in place by JaguarForce and his network of supporters, made of comments left around on Steemit and on Discord, has completed the picture of accusations against me and added new and unprecedented details on the story that would have seen me protagonist in these two years spent on Steemit.

And so I found myself investigated, judged, condemned and executed, without evidence (or rather with fanciful deductions) from an exhilarating and ridiculous group of people who decided to apply their law and rules on Steemit.

After the first heavy flag I asked Spaminator the reason for the flags. No reply.
I went then on Discord, in the Steemcleanrs channel, where I was told by Logic that:
@sardart You have been added to spaminator permanently for stealing hundreds of photographic art pieces and then posting them claiming to be the author. You have used cropping techniques and editing in order to deceive community and prevent images from being detected by reverse image search. you have been doing it for years on Steemit on multiple accounts. All your accounts have been added to mackbot permanently

Well I finally understood something!

Jaguarforce was added to the discussion, even though I did not understand in what capacity it collaborates with Steemcleaners considering that it uses completely different methods and also uses a fake Account (steemclean).
In this post you can see them both in action, the real one and this Fake.
I will do it short and I will summarize because I want to clarify and I have lost too much time with these rascals.
The presecutions that have been made to me around steemit and discord are:

  1. I steal hundreds of photos. (nice stuff, obviously, because ugly staff cannot be stolen)
  2. I have multiple accounts and are spammers (?).
  3. I removed my posts, I put my post back;
  4. I abused of my role as an OCD curator;
  5. I eat children;


I want to clarify immediately.
Not a single line of plagiarism was found and I was not shown a single recall link to prove the theft of the photos I put to illustrate my posts.
I have never received in these two years a plagiarism or anything else.
The photos are mine and all the contents are mine and nobody, has shown the opposite, yet!

On Discord I asked JaguarForce to show me the source link to show where and whom I stole these hundreds of photos. I had no response from them.
Of course, just because they have nothing to prove.

Jaguar.Force, the photos you see on my bulletin board are mine as well as the lyrics.
Get a reason.
You did not find anything concrete to prove what you have supported

To accuse people it takes trials, facts and feedback.
If you say that one steals "hundreds" of photos you have to tell where from were stolen. If you do not say it, but you limit yourself to the accusation, to my country, this is called DIFFAMATION and it is not an abuse but a CRIME.
But we prefer the quick and approximative ways.
As the always present Locig says to an explicit request to prove the accusations:

No proof, no explanation is due.
I do not understand how these people are inside the official Steemcleaners Discord channel.

Yet, checking the published photographs is very simple. Just having a research program is not too sophisticated and anyone can see if the photos published by a user is original or not.
I point out, by the way, this interesting article How To Avoid Copyright Violation And Image Plagiarism - How To Effectively Use Google Images at the time written by @dmcamera where he explained, even with practical cases, how to trace back to the owner of the photo.

The photos you see on my wall are original and taken by me. Do all the tests and research you want.

This I asked to do to Spaminator but, again, I had no answer and, obviously, no evidence of my thefts.
I only had its flags that were interrupted after 6 days (I do not know why they started and I do not know why they ended up) and so here I am forced to defend myself.

JaguarForce. Who are they and above all for what and for whom?

I must say that, given the violence of their actions, the furious fury of their language and their way of reporting abuses (presumed or true they are), I went to see who they are, how they propose themselves and, above all, what their supportive network.

I lined up the real object of their "work". The research, the contrast of the abuse on steemit? No, not really ...
Their goal is to put the curators under their observation and, once they find the wrongdoing, throw mud in a violent and arrogant way on them. Make a post like "Beat the monster on the front page" and hope to pick up important survivors. And sometimes they succeed.
With methods worthy of the Sacred Inquisition, like death squads, fascist or Nazi patrols, these of Jaguar.Force act in order to exhibit their fine police art.

Jaguar.Force: they are just miserable!

Look up who they are in the last post they published and on which dangerous reward-pool robbers got the hands of Jaguard.Force.
Oh my God, poor accounts that barely earn 0.2 steemit to Post.
All users awarded with the complicity of malefactors and clumsy curators.
Because this is what they are aiming at: getting to the attention of those who carry out curative projects in order to be able to take part of them or have a return in some way. And this can only be done by discrediting the curators.

But on closer inspection, they are not only violent and vulgar but also incompetent. Their research and evidence are often inconsistent and attackable.
If anyone thinks they can activate control projects with these of Jaguar.Force know that it is intended not only to lose his money but also his face

There are several curation projects that have been the subject of Jaguar.Force's attention.
In this comment on @thermoplastic other clarifications on the way of acting of these individuals.

The problem of bullying on Steemit has always existed and has never been seriously addressed. Degenerative behaviors of some groups such as Jaguar.Force can occur at any time. It is difficult for the community to self-regulate.
I point out, on the subject, the beautiful reflection of @wwf , a gentle and very wise man in Old habits die hard
Of the false and unfounded accusations that I have been moved by JaguarForce this of plagiarism, the one of stealing the photos is the one that has bothered me the most. For two reasons:
Putting stolen pictures is not only a question of violated copy but is one of the few things (perhaps the only one) that is not expressly permitted by Steemit's rules.
We clarify that the only rules that apply to this social are those written by Steemit and that, when we become part of this social network, we accept and we must therefore respect.
Those who know me well know that, on this issue of stolen photos, I fought hard to make it known and respected within the nascent Italian community. JaguarForce did not exist yet and, frankly, nothing has to tell me or teach me about this.
The most laughable accusation, however, is that which claims that I have about 100 accounts and, attention to the scoop, it is not even well known whether I am a man or a woman.
In this approximate evaluation I was given 100 accounts (?)
And, of course, I would be the only one responsible for all their actions.
And how would they come to show all this? Analyzing the movements of my money on the wallet!

So, Steemit people, know it, be careful who you send money to because you can be investigated and charged with who knows what. Then they will check the votes, and then they will pick you up ...

Well, dear JaguarForce & Co, I'll give you a revelation.
I send my money to whomever I want, where I want. And I do not have to give explanations for anything
It does not seem to me that there is, among Steemit's rules, an explicit limitation to the movements of the wallet.

I am [email protected] you can find me on Faceebook, Pinterest, Istagram and on other socials and, contrary to many of you, I also put my real face.
I answer only for me and my things, whether they are photos, post or Steem I do what I like and I do not have to justify this.
And I'm not interested in the other crap that from time to time, groups like yours self-proclaiming platform cleaners, are invented as "rules" to be enforced on Steemit.
I've heard so many in these two years. Self-voting is not good, spam is not even ... (what actually is spam, God only knows).
Here is a brief overview of the things that, while being allowed on Steemet, for these gentlemen cannot be done or better: some can do others less. This is what constitutes the huge gray area of Steemit that allows the proliferation of bullying attitudes more or less organized and oriented.
Spam is all that can bother, anything that can bother me, you, him ... briefly everything and nothing can be considered spam. I did not find the word spam on Steemit's rules.
The Self-votingEven this, which is allowed by Steemit's rules, is not always well seen, or rather sometimes and sometimes not. Sometimes it's okay 50% will self-vote sometimes 3%, but save 100% their other accounts. So it depends on the moon and the sun. But if this practice does not please it would be enough to simply adjust it as a use or even eliminate it. It seems to me that on Whaleshare a solution has been found, at least on the self-voting comments. Of course on Steemit nothing is done because it is convenient for everyone, except the situations of becomind enemy.
Multiple accounts -This is another activity that is not forbidden on Steemit. One can have as many as desire and manage to create and develop. And there are many users of Steemit who, for different reasons, have more than one. You know it very well. It does not seem right to lose even a minute on this question.
Re-post. Activity aimed on posting old posts more or less revised. Some like this, others not. Maybe it's like that but patience .. It's not forbidden by any Steemit rule. In fact, I think that repeating your content after an appropriate period of time is also useful for the platform because in this way those who could not see them before because was not part of the social or was distracted has in this way the opportunity to read the stories, tips, appreciate the photos. And in this way we build and consolidate relationships between users and exchange experiences.
So if you do Re-post, dear friends I'll be grateful to you.
Ultimately I think that Steemit does not need these kind of people that I consider real trolls definitely paid by someone and that, instead of giving an added value to the platform, they flee the people out of it..

Jaguar.Force , as very well said @anmitsu curator of OCD on the Discord channel “To me you are trying to milk stake holders and projects like Steempress for votes without bringing anything positive or worth to the platform

There are for sure civil and discrete ways to report errors or plagiarisms and to educate on the subject. The reality is that a lot of people do them on purpose and repeatedly but, believe me, the general belief is that what is found on the web, it's everyone's stuff. But then reporting errors can not be done by banging the monster the first page, only to seek visibility and look for the vote.
For this reason starting today I will put my flag on theirs.
I have never used my prerogative to regulate the behavior of this community with the flag tool. But I think it's time to do it.
These of Jaguar.Force & Co are Fake and Trollerand we don't need them.
This is a social, it is not a police state.

I received about 40 flags these days and I will give them back, even with interest.
I will finish my distribution when those who have excluded me and banned and flagged, will resort to an apology and will return my the stolen steems.
For those of Jaguar.Force and their supporters I do not know when and if I will finish my distribution.
Finally a thought for the other accusation that annoys me and I feel really sorry about. I did not understand what had been abused in these years (?) As a curator of OCDB. This also was not told to me. But, even on this subject I prefer not to rage.
The articles I have proposed for the selections of OCD are on their page. Go to see if I [email protected] have ever proposed shitpost.
I want to be judged for what I actually did and certainly not for an article built on falsehoods.
An article written, moreover, by those who were also banned by the discord channel, precisely because of his troll manners.
What shall I do on Steemit now, after my bad experience?
I confess I also thought about leaving Steemit.
I will not do that.

But I stay and stay on my terms. Which are then the ones you just read.
Sorry for the length, and thanks for your time!
(I will spamm this link on the wall of different users. Sorry but I take the right to reply)
A photo to close. A picture taken by me.
With beauty.


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I like reading your posts, they are interesting and informative. And the photos are very nice!..
Awful situation((( ALL WILL BE OK!!! Wish you good luck!

I'm so sorry for you that you're in this situation. I am happy that you stay with Steemit. I wish you that everything clarifies. Your photos are special! In particular, your flowers photos. They have unmistakably your signature. You're a win for Steemit.Do not give up!

Thanks a lot. I know that you understand my shocking situation.

Hi @guiltyparties please, You would mind taking off your bot. Perhaps now you are also exaggerating ...

Maybe my opinion is not worth much, but I like your work very much and the publications are always well documented, go ahead the photos are spectacular. A hug for you. @sardrt

Hi Daniela Serra, nice to hear from you!
Since you seem to want more evidence, we will go ahead an make a second post exposing the whole abuse ring you ran with Adriano Balan.

Păi bine mă prostule handicapat, pentru asta te-ai scremut trei zile? Să vii cu postu ăla de căcat? Păi de ce m-ai băgat pe mine la un loc cu alte conturi de pe Steemit mă boule! Nu vezi că eu sunt român și femeia aia @sardrt e italiancă tâmpitule care ești! Ce treaba am eu cu @adrianbalan păduchiosule? Ai mixat trei persoane diverse ca să-ți iasă si ție de un abuz! Ancheta sulii ce-ai făcut tu. Futu-ți mamarea-n bot și pe măta aia proasta că te-a făcut un dobitoc! Acuma chiar ai rupt măciuca! Stai că-ți arăt eu ție și ălora care te împing în față să terorizezi lumea. Vă place să aruncați cu rahat în stânga și în dreapta nu? Atunci de rahat o să aveți parte!

P.S. Bad move @guiltyparties very bad.

@gabrielvlad I don't know what you're going on about but please come talk to me and the other @steemcleaners on Discord

Everyone with questions is welcome to come chat. Sometimes we miss questions/messages because of real life but we do our best. I can only speak for myself but I value everyone's freedom of speech and opinion equally.

Clarification for all who are wondering: I am the @steemcleaners liaison for @jaguar.force and for many other anti-abuse projects. While I can't speak for these projects, I will answer questions to the best of my ability.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Well, @guiltyparties I just wanted to figure out who the link was. Thank you for the clarification. Then you have more responsibility in all this because @Steemcleaners is a serious matter and so it risks only losing credibility in front of the whole community.

No, it's not the type of link you're thinking. "Liaison" means that I advise projects on how @steemcleaners work and what falls or doesn't fall within our scope and answer any questions that are not confidential. It's exactly the same as you coming to talk to me as a person (which you should do if you'd like). The reason for one "liaison" is because the rest of the team are usually busy.

Lol, steemcleaners has been questionable since the very beginning for selectively enforcing the rules.
Nothing new, but they were all we had.
Now we got others, and an impossible task.
They all do what they can.
Without them the abuse would be more pervasive.

@feebornangel Applying the rules selectively means being corrupt. And this is.

I don't doubt it, steemcleaners has had that problem from the very beginning.
I was here.

It doesn't change hiring a bully to take rewards into something I would support.
You can see from my unpopularity that I say things people don't like to hear.
Most are scared to speak truth to power.

It doesn't cause me to go out and pay for some rewards.
Which is why I flagged your post, but upvoted your comment.

The way I see it, there was a hijackening of the chain to facilitate abuse by the few.
When you pay for rewards, you pay for abuse that benefits only you, and the particular bully.
I don't think that 'bid bots are bad' is really contentious as a concept, at this point.

For me the story is closed. Steemcleaners can leave his robots attached to me as much as he wants. So everyone sees their abuse towards me. Thanks for your attention @freebornangel but I don't intend to talk about it anymore.

Pazzesco, se anche una come te subisce questi abusi la piattaforma e chi la gestisce ha davvero qualcosa che non va per niente.
PS: La rosa dell'ultima foto è meravigliosa...è quella specie che profuma tantissimo? Sono incredibili queste rose viola. fatto è che questa piattaforma non la gestisce nessuno e quindi tutti si sentono autorizzati a fare quello che vogliono nel bene e nel male e ad autoproclamarsi sceriffi e autorità . E' un far west .... Io la chiamo la "dittatura delle piattaforme decentralizzate" . Purtroppo questi stanno instaurando un clima di terrore ed è chiaro che la gente sarà obbligata ad andar via su altri social (io lo sto già facendo..) .

L'anarchia (intesa come autodeterminazione senza leggi provenienti dall'esterno) non funziona perché non si confà alla natura umana stessa, e Steemit, dove girano tra l'altro soldi, non fa eccezione. Una guida, o delle linee guida, servono sempre. Sarebbe un peccato, però, se questa piattaforma andasse perduta piuttosto che "aggiustata". Per curiosità, verso cosa stai migrando?

Hai ragione @piumadoro l'uomo e proprio una brutta bestia. Sono su Trybu e Whaleshare dove non esistono robot ....

Glad you are not leaving, glad you are standing up to the bullies. If they accuse and do not show proof, very simple like you said show the link to the original picture, then they are bullies. You have more steem, you have been on steemit longer, and you have a higher reputation than them, so taking them back down to a 25 rep or lower will be no problem for you.

  ·  6 months ago Reveal Comment

After reviewing evidence presented to me about this issue I have removed my vote. The evidence does not do your case much good.

I will listen to both sides, and make my own judgement. It is my vote, and I am the only one who can judge how best to use it.

will resort to an apology and will return my the stolen steems.

By stolen Steem do you mean from flags? If so, they are not stolen. The Steem is not yours until it is in your wallet.

Those sent to the bot were mine, certainly not yours. Hypocrites and thieves.

Warning! This user is on my black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
If you believe this is an error, please chat with us in the #cheetah-appeals channel in our discord.

$rewarding 100%

Pare che Albert Einstein dicesse che

Due cose sono infinite: l'universo e la stupidità umana, ma riguardo l'universo ho ancora dei dubbi.

Un caro abbraccio, @sardrt: apprezzo molto le tue foto e i tuoi post... ti sono vicino! ;)

Grazie mille.....bella frase @amico, molto opportuna, vista la situazione...

È una frase che, aihmè, molto spesso calza a pennello!
Vai avanti e sorridi! 🤗

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E' semplicemente pazzesco! Non ho parole! Mi dispiace tremendamente e trovo questa faccenda veramente surreale (a dir poco!).
Edit: ho appena guardato la pagina del giaguaro e vedo che ha colpito random un sacco di gente e veramente da ignorante completo! In uno dei suoi post dedicati a "scoprire" i copiatori di arte ha messo alla gogna una ragazza che semplicemente ha usato come modello per un esercizio una quadro famoso, come fa ogni studente d'arte e tra l'altro disegnandolo chiaramente in modo diverso! E' un ignorante che cerca di far "carriera" qui colpendo qua e là. Prima o poi (speriamo prima) qualcuno lo affonderà!

Già cerchiamo di avere la schiena dritta. Sempre. Poi noi sardi siamo! Grazie Silvia.

Io intanto ho condiviso questo post. Sono anche un po' incacchiata perchè si da credito a questo che, bada caso, come questa stretta collaborazione degli ultimi tempi ha post anche ben remunerativi. Buttare fango solo su chi lavora in campo pittorico non gli rendeva abbastanza, ora si è allargato. Prima o poi toccherà qualcuno che sarebbe meglio non toccare! Io intanto ho commentato il commento che aveva scritto lì una persona che conosco, tanto per chiarire ;)

  ·  6 months ago Reveal Comment
  ·  6 months ago Reveal Comment

Non ho parole =_= Ma i bulli su steemit? Roba vergognosa. No guarda non ho parole, mi spiace davvero però che tu passi guai e problemi per questo abuso di potere, Non abbandonae steemit , bisogna andare in fondo alle cose e mettere in luce e in chiaro che stanno sbagliando e che certo non sei tu tra gli utenti da perseguire per spam e plagio.

Se vogliono tenersi questi Troll, il problema non è mio...

I really like your photos!

I'm sure they'll figure it out.
Not despair.

They got it wrong.


Thanks a lot @singa Beautiful butterfly ... a symbol of freedom and beauty, the things that we like.

Even in Common-Law, the one making the claim has the burden of proof. When people pass judgement over others, it taints us all. I am deeply saddened by the behaviours that you are calling out, but I'm grateful that you are standing up to testify. I would urge you not to retaliate and engage in the types of behaviours they are doing. The energy of that will not serve you. Instead, I encourage forgiveness, walking the high road and leadership through example. You are doing this by testifying, while their behaviours are tarnishing their own reputation and Creator will rearrange the universe to compensate for that behaviour. Thank you for sharing my work. Peace to you. <3

Thank you for your speech. As I told you a few days ago, I'm going out of this affair stronger than before. I learned that, in reality, there is nothing more centralized than a decentralized platform.
I'm glad I met your thought.


I appreciate that you quote me @sardart but I’m not sure that it helps your case in any way. I dislike @jaguar.force methods because they are not bringing any value to the chain.
There are people out there who for example abuse busy bot by writing gibberish posts etc. And I often find myself reporting them for FREE.

So for me the abusive language, post promotion, scavenging for any posts which could be targeted, reposting of the same comments by @jaguar.force is very close to the same kind of abuse, like reposting the same comment (which is real spam, bad for the chain. Still spam even if you repost it for visibility).

Rewards are great of course, but you guys seem to concentrate on them too much. Please take a minute and think if you would upvote your content and for how much if it was written by someone else.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)


  ·  5 months ago (edited)Reveal Comment

Exactly my reaction when I saw your epic coment reposts for visibility.

You should feel proud, you are the hero of some the most despicable abusers in the platform, apparently including this garbage that used to be your fellow curator, what a great honor you have in being tagged by these garbage!!
FYI, our comments reposting in the face of flagging by these abusers had the objective of informing the italian community of the facts, and it achieved its objective marvelously, just check this:

The fact that you would call reposting such comments spam only tells us about what a dense and biased tool you are, not that anyone actually cares what you think anyway.... Have a great day.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Yes, yes. It’s all mediocre content. But spam is spam however you try to justify it 🤓 at least when I report abusers I don’t need to insult anyone and I do it for free 😏
Obviously you care since you write such a lengthy comment ;)

  1. You dont define what spam is.
  2. You are not a cleaner and have no clue about cleaning.
  3. Other people read these comments.
  1. Reposting a comment 4 times for visibility is spam. If you want visibility upvote the downvoted comment. Plus comments are visible on other front ends like for example. Also, people aren’t idiots, most of them check downvoted comments.
  2. I might not be an official cleaner, but I’ve been around this platform far longer than you and reported a lot of spammers and bugs (I’m assuming you are relatively new since you spam comments for visibility).
  3. Being rude to people because you don’t know that spamming is bad for the chain just makes you sound arrogant and discredits anything else that you have to say. The fact that you might not have to look me in the face, doesn’t mean being rude is ok.

1 - You still dont define what spam is.
2- You are nobody
3- Sorry to ruffle your snowflake feathers.

Additionally, according to your ridiculous, backwards and nonsensical logic cheetah is a spammer, since it posts the same comment thousands of times.....
Tell me another joke....

The problem of bullying on Steemit has always existed and has never been seriously addressed.


Whatever you post, if you hire a bully to take rewards for you posting it, you are abusing my share of the commons, imo.

If the community doesn't vote your content, it's a clue.
If what the community voluntarily gives you doesn't reward you enough, do something else.

Hiring bullies 'because you can' just illustrates the divide between those willing to take by force from those willing to abide by community decisions.
Please stop doing that, eh?