Planning for 2020 - Is it too late to make New Year's Resolutions?

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Maybe I've missed the boat by a couple of weeks for making New Year's resolutions, so I'll just call it planning for the year ahead.

2020 is going to be an important year for me personally and for my family. It will be a year of significant change - some for the better, some not so.

I will be turning 60, our youngest daughter will be joining her two sisters away at university, and our work and financial situation will be undergoing significant shifts.

So it feels quite critical that we have some plans and some points of reference for the remaining 50 weeks of 2020.

I started thinking about this in the polytunnel this afternoon and as soon as I pressed the play button multiple random thoughts and phrases came rushing into my head.

There hasn't been sufficient time and space to sort, prioritise and synthesize them yet into a meaningful plan of action so before anything leaks from my memory I am just going to throw everything on this page.

In no particular order, these are all the things I want to change and want to do in 2020...

  1. Get more sleep
  2. Spend more time outside than inside
  3. Spend less time in front of a computer screen
  4. Work on getting healthier again
  5. Eat better
  6. Grow more food
  7. Meet more real people in real life
  8. Get involved in building resilience in the local community
  9. Learn to make videos
  10. Get rid of a lot of stuff
  11. Return to the ways of the Prepper
  12. Help people
I am not sure of the how's and when's on some of these. They will evolve in the coming days and weeks.

Some - sleep/eat/health - are largely up to me. Decide it - do it - stick to it.

I did manage 8 hours of sleep time last night (for the first time for ages). Tonight I'll endeavour to repeat that feat and move to an earlier sleep/wake pattern.

Weather and work permitting #2 is an easier one for me. I love being outside - particularly doing #6.

The others are works in progress - more to follow on each of them.

I feel slightly uneasy about including #12 - it does sound, look and feel pretentious.

Everyone wants to help people. Don't they?

So that's my dozen Points to Self for the year.

Comments and input welcome.

If anyone is at all interested, and just for self monitoring, I will report back on progress at some intervals through the year.

Thank you and good night.

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60 years old????? wtf, when listening in on waves I wouldn't have put you at that age, really thought you were around my age 40 ish. but hay the power of radio hay?
I didn't make any new years resolutions this year, even though I was going to, my life right now is all over the place and to make one would probably push me over the edge.
Only thing I am going to do is be on steem a little more than I have, thats only because life last year has been crazy.
I hope you are well and good luck in the future. :D

Thanks Art.

I hope things fall in to place for you this coming year.

I look forward to seeing more from you on Steem.

Just got to get my head into gear so I can post, everytime I sit down to start, either on of my kids or my wife decide that they need something. really am having to juggle time around to fit everyone other than myself. :D

Good luck - I remember when our three were young. Our youngest is just about to fly the nest, then it really will be quiet here.

That's a great Action Plan and some worthy goals, I made a similar list with my goal setting this year, I need to be outside more and I have pretty much all the same goals as you, I promised myself I'd help at least 100 people turn their lives around this year by offering free coaching and support. The goal you have - to learn to make videos is a good one, I'm also working on my video skills for coaching videos. All The best for 2020 and I know you'll smash all of your goals this year! 😀

I like your list, I have really think and make my own, because I really want to grow and be productive and helpful by serving lots of people

Good luck with your list.

I like 6, 7 and 10, but 10 seems to conflict with 12. Preppers and hoarders sometimes have a lot in common. Iguess it is about identifying what one actually needs.
I hope you achieve it. You still have 349days left according to my planner, so I guess it's not too late.

That is very true. I do like to stockpile certain things, but I will need to be very selective. And keep rotating!

It's never too late for resolutions! I like number 8 a lot... I think community and resilience will be an important piece of the puzzle whith this uncertain future of ours!

And now here's me, shamlessly plugging in this month's CONTES!!!

Please tell me if this is out of place, I will edit it out, if you wish. Thx

Yes community resilience is going to be big.

No problem on the contest plug - I popped it in today's SteemNews in case it helps.

Awesome, thank you so much 😁!

I keep thinking about resiliency and one thing we're working on as a family (wich will be one of the many aspects of our community build) is getting out of compfort zones, both physically and mentally!

I will look out for any posts you make on that.

8 hours of sleep .. I thought that was a myth that health articles kept putting out as being needed so everyone tries, fails and has to read more articles. Who would have thunk it. Life transition is both exciting and terrifying .. good luck on yours.. btw... 60 is not much different than 59 :)

Thank you @shadowspub. I've managed the 8 hours two nights running now. Weirdly though I feel more tired than before. Guess my body is still recalibrating.

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