Conscious Competence Awareness - What you don't know that you don't know!

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Conscious Competence Model

The conscious competence is a psychological model created by Noel Burch in the 1970s. The model as first described "Four Stages for Learning Any New Skill" shows us the prosses each individual goes through when learning anything.
The model can be useful when you want to learn something new, but you can also use it to coach others and help them see the whole picture. Where they are standing with their learning and what is the next stage.

Understanding this model means that you will become more self-aware about where you are standing with your learning, maybe you will find out that you don't even know what you need to know in order to obtain a certain skill.

Four Stages of Competence


Unconscious Incompetence

Unconscious Incompetence also called "Unconsciously unskilled", is the first stage of every learning prosses. A state of not knowing what you don't know.
When you don't understand how to do something and you won't recognize the lack of information.

Many people want to lose weight, and they decide to just eat low-fat food. One week pass, two, a month but they see no results (I am sure you knew someone who did this mistake). Why is that? because eating fat does not have much with losing weight, It's more about carbs and calories. But those people unaware of those facts! You cant make a change if you don't know what you need to know to make the change.

Therefore a person should first have an idea of how much he doesn't know any why should he know that. The first and the most important thing, recognizing own incompetence and the value the new skill holds.


Conscious Incompetence

Conscious incompetence also called "Consciously unskilled", is the second stage of every learning prosses. A state of knowing what we don't know and which skills we don't have. Even tho we don't understand something and know how to do it, simply by recognizing the lack of knowledge and the value of those skills we become more aware and may be ready to take the needed steps to learn them.

The first time you drove a car, maybe you enter the lesson with confidence that you are a good driver but then you are overwhelmed with lots of new things you haven't done before and you understand that you don't have the skills to drive a car yet. But you know that with practice, and by making mistakes, and then fixing them, you can learn how to drive a car.

Being aware of the incompetence will allow you to take action, which will lead you to mistakes. By fixing those mistakes you start learning new skills.


Conscious Competence

Conscious competence also called "Consciously Skilled", is the third stage of every learning prosses. A state of knowing how to do something. In spite of knowing how to do it or being able to demonstrate the knowledge, it requires your concentration.

After few driving lessons, you can find yourself driving. You know how it's done and all the things needed in order to drive. However, when you drive it takes a lot of concentration. You still don't do it automatically! But each time you take the wheel it becomes a little easier, those skills become automatic with practice.

At this state, you already acquired the skill but you still can't do it well enough. But each time you try to completely concentrate on doing that thing right and avoid making mistakes it becomes a little easier.


Unconscious Competence

Unconscious competence also called "Unconsciously skilled", is the fourth and last stage of every learning prosses. A state performing the skill easily without thinking. After soo much practice with the new skill it became totally automatic, the skill can now be performed while doing other stuff at the same time.

You are driving the car for soo long, after all this practice you can drive a car without even thinking about it. If any of you driving a car for a long time you will probably relate. You can drive a car for a long time and find your self-thinking about other stuff or speak to someone.

Every skill, with enough practice, can become unconscious. The meaning of unconscious is being able to do something fully automatic without thinking about it. While I am typing this line I am not thinking to myself "Press w and now h". My hands automatically press the keyboard when the words go through my mind.

Once you have mastered a skill at this level usually you have enough knowledge to try and teach this skill to other people.


🙂Thank you for reading!🙂

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Awesome post!!! Upped !
Am pretty sure, there are millions things that are still unknown to the human mind...and are only to be discovered with the gradual passage of time!!!

Thank you!
I'm sure you are right, I think we have the big picture and we just need the scientific aproval. A lot is being studied and I think that the discovery of mirror neurons pretty much opened our understanding.

I love your scientific approach on that topic! I can completely follow the learning stages from my own experience. The last stage can also be dangerous because we are so used to our skills and one can think he know everything and don't recognize that soon the established skills are not needed anymore but we formed a strong habit to do so because it needs not much of our energy to do so and we must force us to, preferably proactive to begin a new cycle and after that again a new cycle of learning which can cause pain until life long learning is a habit.

Thank you!

Thank you for a great comment :)
I think that we should always ask ourselves what we don't know and which skills can hold value for us. This way we also build the most important skill, self-awareness.

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Very educational and interesting. Great work!

Thank you!

A wonderful, well written post! I really enjoyed reading and I know I learned something new again!

Keep steeming mister Rawrrr!
You will go far this way I am sure!

(( Snek hugs))

Ughhhhhhh ♥
Thank you!!! sooo muchh!!!
You are an awesome person, I'm so happy I can chat with you ^^

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That is a great article!
And honestly you are quite good at writing articles
You should keep on posting at least 3 posts a week
You you'll do great here
Steem On

Thank you!
I will try to push myself into doing more posts! :)

You are welcome
It will bring you nice rewards
Keep it up

You should, by all means...& methods....!

Thank you! again :)

I love this topic. I spend most of my time in The unconscious incompetent state. At least I am aware of that lol.

Thank you for the comment!
We all spent some time in the unconscious incompetent, we are even now with certain things :)

great post

Thank you

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Very interesting. I want to be unconsciously competent in every thing I find myself doing. Is this possible? Or do we have limitations?

Theoretically, it's possible but reaching this state means working really hard and spending a lot of time.
Thank you :)

Hey friend

I'm coming across your blog for the first time while searching new posts under the "life" tag.

This is a great read and it amazes me how knowledge and ignorance could be divided into different and interesting segments as this. I had smile on my face reading this interesting piece relating to when i was in these stages.

Thanks for sharing man.

My pleasure, I'm happy you liked it!
Thank you for commenting and supporting my content :)
I really appreciate it since I work hard for the quality!

great post, paps as usual!

amazing! I'm not good at phycology but this was damn interesting :) I appreciate It !!

Thank you! :)

Wow sweetie that was really great 💖 And super interesting. You have me looking into this now. Smart and handsome geez 😌

I don't deserve all those things from you! Thank you beautiful!

Maybe I am in between conscious incompetence and competence.

Just need to find a way out.

Haha we all in all of those states with different stuff in our life!
Thank you for visiting :)

Brilliant post. And it's true, we get to learn from everything with the passage of time. Not knowing, is the most fundamental start of knowing.

Thank you for the comment :)

There are some posts that I bookmark and save. This is one of them. Nice work @paps I like reading you. Upvoted.


Thank you :)

Excellent and informative post!

Thank you for sharing! :-)

My pleasure! thank you :-)

You're very welcome. :-)
Thank you for your reply! :-)
Wishing you happiness, smiles, sweet dreams and sunshine! :-)

Good stuff, @paps. Super interesting stuff, eh? The learning process. Thanks for the heads up. Resteemed.

Thank you so much!
Really means a lot to me :)

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Thank you :)

Excellent read, there is so much that we don't know, and at the same time, the more we learn, the better our understanding of our gaps in knowledge become. The more we know, the more we want to know, only by awareness can we expand our knowledge and wisdom to new heights.

Thank you for great comment :)

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