Mindset of Success - Get Your Mind Right

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All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter,
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Mindset of Success - Get Your Mind Right

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Frame of Mind

In my youth I had numerous sports coaches and then later in my adult life, supervisors and trainers, who would use the phase, "Get your mind right!" In essence to get one's mind "right" is to change the frame of mind to viewpoint that is emphatically opposed to accepting defeat as a viable option. I have seen it time and time again to be proven an effective tool in changing the losing outcome of a sporting event and to overcome training or work related objectives that seemed insurmountable. Even now sitting at my keyboard, just uttering the phrase to myself instinctively keeps my mind from wandering to the escapades of the squirrels outside my window or to wondering what the Irish knew about brewing tea that makes Irish Breakfast Tea so addictive in nature. It's become my life and work mantra, my go to quote, my motto to get things done. It is so effective that I may translate it into Latin and get a cool sleeve tattoo to commemorate the success this simple phrase has achieved for me. But is just a phrase the key to success? Can a barbaric yawp of this incantation change lives? There may be studies that prove just that!

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The Study of Mindset

So I knew from personal and professional success and experience that getting my mind "right" worked, but I did not know or understand why. I just assumed it was a magic spell passed down from football coach to football coach. That is was a mystical ritual or rite of passage from father to father in performed in the hidden recesses of man cave's across the world. But lo and behold I come across Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Dr. Carol Dweck. Hidden within the pages of this life-changing book were all the studies, data, and concepts that proven the effectiveness of getting your mind "right". The book explains the premise that our brains are wired one of two ways: growth or fixed. With a fixed mindset, we believe variables like talent, intelligence, and ability are fixed, concrete attributes that are set, unchangeable. Whereas, the growth mindset crowd is of the belief that all of these can be exercised and built up for maximum end results. Guess which one is right? They both are if you believe you are what you are born with you are right, you will achieve a certain level and plateau and if you feel obstacles and traits can be trained and developed your are right too. Dr. Dweck showed in study after study that we are the outcomes of our mindset. That if you feel you are capped out then you are, but if you feel you can overcome you can. So what does this seemingly simple revelation tell us?

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Choose Your Change

This revelation tells us we can either grow or stagnate based on our wired mindset. If that seems disappointing to you fixed mindset folks, be of good cheer because the most beautiful aspect of your mindset is that you have the power to change it. By making a conscience effort to train your talent, abilities, and intelligence, you are in fact, changing yourself from a fixed mindset into a growth mindset. My setting and recording your goals you are giving yourself a blueprint to success. By attacking the unknown and trying activities you are unsure of, your are systematically rewiring your brain for success. You hold the keys to your destiny and Dr. Dweck has the science and studies to prove it. Above all else, when you feel yourself slipping back into a fixed mindset, when you begin to falter...... GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!


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A positive mindset can take one a long way, no question. The esoteric phrase "so above, so below" comes to mind. Being agnostic, my feeling is that the above is of the spirit/mind and the below the world about us, which mimics the mindset approach very well.

It's always great to have science backing up such theories, which Dr. Dweck seems to have supplied in this case.

Interesting stuff!


so above, so below

I love that phrase. I'll be adding it to my mantras for sure. I highly recommend Mindset if you get a chance to read it.


Just noticed your thoughts are now worth two cents ! Congratulations, Buddy! 😎


Hang on, I'm a shooting star!

I love this type of posts. You are totally right.

Our mentality determines our reality. The first thing we need to be healthy and find success is to have our mind properly balanced and ready to start working.

Cheers mate.


Balance is definitely key to success. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Great post!! It's so true!


Thanks for the comment and support.

In this moment of now we are speaking our vows,
Spelling our way through the darkness with love!

Thanks for making this post. Mind over matter.


Exactly, mind over matter can change the whole world.

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Very true! Our mind is our passage way to any endeavour we choose. Like T.Harv Eker's Millionaire Mindset where he teaches a lot of people to defeat poor mentality. Each one of us has this power, we only need to learn how to use it. Cheers!


Excellent observation and comment. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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